2022 Kia Seltos – MORE than You Would Think!

2022 Kia Seltos –  So over the last few years the kia suv lineup has undergone very substantial changes, including last year the addition of this all new celtos model. It has proven to be quite a popular model in the lineup and now for its second model year.

2022 Kia Seltos Redesign

2022 Kia Seltos Redesign

What You Have to Get From 2022 Kia Seltos

Kia is introducing a host of updates to make it an even stronger competitor than before, but is this the sub-compact crossover you should buy? Let’s. Jump right in and find out . Now one of the aspects that people have really liked about the celto since it came out is the design.


This is a very stylish subcompact crossover that also carries a little bit more of a substantial look that makes it look bigger than it actually is now. I want to start out here with your front grille, because there’s. You know a decent amount of things going on here. Of course you got that signature tiger nose kia fascia, but you have this interesting texture that goes through here and that chrome piece does extend out all the way over here to above your headlights.

Now you’re, also, probably noticing this light right here, and this is actually your daytime running light. As you can see, this extends into the grill and passes on straight into the actual daytime running light, which is led on all models, except for the lx trim level and then, as far as the actual headlights themselves, these are going to be halogen projector beam headlights.

This is on all of the trim levels, except for the fully loaded 2022 Kia Seltos, which will throw in led headlights and then down below. You also have halogen fog lamps again, that would be led on the sx. Now, moving next to our wheels, you will have some kind of alloy on every model, so you have 17 inch alloys on your lx s and your ex trim levels with different finishes.

And then, if you choose the 2022 Kia Seltos trim level that will throw in 18 inch contrast alloys. However, i do want to mention a new trim level for 2022. That is the nightfall edition that is going to throw in the same wheels from the sx except fully blacked out, as well as blacked out accents on the front and the rear up above that we have all-wheel drive branding and you’ll notice.

2022 Kia Seltos Safety Feature

2022 Kia Seltos Safety Feature

When we come to the mirrors, we do have a white cap which matches with the contrasting roof mason we’ll talk about that in just a second. As far as the mirrors themselves on the s trim level, you have the led turn signal indicator. As well as heating and then blind spot monitoring will come on the ex and above so here at the side of the cell. Toast has a very distinct look and, as you probably have already noticed, this particular tester has the white roof option.

You do have a two-tone roof option available on the ssx and nightfall edition trim levels. This one has the white one. You can also get a black cherry combo and we also have the nice roof rails up top now coming around to the rear design of these celtos.

Not much has changed for this 2022 model, as you would expect it just came out last year. This is one of my favorite in the class, though, because this really does look very premium and has just a classy and elegant look to it. So let’s, break down the design. We have led taillights. These are going to come on all, but the very base lx trim level, the brake light portion, as well as the accenting as led. The turn signal and reverse light will remain incandescent, and then we have this chrome piece intersecting between them.


Now another really nice upgrade for the 2022 celtos is the fact that their kia’s. Drivewise safety systems are going to be standard on every single model which that previously wasn’t a thing in 2021. So that means even the base one is going to have ford emergency, braking and pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, auto high beams and lane keeping assist well that’s.

All for the outside of the celtos, as you can tell, they changed quite a bit more than what you would expect out of a second model year vehicle. Let’s, go ahead and check out the inside see what they’ve done in there before we take out a spin before we do. All of that hit that subscribe button down below so one of the biggest changes for 2022 is that the s trim gained some additional standard equipment and right off the bat you’re looking at one of those things, the s trim now gains the smart entry system with push button start and remote start um and, of course, that comes on the other trim levels as well, and you’ve got the updated emblem on the key fob.

Now, to get inside the vehicle itself, there’s, not a sensor behind the handle, so just press the black button to unlock all right and taking a look inside of this cabin. Of course, this is just the second model here, so you’re, not going to notice any substantial changes to the design itself, but, like i mentioned, you will notice a lot of instances of additional standard features.

2022 Kia Seltos Interior

2022 Kia Seltos Interior

Now, just like last year, you have got a lot of different choices when it comes to color and material options inside of the cabin, so the lx is going to come with cloth, seating, the s and the nightfall edition. Those are going to come with this seat, you see here, which is a cloth and leatherette combination and it’s available just in this black with the blue stitching and then the ex and sx those come with leather, red seating and your choice of Black gray or new for 2022 Kia Seltos is a plum option on your sx trim level.

