2022 Volkswagen Taos – Big Space For A Small Price! ($22K)

2022 Volkswagen Taos – So the subcompact crossover segment has really been blowing up recently and volkswagen is ready to enter the fight with this all-new 2022 Volkswagen Taos. This is now their most affordable crossover, but it’s still offering space and styling, which is very similar to its big brother, the tiguan.

2022 Volkswagen Taos

2022 Volkswagen Taos

What You Have to Get From 2022 Volkswagen Taos

So a lot of crossovers in this segment go for really funky and crazy designs. But with this all news house, volkswagen opted to keep things very classy and it has a very similar look to its bigger brother, the tiguan, as well as the atlas models so notice up here in the front, you have a very similar looking grill.


It has a nice black honeycomb finish right there in the middle, with your chrome, accents around the side, and you also have this lower silver piece that is on every single trim level. Now, if you choose the top end, svl model that’s, also going to come with their new illuminated light bar, which runs all the way across the front grille, like you see with the id4 now coming over here to your headlights.

This is another very premium touch for the segment you’re actually going to have standard, led headlights on every single model. They’re, going to be a reflector beam on the s and the se models, and then they’ll, be projector beam with adaptive abilities.

If you choose the fully loaded sel now, as far as your wheels are concerned, you have got four different options on the different trim levels. You’re gonna start out, with a 17 inch dark, finish alloy. When you move up to this se trim level we have today, you have these 18 inch contrast, alloys, which i think look very nice and you can even go all the way up to 19 inch alloys. If you choose the sel with all-wheel drive.

Now, as we come up the body, we do have a very classy taus branding right there and then, as far as the mirrors, they are going to be standard heated. You’ll, have body color and blind spot monitoring. If you choose the se or above now, you may be curious as to how this taos fits in the volkswagen lineup.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Configuration

2022 Volkswagen Taos Configuration

Of course, this is going to settle in below the tiguan and as far as the length it’s around 9.3 inches shorter than the tiguan, but as you’ll see throughout this review, there’s still plenty of space Throughout the cabin now walking around to the rear design of this all new 2022 Volkswagen Taos, i’m, a huge fan of the way.

This looks i mean it has a very classy and elegant look, which is something you typically don’t get with this segment of vehicle. So, as far as what you get feature wise, we do have led tail lights, and these are actually going to be standard on every single taus model, and these are fully led.

The turn signal and reverse light are both led. Then, if we drop down, we do have these fake exhaust outlets, um and then down here we have the silver accent. Of course. There’s, not going to be a real exhaust, but i do still think these look really good.

So on the taos, if you go for the fully loaded, sel trim level, you are gonna, have all of your safety systems as standard equipment, or you can option it on to the two lower trim levels so that’s, going to include ford Emergency braking and pedestrian detection lane keeping assist auto high beams, as well as an adaptive cruise control system with a traffic jam assistant, but anyway, guys that’s, going to conclude the exterior design of this all new 2022 Volkswagen Taos.


Just uh push this little button here to unlock all right and taking a first peek inside of this cabin. You can see a lot of those traditional volkswagen. Styling elements have carried down from the atlas and the tiguan to this 2022 Volkswagen Taos.

Let’s start off by talking about your different interior, color and material options, because you do have some interesting ones with this model, so the base s will come with a cloth c in black. Only, however, when you get to this se, that’s, where you get the cloth and leatherette combination seat in your choice of black or gray, and as you can see, we also have blue accents in here, which is a pretty cool touch.

And then you top in sel that’s, going to come with real leather and your choice of black or a special french toast color option. Now turning over here to your door trim you’ll, see the same materials reflected up here. So we have a leatherette padding for the armrest portion, a gray leather rat in the center part. It is soft touch along the top. Then we have the cool blue accent that runs through here. As far as our windows, they’re, going to be one touch, auto up and down for all four and then heading down here to your seats.

This is the eight-way power adjusting seat with two-way lumbar support. This is included on the se and the scl trim levels, and these seats are very interesting. So if you taking a close look here, you’ll notice. There’s, a lot of different materials, so we have a leatherette around the outside edge with the stitching detail in the middle. We have this interesting cloth that’s kind of hard to describe, but it has a unique feel to it, and then we have this very chic.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Interior

2022 Volkswagen Taos Interior

Looking bolster with another finish. This is overall just a really cool and attractive seat, and i do appreciate that they’re, doing something just to kind of spice it up a little bit now taking a look around at the cabin materials, we do have very nice materials for a Sub compact, so, as you would expect, the top of the dashboard is going to be finished in a hard touch plastic, but it has a nice graining as we move down to the middle.

