Get Ready For 2020 Honda Accord Prices, Specs, Changes

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2020 Honda Accord – All sedan sales continue to decrease. The Accord is not suffering all that much. Is Expand it in its market share to fill the void left by rivals vacating the segment. That’s why we’ve taken the day to check out the latest 2020 version of this popular sedan.

2020 Honda Accord Price

2020 Honda Accord Price

2020 Honda Accord Detail


If the 2020 Honda Accord is the mid-sized sedan to buy, starting things off with the exterior design. Honda hasn’t messed with it for 2020. Of course, since it was just redesigned, a couple of years ago It does have all the latest Honda design elements like the large black grille and chrome accent that goes across it. Now here on the Sport trim, that chrome is smoked, which looks particularly useful.

Contrasting this Sport exclusive paint called still night pearl Turning over to the headlights, Honda continues to include this premium headlight arrangement as standard equipment nicely. The low beams turn signal, and daytime running lights are all LED, but if you want to add high beams to that list, you’ll have to choose the Touring.

2020 Honda Accord Specs

2020 Honda Accord Specs

Finally, all but the LX will have LED fog lights. As far as all the rest of the styling, the Accord continues to have one of the sleeker designs, in the segment with near Sportback proportions, and Then around back, the athletic appearance continues. The Accord still has a striking design that turns heads, especially this affordably priced sport row.

Now definitely one of the biggest pros of this sport model is that it has these large 19-inch alloys despite being just the second trim up. The only other model with 19’s is the fully loaded touring model, while the other three trims will come with 17 inches. Heading out to our mirrors, they are pretty bare-boned on this model, but EX and up, we’ll add heating and blind-spot monitoring.

But except BSM, every single Accord will come with all the other active safety features Including Ford emergency braking Lane, Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and auto high beam headlights. It’s definitely still common practice for many of the rivals to charge extra for those futures. Anyways that’s going to do it for the outside.


There’s been a little bit of confusion about the intelligent entry system on the Accord. All the models will come with this key fob. However, that does not mean you have illuminated entry. You will have to go for the EX and above, and that also includes the 2-liter Sport, but on this 1.5-liter sport, you have the key fob. So, you will have to continue to press this button to unlock, and the remote start is not included.

Checking out the cabin, 2020 Honda Accord as you can see, it is pretty much the same as the previous model year. It continues to have a very nice-looking design. As far as all the available material and color scheme options. What you’ll be looking at is cloth seating on your Ex and your LX, and then when you go for the sport, you have that combination, which is cloth in the middle and leather on the outside edges.

2020 Honda Accord Interior

2020 Honda Accord Interior

Then when you go for the EXL or Touring, that comes with full leather. The color options all the trims besides for the sport, have the option of black grey or ivory. These sport trims only have black Not turning over here to your door trim; it is very nicely appointed, especially for a more basic model. So we do have an excellent leather wrap material across the armrest portion with color contrast stitching.

All this is a soft touch, and you do have a nice-looking faux carbon-fiber trim with the sport; some of the other trims come with faux wood trim. Farther front two windows, they are one-touch automatic, and the excel and touring would also have three-person memory seating. It is now coming down to these seats Honda has nicely included this 12-way power adjusting seat. Standard on all but the very base model as you can see it does have four-way lumbar support.

That’s definitely better than most of the competition. Like we were already saying, this seat is a combination of both cloth and the leatherette material. So, it definitely looks adorable and it’s very comfortable. Now, as far as the cab material since this generation debut, they have been accommodating. And that does continue here in 2020.

Across your entire upper dash, this is all going to be a nicely grained soft-touch plastic. Dropping down to the middle, we have this faux carbon-fiber trim as we said, it can’t be different other types of trims depending on the model. Then dropping down below that, we do have some hard touch plastics, but in typical Honda fashion, everything fits together.