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Now turning over here to your door trim, it is nicely finished even on this s example. So we have a leatherette padding with a double color contrast, stitching detail some leather above that top part is going to be hard touch, but we do have a really nice piano black accent that runs through here with two speaker: grilles that have these uh really cool Texture built into them, i definitely like that touch and as far as your windows, they’re gonna be one touch auto down for just the driver now checking out your seats, most of the trim levels will come with this six-way manual adjusting seat.

Your top two trim levels that’s 2022 Kia Seltos ex and sx will come with a power adjusting seat and then, like i was already mentioning. This is a cloth and leatherette combination. I do like the design here. We have a lot of little details like what looks kind of like a tire track that runs through this side, like double color contrast stitching over here on the side, and these are very comfortable to set in as well.

2022 Kia Seltos Transmission

2022 Kia Seltos Transmission

Now one of the things we’ve, always liked about these cell toes since it first debuted, is how nice that the cabin is so taking a look at our cabinet materials. You’ll notice. We do have a hard touch upper dashboard on this s, trim level down below that we have a nice blue accent which sets off you know, adds a little splash of color inside of the s and the nightfall addition.

If you choose the top end sx, this would be finished in a leatherette material. As we move down, we have another large piece of piano black trim, which adds a little clasp to the cabin and everything does fit together very solidly. Now, like i was already mentioning. We have newly standard push button start for the s trim and above so as far as your gauges are concerned, this is the standard version it’s, pretty much in all the 2022 Kia Seltos lineup. Besides for the very fully loaded, 2022 Kia Seltos trim level.

This is a three and a half inch multi-function display. That model will have a seven-inch multi-function display instead, but as far as the actual information available it’s, pretty much the same, and you’ve got all that typical information. You expect, including for your safety systems and then moving back here to the steering wheel. We do have a nice leather wrapped steering wheel on all, but the very base, lx trim level.

Of course you have got your updated logo and you do have some nice piano black accents as far as the wheel itself. It is going to be manual tilt and telescoping and heating is not available. Now one of the strongest areas of this new cell test is just how big it feels inside this cabin.

2022 Kia Seltos Entertainment

2022 Kia Seltos Entertainment

So let’s, go ahead and dig into the interior storage, so opening up our center console. As you can see, this is quite deep. We do have a felt lining down here at the bottom and i anticipate when we get out our really thick stick stack of coupons here.

These are going to fit just fine. So here we go yeah. As you can see, we barely have to bend them. Just a little bit into an arc, and we have plenty of space up here on the top to close the lid. Now, up in front of that, we have got our two cup holders and then the front here we have a really large storage area right here. This would be a wireless phone charging pad on your top two trim levels. You also have some connections right there and you also have a large shelf right there.

Now i’m pulling back to the shifter. This is the same shifter that you get on the tell you ride. Of course, just pull back for drive bump over here to left. If you want to shift manually, however, none of the models will come with paddle shifters and then heading into reverse.

2022 Kia Seltos Change

2022 Kia Seltos Change

This is your standard backup camera. As you can see nice resolution, we also have active trajectory on board and then back behind the shifter. You have your hand brake, or this would be an electronic parking brake if you choose the fully loaded model.

Now, next to the shifter, you’ll notice, your buttons for your three-stage heated seats. This is on the s, all-wheel drive, trim level and your ex and sx trim levels as standard equipment and then checking out the climate controls. You now have a dual zone: automatic excuse me single zone, automatic climate control setup on all the trim levels besides for the lx, so that is new for 2022., very simple to use. You have this nice knob here to adjust your temperature and then they give you physical buttons down here to control your fan, speed and your zones, and the next thing up.

Alright. So now let’s, get to probably one of our most exciting updates for 2022 and that’s. The fact that they’ve expanded the availability of the large display. So previously, you could only get this large 10.25 inch display on just the fully loaded, sx terminal, but what kia has actually done this year is brought this down through all of the trim levels, except for the base lx. So that will make this like i said the standard equipment on pretty much every single model that most people choose to buy now, as far as what that throws in gives you, the newest kia software, including this uh nice home, display there you’ve, got all your menus.