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We have this blue trim here, which gives you a little bit of color in the cabin. We have a gray accent that runs through here and then down through our lower areas. These are going to be, of course, hard touch as well, but everything does fit together.

Very precisely and that typical volkswagen way now standard across every single version of the towel, so you do have a push button start now right as soon as you start, this model up, you’re, going to be greeted with something that’S very impressive and premium for subcompact crossover and that’s the fact that we have a digital gauge cluster, so this is the eight inch digital cockpit and if you choose the fully loaded sel model that will get you an even larger digital cockpit.

Pro that’s 10.25 inches, but regardless you do have a lot of pretty cool features, a very vivid design and you can cycle between all these kinds of information inside of the speedometer there or you can also click on the view button and go Into this really cool, modern, look and then pulling back to the steering wheel.

This is another very nice and premium looking uh element of the cabin we have the newest volkswagen design. It is nicely leather, wrapped on the se and the sel models. Of course it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping, and then, if you choose the scl model, that’s, going to throw in heating as well as rain, sense wipers and you can get both of those features via the convenience package.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Transmission

2022 Volkswagen Taos Transmission

On the lower two trim levels, let’s, go ahead and talk about interior storage, because, even though this is a sub compact crossover uh, really it feels very spacious inside of this cabin. So let’s start underneath our center console here.

Looking inside you’ll see that it’s, not very wide, but it is extremely deep and does have a felt lining at the bottom. So when we get our really thick stack of coupons out, as you can see, once you get them in there, they actually drop down quite a lot and they fit in there.

Just fine, so very happy with that. Up in front of that, we got a little slot right there. We’ve, got our two cup holders and then, in the very front here we have got a really nicely sized bin. It does double as a wireless phone charging pad on all but the very base model, and then you got your two usb type-cs and a 12-volt outlet all right now, heading back here to the shifter. Of course, you’re just going to pull back for drive.

You can bomb over here to the right if you want to do some manual shifting, but there are not paddle shifters on the wheel and then heading into reverse. This is your standard, backup camera. It does have uh guidelines, but it does not have active trajectory on this trim level and then the sel would throw in parking sensors right.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Infotainment System

2022 Volkswagen Taos Infotainment System

Next to that you have your standard electronic parking brake all right. So let’s, move on up here to the climate controls. As you can see, we do have a manual set up on board. This will be for your lower two trims and then the top model will come with a dual zone automatic setup.

Even though we don’t have the automatic climate control uh. You do nicely still have heated seats on all, but the base model, and then volkswagen is actually offering vented seats, which is pretty rare feature in this category. You’ll, get that if you choose the sel with all-wheel drive all right. So now that takes us to our audio system, so you have got four speakers. Six speakers and eight speaker beats audio sound system across the trim levels.

The other two trim levels will come with this. Eight inch display and when you get this eight inch display you get the newest mi b3 infotainment system. So that gives you all the latest features of the volkswagen lineup. As you can see, as you approach the screen, it does uh expand the menus and all that stuff like that. Additionally, you do have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay, and then, if you choose the very fully loaded sel that will throw in an integrated navigation system coming up here to our mirror, it will be auto dimming with homelink remotes.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Change

2022 Volkswagen Taos Change

If you choose the sel and here’s, a pretty impressive feature check it out. We have a panoramic sunroof, so this is going to be optional on the se and the sel for 1200., and this is another one of those features that’s, pretty rare for this category of vehicle.

Well guys here i am in the taos’s, rear seat and first impression is wow. This is incredibly incredibly spacious for this segment of vehicle. I have to remind myself what this actually competes against. So let’s. Talk about that space figure first, so we’re, looking at 38 inches of rear legroom 40 inches of your headroom, which i don’t even have to tell you that that’s quite a bit larger than the average Thing in this segment and it’s, even an inch larger technically than the volkswagen tiguan.

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So this is a incredibly spacious behind receiving position. I have six inches or so of leg room and my feet can slide up underneath the seat. Now, as far as the features that they’re going to throw in, we do have some. So we have vents here in the center, which is a really nice touch for the segment and then, if we drop down, we also have a usb type-c.