2020 Honda Accord feels excellent! Now standard across every single tram, we do have a push-button start. In previous Accords, it is the same as in the last two model years, but it’s still a very cool setup because This side is analog on your right, but the left side is an LCD. This is reconfigurable; this is a new setup. And it’s nicely included on every single trim.

Additionally, the touring would also throw in a head-up display. Coming back to the steering wheel, of course, is an electric power assistant, and it is nice leather-wrapped on all but the EX and the LX. You would also have rain-sensing wipers if you went for the touring. However, on all models, the steering wheel will be manually tilted and Telescoping and here in the US.

All right, so now we’ll go ahead and talk about storage. This is always a dependable area for Honda, and the Accord is no exception. So when we open up the center console, you’ll see a beautiful little side tray You can’t remove that and then underneath. We have a huge center console, especially for a midsize sedan. Also, inside, we have a 12-volt outlet. Up in front of that, we have our two cupholders, and then you can press down.

And this will open up a large storage area great for sticking a phone right there. You also have a charging USB port and another total out. You would also have a wireless phone charging pad if you went through the terrain All right now coming back to the shifter. This is one of the areas that does change between the trim levels. So, we have the traditional shifter; however, if you go for the 2-liter model or the hybrid model.

Now there is no 360-degree camera system available even on the top-end 2020 Honda Accord Touring. Then back behind that, we do have an electronic parking brake. As well as a brake hold feature All right now heading on up, we have one of the other excellent features. That is, a dual-zone automatic climate control setup is standard even on the very base LX. We like the way Honda has done this I’ve commented in the past as well Just the refinement of the buttons.

They feel kind of like an Audi, and you can see around the edges. When you go down, it turns blue for cooler and red for warmer. A nice touch for an affordable vehicle now, we don’t have any seating climate controls. That’s because the EX and up we’ll get the three-stage heating, and the touring only will have the three-stage ventilation.  All right, so now that brings us up here to our audio system.

Most of the models are going to come with the eight-speaker basic sound system as this one has. So let’s go ahead and take a sample. Overall, sound quality is definitely competitive with other mislay sedans on the first end of the spectrum.

2020 Honda Accord Driving

Including the Camry and the all-new Altima now coming around to the trunk on this 1.5-liter sport, you do have to use the fob to open it. Just push the button, and when you do, you’re going to find 16.7 cubic feet of space, which once again is a considerable amount of space for this class of vehicle. We believe this is the largest measurement in the entire class. We definitely best that of the Camry and all-new Altima, and as far as how they finish it back here, It is adequately finished lastly.

2020 Honda Accord Engine

2020 Honda Accord Engine

It’s going to be at 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder as your base engine that’s going to provide 192 horsepower also 192 pound-feet of torque. There is also a bigger 2-liter turbo engine that’s available now that produces 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, and that’s available as an option. On the Sport trim, the EXL and the Touring come standard with it. There is also a 2020 Honda Accord hybrid model, but we’ll be covering that separately. Alright, now, as far as your transmissions, there’s going to be three of them.

So, on this 1.5 turbo, most of the models come with a continuously variable transmission, which is what we have with the 2-liter model you have a 10-speed automatic transmission. That’s Honda developed, and Then you have a six-speed manual Offered on these sport trims for both engines so you can have a 1.5 with a manual or the 2-liter with a manual.

It is also above most of the competition; they tend to be 175 horsepower to 180 horsepower. So you’re still a little bit ahead. And then there’s also kind of the way they’ve tuned it does feel strong off the line, and it powers kind of just surges forward with the idea that it works with the CVT. So, it feels more powerful than the numbers would suggest You know, and another thing about this engine is just how smooth and refined.

Accord Price

Now for the pricing for this 2020 Honda Accord For the base LX that’s going to start at $23.870, the sport $26.500 and thirty EX $27.700. This is honestly such a high value. We have always been a fan of this 1.5-liter sport model and the Accord because it gives you such a beautiful interior. Great exterior design, all for twenty-seven thousand bucks, which is good.

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