2020 Mini Cooper SE Change, Transmission

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2020 Mini Cooper SE –  There’s some excitement brewing here, especially with the mini brand. This is the first-ever 2020 mini cooper’s fully electric. It’s the SE model trim, and this brings mini into full circle what started back in 2017 when they unveiled their first electric concept now.

2020 Mini Cooper SE

2020 Mini Cooper SE

The exciting thing about the Mini Cooper S with the electrical setup is that guess what it still looks like a mini has the same proportions as a mini but with a single electric motor. You’re looking at a range of around a hundred and sixty-eight miles on a single charge, but while we go ahead, dive into this new electric mini and see how different.

What You Have To Get From 2020 Mini Cooper SE


2020 Mini Cooper SE is from the standard one right off the bat when you look at it you know it’s a mini for 2020, they updated the headlight housing full daytime running lamps and the whole assembly as we drop down from those iconic oval roundish headlights. They do give you lovely lower fog lamps as well we glad that they did that instead of just leaving that blank it’s a great look we come across the front and one area.

We know it’s a design cube, and we going to Zonk is the fake hood scoop, especially on the electric, come on guys keep it smooth would probably help with aerodynamic efficiency. Anyways we do like the way that they took that front grille area even though.

It’s not needed. It’s an identifier of the brand also this yellow trim with the SE badge logo. If you notice it looks like a plug like you’re going to plug it in which this is a fully electric plug-in chrome trim all the way around, and then even though this isn’t, you know a racing mini by any means.

It has a very aggressive lower splitter here to help direct that airflow, but clean design as we get up onto the bonnet. Everything else is remaining the same when you raise 2020 Mini Cooper SE. Those ovals are going to grow with it. Now, as we come around the bend there, you’ll know they took the flat black. Around just like your standard Mini Cooper with an internal combustion engine wheel design when it comes to electric vehicles or hybrids.

It’s all about cheating the wind, and this wheel design is the pure intention of that we do like it because it’s a unique design. Now you have this pattern over here that is plastic, but the rest of this is cast aluminum it’s a 17 inch wheel 205 on the width, and this is a 45 series sidewall, but we think one of my favorite parts hiding the lugs is this cover here with the mini badge and that yellow trim now as we continue down the side.

2020 Mini Cooper SE Interior

2020 Mini Cooper SE Interior


Inside the cabin of the 2020 Mini Cooper SE, the great news is everything is going to remain the same all those things you enjoy about the regular internal combustion engine. The door panels you’ll see that you still have that same blend of the flat black. We like the little oddities of the way that the door handle is shaped in a seat to open in the door and very just unique.

Now when you go from the door panel to the – this one does have the optional Harman Kardon sound system. We like this trim here this nice texture trims a little bit of that yellow signifying that this is the electric Mini here’s our infotainment system.

This one is the more extensive 8.8-inch infotainment you could do touchscreen, or you could use that BMW style iDrive control knob, which we will show you that in a second, this one does have navigation easy to use very crisp and clear graphics. We dropdown. You have dual climate control. There’s your start/stop switch, just like on your standard mini.

You could even put this into the green mode or also sport mode. Dropdown cute little cubby for some tootsie rolls, and then you have two USB and a 12-volt we transition to the two cupholders. This knob is going to control your transmission. Now guess what it’s just direct drive one gear transmission because this is an I-Drive style controller.

2020 Mini Cooper SE Specification

2020 Mini Cooper SE Specification

2020 Mini Cooper SE Specification

Looking at underneath all that plastic is one single electric AC motor 181 horsepower, 168-mile range on a charge. It does have multiple regenerative braking modes, and as we said, you’re looking at with that horsepower 199 pound-feet of torque, zero to 60 in about 7.3 seconds top speed around 93 miles per hour. And if you’re wondering about wait is this going to be a very heavy mini, it only weighs 319 pounds more than your standard mini.

And what many is saying is that from a handling point of view it handles really-really well because though that lithium battery is shallow in the chassis.

2020 Mini Cooper SE Price

2020 Mini Cooper SE Price

How much the 2020 Mini Cooper SE Price?

We don’t know exactly what the price is for this car, but rumors of this car will be start at a price $30,750

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