Then, if we fold down the center armrest, we do have cup holders inside now walking up to the tailgate of the taos you don’t, have a power one available at all, so just locate the button under the lid and lift up and as Far as the space itself is concerned back here, once again, you’re, going to be noticing that this taos is way bigger than the average thing.

This segment you’re, going to be looking at 28 cubic feet behind the second row. Seats that expands to 66 cubic feet. If you fold the seats down and like i said that is a really really good figure for this segment of vehicle. And if you get the all-wheel drive, it will reduce that just a little bit a few cubic feet. But as far as how they finished it, we do have a really nice carpeting along the floor.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Cargo Space

2022 Volkswagen Taos Cargo Space

We have lighting on the right side, we can fold our seats, uh 60 40 split, and if we lift up the cargo floor, we do have a spare tire now, as you would expect, we do have a manually adjusting passenger seat here and if we open up The glove box, once again, i’m very impressed by the size of this for this category of vehicle. This is a really really good size, glove box and as far as how the coupons fit in they fit in there, no problem, so, no matter how many restaurants, you have coupons for they’re, going to fit right in there and up top. We have a led light, a mirror and the sun visor does detach.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Specification

However, 2022 Volkswagen Taos does not extend all right, so there was our initial acceleration with this all-new taus. So what this comes with, as far as your powertrain is concerned, is uh the same setup as you get in the jetta. So this is a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine it’s, making 158 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. I think it feels kind of spunky, honestly yeah, definitely good torque, that’s, a very class competitive horsepower numbers.

You know, of course, nothing really in this class is going to be super fast or anything like that, and this, of course, isn’t, but this is definitely class competitive and also what i really like about. It is how quiet it is yeah like even when you put your foot all the way down.

This thing does not make any noise, which a lot of power trains in this class are really like strained and loud sounding, and this is super quiet yeah and i do just want to go ahead and mention that the 2022 Volkswagen Taos is, of course not a sports vehicle By any means it’s, a subcompact crossover, so it’s meant to be very comfortable and just from sitting here in the passenger seat. I’m very, very, very impressed with this um. Typically, when you get into this segment, what some some of the things that they do sacrifice are going to be your ride quality and that when we hit a few bumps in the road, i was very impressed with how it handled it.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Specification

2022 Volkswagen Taos Specification

It really handles it. Well, it handles it like the segment above wood, which is certainly a compliment, because the segment above is a very comfortable class of vehicle. Exactly so, let’s. Talk about the transmission, so you got two different transmissions actually with uh this house.

If you choose front-wheel drive, you have an eight-speed automatic. If you choose all-wheel drive, you have a seven speed: dual clutch automatic, we’ve, got the front-wheel drive model and with this eight-speed automatic i have to really commend volkswagen.

They have made this thing. So smooth actually before we started filming mason’s like does this, have a cvt because it actually feels like yeah you just like don’t, even feel it shifting. It really does have that sensation. It’s. Incredibly smooth. You know again a good premium characteristic for an affordable crossover like this. You know it’s also premium just how quiet it is. So let’s, get that sound level.

Reading going 55 looking at 56.2 um actually 55.9. It went right back down once he turned the music off that just randomly started. Um i don’t know what’s up with that i don’t know i don’t know what happened with that, but uh 55.9 decibels that’s, a really really good reading. I honestly think that might be one of the lowest ratings we’ve gotten in the segment of vehicle and that right there is our auto start, stop system which is nice and smooth.

How much the 2022 Volkswagen Taos Price?

Our air ball today is going to be the price of the 2022 Volkswagen Taos  the sticker price of this one, but we’re. Looking at  30 thousand dollars for this particular taos as equipped, and then you know just in the lineup – it’s, really not much different from the tiguan.

2022 Volkswagen Taos Price

2022 Volkswagen Taos Price

So i it could be a little bit more of a price discrepancy between the two. Ideally but, like i said there’s, a lot. You’re, getting pretty much the exact same exact, same packaging and stuff with the space, and that type of thing, so the sel is $31.490. right and, i believe, fully loaded. It’s about $34.000 when you get the all-wheel drive system, and that also throws in some of the extra equipment that i mentioned, like the larger wheels and the vented seats.