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You can also go into a split screen view and it does throw in navigation as well. So you have a built-in navigation, in addition to android, auto and apple carplay. Now taking a look up here at the mirrors, this would be auto dimming. If you choose the sx and then we don’t have a moon roof on this s trim level. However, one is standard on the ex and available for 700 on the sx. Now the sotos has always had a really good rear seat, and that is of course, going to continue for 2022 Kia Seltos.

uh, since we do have 38 inches of both leg and headroom. We just place it at the very upper end of the segment, although it is still a little bit less than the honda hrv, but behind racing position i mean we’re, looking at probably five inches or so of space in my feet can easily Slide up underneath the seat, which is certainly not a given for this segment now, as far as the features are concerned, let’s talk about that.

We have vents here in the center, which i’m super impressed to see on a second from base trim level here on this s, that’s, a really premium feature down below that. We’re, also going to have a charging usb port and then there’s a storage cubby. Underneath of that, we’re, also going to have a full down center armrest with cupholders inside walking up to the tailgate.

2022 Kia Seltos Cargo Space

2022 Kia Seltos Cargo Space

You’re, going to have a fully manual one across the entire board of the celtos lineup and as far as the space itself is concerned back here, we’re looking at 26 cubic feet of space behind the second row, seats, folded expands all the way up to 63 cubic feet and that’s, going to continue that trend of the celtos being larger than most of the competition.

Actually, this cargo figure might be the best in the segment it’s, one of the best, at least, and that is a lot of space now, as far as the finishings, we have lights here. On the left side, we have a carpeting on the floor and if we lift it up, we have a spare tire and the seats do fold 60.40 split.

Your passenger seat is going to be manually adjusting and then, as far as the glove box is concerned, this is a a good size, glove box for the segment i wouldn’t expect anything larger and it definitely can fit in our Coupon, so really nothing else to talk about there and then up top.

2022 Kia Seltos Specification

So there we are taking off with this 2022 celtos. So with the celtos, you continue to have two different engine options. The lower trim levels, including the s that we’re in today, is going to come with a standard, 2 liter. Naturally, aspirated 4-cylinder engine makes a 146 horsepower 132 pound-feet of torque, which are pretty good numbers for this class.

That is definitely a competitive number for the standard engine. But what is really cool about the celtos is that, unlike most of the competition, they do also offer an optional and more powerful turbo charged 4-cylinder engine, and that’s going to give you a pretty substantial boost to 195 horsepower for the nightfall and the sx.

2022 Kia Seltos Specification

2022 Kia Seltos Specification

The transmission as the next thing, so with the different engines, you do have different transmissions as well. So, with the standard engine you’re, going to have a continuously variable transmission. As you can see, it does have a shift simulation, however, so that does you know, keep you from having that drone that a lot of people don’t like with a continuously variable transmission, makes it feel more like a traditional automatic.

Now, if you choose the one of the models with the turbo engine, you will actually have a traditional automatic, so it’s, going to be a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. So once again you know it’s, just very nice to have the option you know whatever your preference is uh, you will be able to get that in the celtics, and especially i do want to mention that that turbo engine in the higher end Trim levels really doesn’t cost any more than the competition, so you’re, really just getting that as a bonus, whereas most will just give you the base engine only right and speaking of things that are a bonus with the cell.

Fuel Efficiency

Toes actually, every single trim level, except for the s, comes standard with all-wheel drive, so that’s, certainly something that i think only the subaru crosstrek will give you standard all-wheel drive on all the models, so that’s Definitely a nice touch and since most of them will have all-wheel drive, let’s. Talk about that fuel economy figure, so this one is equipped. The 2-liter with all-wheel drive is going to be 27, 31, 29. If you get the turbo, that’s going to be 27 combined and if you go for front drive that’s, going to be the best one in the segment uh or the best one for the celtos lineup at 31 mpg combined.

2022 Kia Seltos Release Date

2022 Kia Seltos Release Date

How much the 2022 Kia Seltos Price?

But since i was mentioning the price i do want to talk about that, since almost every kia product has really good value, the 2022 Kia Seltos is going to start at $22,000, S is going to be $22,690, EX $25,790 s or Nightfall Edition $26,690 and then the sx is $990. This one, when we add in the $1.175 destination, comes in grand total of $26,175 with all wheel drive, but all in all for 2022.