2020 Toyota Camry VS 2020 Honda Accord

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2020 Toyota Camry VS 2020 Honda Accord –¬†Few rival vehicles can say they’ve been trading blows since the 1980s. But yet even with these 2020 models, the fierce Accord Camry struggle continues even today. They are both more similar and different from each other than ever before, which is why we’re squaring these two off in a face-off comparison. So, let’s go ahead and find out which midsize is on top for 2020.

2020 Toyota Camry

2020 Toyota Camry

How 2020 Toyota Camry VS 2020 Honda Accord Price?

All right So kicking things off here with the pricing and equipment we chose the courts for in 2020 Toyota Camry SE, which are both the bestselling trims due to their killer combination of sports styling equipment and the very affordable price tag.

Starting with the 2020 Honda Accord doesn’t do options, so the only extra cost items we have are all-weather floor liners with the 930 our destination charge the total rings in at twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven dollars.

As far as the 2020 Toyota Camry SE is equipped identically with only all-season floor mats as the extra option with its $955 destination, the price ends up at twenty-seven thousand two hundred and fifty-four dollars.

2020 Honda Accord

2020 Honda Accord


Now heading right into the exterior designs, these generations have wholly shed the boring plans. That they used to be known for Both these versions, have the upgraded sport styling. So, what that means on the 2020 Toyota Camry is that it has a black mesh spindle grille and unique lower elements. The Accord also has a large black grille and on the sport.

The top portion is darkened chrome instead of shiny chrome. As far as the headlights, both of them nicely come equipped with LEDs. But it is worth noting that both the low and high beams are LED on the Camry while only the low beams are on the Accord. That being said, though, the Accord does come with LED fog lights, which is something the Camry doesn’t offer on any of its trims.

2020 Toyota Camry Price

2020 Toyota Camry Price

Moving on to the rest of the styling while they definitely look very different from each other The actual feature content is the same as the rear spoiler partially LED taillights and dual exhaust tips. So overall both are pretty handsome looking and sportier than you’d expect Now moving beyond the appearances to the Features You’ll find 18-inch alloys on the 2020 Toyota Camry compared to 19-inch alloys on the Accord.

Then as far as the mirrors, neither of them will have a heating or blind-spot monitoring as equipped. But outside of those BSM systems, both Toyota and Honda throw in their entire advanced safety suites as standard equipment. They both include automatic forward emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights. Once again, on all models, even these lower entrances when it comes to warranties.

2020 Honda Accord Price

2020 Honda Accord Price

They share a three-year 36,000-mile bumper to bumper warranty and five years 60,000-mile power train warranties. Both also have roadside assistance, though. Only Toyota will give you two years of complimentary maintenance.

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Well, that’s it for the exteriors so now let’s check out the cabins before taking them on a spin. Now moving into the interiors, the first thing you’ll notice is that neither of these two has smart entry systems on these mainstream trims. Instead, you’ll have to operate the fob, and Once inside, we have two very different interior designs.

2020 Toyota Camry Interior

2020 Toyota Camry Interior

Both are black, and in terms of the seats, they are finished in leatherette on the outside edges and cloth in the middle.Neither have heating at this price point, but the 2020 Honda Accord seats have more ways of adjustment at 12 versus 8 in the 2020 Toyota Camry Cabin materials are also another critical area. Starting with the Toyota, we have an all soft-touch upper dashboard, followed by a cool-looking faux aluminum trim and a leatherette padded middle area.

The 2020 Honda Accord has very similar materials with a soft touch – and faux carbon-fiber trim. However, the area where it takes the lead is with the door. Trent Honda left it virtually unchanged from the higher-end trims meaning it has generous leather use and the faux carbon-fiber trim.

While the Camry uses full plastic Accord, we’ll take the overall materials point. Now to start the vehicles accord, we’ll have pushed to start while Camry uses a key unless you add the $1300 convenience package. After starting the two up, you’ll notice that a cord uses a display for the entire left side of the gauge cluster while it is Aesthetically more premium looking there are some.

2020 Honda Accord Interior

2020 Honda Accord Interior

While both of their center bins are roughly the same, the front storage has two layers in the Toyota Additionally; we did notice that the Camry has three front USB ports instead of only on the accord. We are now moving on to the shifters; both have regular ones and can shift manually via paddle shifters. One significant difference, though, is that the Accords backup camera has three views and current trajectory which are missing on the Toyota.

The next stop is the climate controls, where the Accord has a standard dual-zone automatic. As opposed to a single zone set up in the Camry. Already, so now, let’s go ahead and compare these audio systems. First of all, the Accord has an 8-inch display while the Camry has a seven-inch screen in this trend. Of course, neither of them will have navigation at this price point.

But for 2020, both the Accord and Camry now have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is new to the Camry. Otherwise, they’re going to operate pretty much the same way. Finally, the last thing to mention upfront is the fact that neither of them has a moonroof at this price point.

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Now moving on to the rear areas of these two, both are very spacious. But Honda will offer an advantage here in both terms of legroom and Headroom. Once in the back, though, since these are lower-end trims, neither offers much in terms of luxury items Vents and heated seats.

The more expensive trims, but both do have a padded fold-down armrest Heading around to the trunks like the back seats the 2020 Honda Accord will have an advantage, in this case, a roughly 10% won. Already that’s it for the interior.

2020 Toyota Camry VS 2020 Honda Accord Specs

So now, let’s compare them under the hood and take them out on the road. So, as we’ve seen throughout the video Accord and Camry come to similar results via very different methods, and that continues under the hoods. Starting with the engines, Honda goes with a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. But Toyota went for a more massive naturally aspirated 4-cylinder power ratings are 192 horsepower in the Honda and 203 horsepower in the Toyota Alright.

So that was our first take off here in the 2020 Camry. As you can tell, this is the four-cylinder model. As we said, the vast majority of you guys are going to choose this model. But here on this four-cylinder power is pretty good 203 HP and then on this particular model of 206 horsepower is definitely more than most in the class offer.

And it certainly does feel plenty puppy or a basic engine, So that was our first acceleration in this 1.5-liter accord Power is basically as we remember pretty good for a base engine. You’re looking at 192 horsepower, which is While it is technically less than the Camry. It is also above most of the competition they tend to be 175 HP to 180 Horsepower.

So, you’re still a little bit ahead the other big difference is the transmissions Toyota again went traditional with a regular 8-speed automatic while Honda chose to do a continuously variable one. We have to say that there and an excellent job with this transmission as well. The shifting has been very smooth. We do have paddle shifters as well for this 2020 Toyota Camry xse as well as the 2020 Toyota Camry SE model. We bet they do a good job.

The ordinary person is not working to notice, and that really kind of a good thing about the CVT is riding along from the passenger seat. We feel like if I was oblivious to cars or whatever that we would have no idea that this is a CVT. We’d probably think that it’s an excellent smooth transmission, and that’s what I want right the traditional complaints.

That people have about CVT is not present here at all. There’s no droning or anything like that. It responds well. So, while Honda CVT is excellent, and some people may not notice it. We think it’s fair to say that people generally prefer the feel of a traditional automatic and the ability to manually control real shifts instead of simulated ones.

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