2020 Toyota Corolla SE VS 2020 Honda Civic Sport : Comparison

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2020 Toyota Corolla SE VS 2020 Honda Civic Sport has consistently been one of the fiercest rivalries in the entire auto industry. They have traded places as the Sales Leader at various points in history, but recently the Civic has been coming out on top, but now Toyota is Retaliating with an all-new and vastly improved. Corolla to take on the Civic which itself just underwent a refresh So which of these two is the superior compact sedan?

2020 Toyota Corolla SE

2020 Toyota Corolla SE


Let’s go ahead and find out. So, like always, we’ll start things off by looking at the equipment level and pricing of these two for this comparison. Beginning with the Civic, we have the newly added sport trim, which is positioned between the LX and the EX. It starts at Twenty-one thousand nine hundred fifty dollars and in typical Honda to twenty-three thousand four hundred five dollars.

Moving to the own new 2020 Toyota Corolla SE prices has risen a bit from the outgoing model So the equivalent SE trim now starts at the same rate as the Civic twenty-one thousand nine hundred fifty dollars. Toyota, however, does offer some options, so we have the fifteen-hundred premium package all-weather mats and alloy wheel locks. After the nine-thirty destination charge, it rings in at twenty-four thousand six hundred ninety-seven dollars.

2020 Honda Civic Sport

2020 Honda Civic Sport

Power, Transmission, MPG

The most significant similarity is the engines where they are both powered by 2-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines. In these trims in the 2020 Honda Civic Sport, it makes 158 horsepower while the Corolla makes 168 horsepower on Paper the transmissions are also the same since they are both CVT, but the 2020 Toyota Corolla has one crucial difference.

It pairs its CVT to a physical gear. So the car launches like a traditional transmission, and then after that, first shift hands things off to the CVT. When driving the two vehicles, this makes a significant difference because it allows the Corolla to take off better than the Civic by avoiding any of the first rubber band CVT lag.

The rest of the driving dynamics; they both drive quite well for the price point power feels pretty equivalent in the real world. But it is worth noting that the Civic delivers the energy in a quieter and more refined manner. Both also ride comfortably, however, despite the significant improvements to the Corolla steering and handling the 2020 Honda Civic Sport still out.

Does it have a very button-down feel and one of the best if not the best steering setups in the segment? Finally, for the fuel economy, the 2020 Toyota Corolla SE comes out on top and even hits the coveted 40 mpg highway mark. Anyways with the drivetrain now covered.

2020 Toyota Corolla SE Price

2020 Toyota Corolla SE Price

2020 Toyota Corolla SE VS 2020 Honda Civic Sport ; Style


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Let’s move on to the exterior. Starting with the Civic, you’ll notice the refreshed grille is now black no matter what exterior color is chosen, which gives it an aggressive look, especially when paired with the black exterior. The all-new Corolla has also gone from more aggression with a sizeable black mesh grille there on the SE trim.

Additionally, there is a fake upper grille that runs into the uniquely shaped headlights. They’re surprisingly full led with three separate daytime running lights, and another accent light across the bottom the 2020 Honda Civic Sport, on the other hand, has halogen headlights unless you go for the fully loaded model. But it does have fog lights on the bottom instead of just accents. As far as the rear designs are concerned again, both look pretty athletic.

You’ve got spoilers, aggressive rear diffusers, and exposed exhaust outlets either on the right side or in the center. But overall, since we try to keep things objective will give the styling point to the 2020 Toyota Corolla SE only because it has better-LED headlights.

Both come with large 18-inch alloys that are very nice-looking, and then for the mirrors, the Corolla has heating and blind-spot monitoring, which are missing from the 2020 Honda Civic. As far as the other safety systems, though, they both come fully loaded with Ford emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist Automatic.

2020 Toyota Corolla SE Interior

2020 Toyota Corolla SE Interior


What’s opening up the doors? The first thing you’ll notice is how nice they look for the price point; they both are black, and the seating material is cloth for these lower-end trims. Only the Civic has aluminum petals. Now the seats themselves, both are six-way manually adjusting, and neither of them has heated the Civic has always been praised for its cabin.

So, this year it pretty much carries over Across the upper – you have a soft-touch plastic and, in the middle, some black trim lower areas are mostly hard touch. But feel very high-quality, the new Corolla has stepped its materials game up, offering the same soft-touch dashboard. And there’s some beautiful leather red trim across the middle areas. However, it does use a cheaper feeling plastic for the bottom parts.

The door trim makes up for that, though, since the Toyotas is entirely leatherette and padded plastic Whereas the middle part of the civics is hard to touch. It’s overall. We have to call the material quality a draw.

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When you press the buttons to start, it will be an 8-inch display that will fire upon the Corolla or a 7-inch screen on the Civic. However, heading over to the gauges, the Civic comes standard with a premium 7-inch setup while you have to get the higher end trim.

2020 Honda Civic Sport Interior

2020 Honda Civic Sport Interior

On the Corolla to have that Moving back to the steering wheels, they both are manually adjusting and leather wrap. Now moving on to the vital subject of storage, Honda almost always wins here, and this is no exception.

Corolla does have a right size center console, storage bin up in the front of the vehicle. But the civics console is much larger with innovative sliding layers. And then you’ve got even more storage up front and a pass-through area underneath it. Checking out the shifters, they are both traditional ones, and paddles are included on the wheels.

When you reverse both have backup cameras, but the Civic has three views, and current trajectory Honda and Toyota also throw in electronic parking brakes with brake hold abilities. However, Toyota automatically engages and disengages. Next, heading up to the single-zone automatic climate control. The Corolla has been more Ergonomically sound layout since Civic requires you to go into the touchscreen to access certain features like your zones, and now that brings us up to the infotainment systems.

Starting with the Honda, it is still running the old Honda link system, which is behind the newest version in terms of graphics and performance. They have added a volume knob this year, and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard. For Toyota, it has the newest Entune 3.0 system, and performance does seem a bit snappier. However, unlike the Honda, it only has apple CarPlay. So, Android users are out of luck at this time.

Since those systems are quickly becoming the essential infotainment features, we will give the point to Honda. Finally wrapping up the front, our Corolla se includes a moonroof which is not available at all on the sport Civic. Go ahead and check out the back. So, with the redesign, the Corolla has become one of the most spacious offerings in the class.

You are giving you about 10 percent more legroom than in the Civic even though they have almost the same Headroom. Once you get inside the back, there aren’t a lot of features in either, which is pretty much expected. One small difference, though, is that the Corolla has a rear armrest. The other valuable space in the rear is the trunk here the Toyota has not grown enough to pass up.

2020 Honda Civic Sport Price

2020 Honda Civic Sport Price

The cavernous Civic, which beats it by two cubic feet exactly. The actual measurements themselves are 13 points 1 cubic foot to 15 points 1 cubic foot, and both do have 60/40 split-folding seats. So there you have it the to end up neck-and-neck as you would expect from such big competitors.

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