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2020 Tesla Model 3 –  So, this time has come to evaluate the 2020 Tesla Model 3. Tesla Model 3 was supposed to be an affordable luxury compact electric car. Now it’s not accessible in the traditional sense of the word but compared to the Model S and some of the other electric SUVs out there. It’s a sensible purchase model 3 is really in a class of its own. The only midsize luxury electric sedan with BMW-I for coming in about a year so, it’s smaller and more affordable than Model S.

2020 Tesla Model 3

2020 Tesla Model 3

Compared to the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, it’s bigger flashier and has a more significant range and also costs more. But it’s been a bit of a rocky road for the reduced 2020 Tesla Model 3. And We were not talking about the delicious kind either loads of production and financial issues problems with brakes.

But thankfully, a quick fix online for its fit and finish problems. We know Tesla’s been perfecting this for some time, and we’ve all been waiting with such anticipation. This one was ordered two and a half years ago. So, with that, all said, let’s go ahead and sample the car of the future.

What You Have To Get From 2020 Tesla Model 3


So, like always, we’ll go ahead and get started with the exterior styling, which as you can see. It doesn’t look much like most other vehicles Period or especially in this class now. Usually, we would say something about how large the grille is or something like that. There is no grille. There is no need obviously for an electric vehicle and the fake grille. That Tesla used to put on like the Model S. They no longer do that. So, you have kind of white plastic, and then it kind of Aerodynamically goes up on to the hood. Now, as far as your headlights, these are entirely led across all the models.

Even 2020 Tesla Model 3 standard range as you can see and it has a lovely and premium looking arrangement. Now down here at your wheels, this is the standard 18-inch alloy wheel. Now notice we said alloy even though this itself is a hubcap. You can’t pull this off, and when you pull this off, there is a nice-looking dark gray alloy wheel underneath.

It’s kind of gives owners of this model the ability to choose which one you want. Right now, we’ve just left it at the hubcaps because that will maximize your range. For those of you who want something say a little bit larger, you do have the option to get a 19-inch alloy wheel for $1,500. Now coming on up here to your mirrors, it is adorable that Tesla gives you the fully-loaded mirror even on the $35,000 model.

So that means you’ve got the power-folding as you can see you also have heating and auto-dimming abilities. Alright and checking out the rear design of the model 3, you are going to have an extensive Looking rear and as far as the differences between the standard model. The 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance performance You aren’t going to find too many. The concert will throw in a carbon-fiber spoiler if you are interested in that, but pretty much everything’s going to be the same back here for all of the model threes.

So, you have this signature full LED taillights; even your reverse light, as well as your brake light, is entirely LED, So that makes a premium look, and of course, you are not going to any exhaust pipes. This is a model three after all, and you probably didn’t even notice but integrated on this left taillight. Right there Is your charge port, so you push the bottom? Corner here, and it will pop right open and allow you to charge your Model 3.

Now here at your safety systems is where you’re going to find the big difference for the standard range Model 3 that we went for Now you are going to sacrifice the autopilot system with the usual range model, but honestly, That’s not as much as you would think so our Model 3.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Comes standard with forwarding collision warning with automatic emergency braking, active lane-keeping assist blind-spot monitoring, and also a unique feature called obstacle aware acceleration. But anyway, guys that sums up all of the crisp exterior features of this model 3.


So, like just about everything to do with this 2020 Tesla Model 3, getting inside of it is different than your regular cars. So what you see me holding up in front of the camera. Here is the Tesla key. It’s basically as you recognize just an NFC credit card looking thing there. You can keep it in your wallet or whatnot; you also have the option to set up your phone as a key.

Now, of course, taking a look inside the model 3 it is Absolutely, nothing like your average car interior as you probably heard. It’s very minimalistic on model 3. There are two different color options. It’s just black, or $1,000 option will get you white leatherette. It’s a vegan leatherette, so you don’t ever have real leather, and then the other thing to point out is. That you have the wood trim If you go for the black option, or you have kind of a white plastic trim if you go for the white option. Now looking over here at your door trim, it is very nicely appointed.

All the models are going to have leather that goes all through here, and it is nicely stitched on the black models, you do have Alcantara that runs through here as well, and the top part is a soft touch. If some of the only buttons you have in the entire vehicle, or you’re for-window switches right here, all for a fully automatic.

Then you have this button here, which electrically releases the door handle. They were coming down to our seats here. He’s our 12-way power adjusting with four-way lumbar support, and then like we already said, this is a leatherette. It feels pretty realistic. It’s not the most realistic we’ve ever felt, but it also is incredibly soft and comfortable.

So, this is a very high-quality cabin. Now one fascinating thing that you may have heard is that you don’t start this car. There’s no start button anywhere inside the vehicle. When you get in its kind of goes into an accessory mode, and then it doesn’t turn on as far as driving ability until you put it in Drive Now. We’ve got no gauges to talk about Because you just have this left side of the screen. This serves as your gauges.

So, as you can see, you’ve got your status for your drive park neutral reverse and your headlights as well as your battery status, you can change that from percent or miles. We have all of our controls here for different things to open up. This is where your window wiper controls are on the road. They are rain-sensing across all the models and now coming back to your steering wheel. Of course, Do you have electric power-assisted steering, and you have a nice leather wrap steering wheel like everything in the cabin.

It is super simple. So, all you’ve got here is just two Rollers, and that serves for basically all the main functions of the car. This one here is primarily for your audio, so you can turn up and down and skip your tracks.

However, when you’re adjusting things such as your steering wheel and then as you can see now, that transforms into how we power change the steering wheel. So, it is power tilt and telescoping both in and out. So, it’s adorable, especially since this is the $35,000 model.

So, these are a lot of features that are pretty unexpected for $35,000 in the luxury class, and then of you have your controls here for the shifter. For Drive, you press down. We bump up to full reverse. This is precisely the same as Mercedes.

For example, as you see, you do have an actor trajectory, a massive and vivid backup camera. However, one thing we are surprised about is it’s not 360 degrees on any Tesla Model 3, which is a little bit interesting since there’s a ton of cameras all around the vehicle.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Specs

2020 Tesla Model 3 Specs

2020 Tesla Model 3 Specification

That right there, that is one thing that does not get old as time passes — just having that instantaneous power and that instant torque. It just makes this feel so fast. It is absolutely of everybody else in the dust. You see them, and then you’re gone, and this is the weirdest thing about it like this is not this is the powerful one.

This isn’t the performance version. This is the regular model, but the instantaneous torque. Makes this feel a lot faster than it even is Tesla claims 5.3 seconds zero to 60 for the standard range. And this was the usual range plus model. But you know, we have experience driving things that are more powerful than this and have faster zero 60s, but the instantaneous torque makes this feel more Like let’s say more like Audi s4 competitor than an Audi a4 competitor.

So, this like images standard range rear-wheel-drive 5.3 seconds 0 to 60, but if you want something faster (all-wheel drive), you’re going to have to go for the long-range or the performance model. The long-term has three hundred and twenty-two miles of range, and that has a four-point four seconds zero to sixty.

So that is a very fast zero to sixty as well, and then you have the performance with three hundred and ten miles of range, and that has an insane 3.2 seconds zero to sixty, which is honestly that’s before Tesla sends out updates.

They say they send out updates. They just did one recently It was a paid update, but you could pay to make your car I think 0.2 seconds faster zero to sixty or something, which is mind-blowing. That’s where we’re at. Now that we can get a remote software update. We usually spent a substantial amount of the video going over cylinders and speeds and all types of things.

You don’t have those things they’re talking about. You have a new set of information. So, circling back to the range of this standard model. As well as the usual range plus, what you’re looking at is 250 miles of scope for the approved range plus. Then when you get the standard range, the software limits it down 30 miles to 220 as your maximum range. So, that’s probably your most important number that 0 to 60 number.

The range number that’s what you’ll care about when it comes to an electric car versus. There is no transmission. It’s just a direct drive drag-drag drive. So that you know, not a continuously variable or anything like that. It is, And of course, I would assume most of you have not ever owned an electric vehicle, and if you’re watching this video, it’s probably going to be your first Tesla.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Price

2020 Tesla Model 3 Price

How much the 2020 Tesla Model 3 Price?

As with any full review, we do need to discuss the pricing here at the end. So as you probably heard throughout the investigation, this particular model is the fundamental standard range model, which starts at $35,000. Now the cheapest one you can build on the website is a standard range plus, and that’s going to start at $39.900. Then you have the long-range that’s going to be $48.90, and then finally at the top end model, which is the performance that’s $56.990.

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