2022 Chevy Bolt EV – Is The Bolt Coming Out In 2022?

2022 Chevy Bolt EV –  So as electric vehicles continue to gain traction here in the u.s chevy, as one of the early adopters is looking to strengthen its position. While there are undoubtedly lots of evs in the pipeline this year, they are extensively renovating their full electric bolt with new styling, a new interior and even a new suv version.

What You Have to Get From 2022 Chevy Bolt EV

So with the 2022 bolts, you might be tempted to think this is a full redesign because it looks very different than last year, especially here in the front it’s been totally renovated. You’ll notice up here in the front. We have a new fascia, it’s, sealed off up here at the top. We have a new black chevy badge and then down here at the bottom. We have basically a little cut out. That looks like a grill, but, of course, this being an electric vehicle.


You don’t really need a grill in the traditional sense now coming over here to your headlights. These are also very different than last year. We now have a full led setup here, which is basically in two different parts, so this is a led headlight and then up at the top.

We have an led daytime running light and a new sequential turn signal now. One other thing i want to mention: if you’re wondering about the euv, the suv version of this car. It looks very similar to this, even though they technically don’t share any sheet metal at all.

So in the front, what you’ll notice is just basically a more upright fascia. That looks more suv like now. When it comes to the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV models, you do have a couple different choices for your wheels. They’re, always going to be 17-inch alloys.

The basic trim levels of both the ev and the euv will come with a silver finish, and then the upper and trim levels will come with this nice. Looking contrast finish and as we come up here, we do have this black accent which connects right into the mirrors, and this is your charge, port, of course, as an electric vehicle.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Release Date

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Release Date

It’s, important to mention just pops open, like that. Nothing really special going on here, but it is up in the front and then coming up here to the mirrors. They do now have a black finish on them. They do have standard heating and standard blind spot monitoring as well all right.

So here at the side, i do want to mention a few things regarding the ev model and the ev euv they could have named it. Something different would have been nice all right, so here at the side, i do want to mention a few differences between the ev and the euv volt.

It’s lowered. Oh lord! There’s too many. Okay, all right so here at the side, i do want to mention a few differences between the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and the euv bolt. So, as far as the length, the euv is going to be around six inches longer, which does benefit you in the rear space of that model, and also again it’s, going to look a little bit longer.

Of course, and you are going to have roof rails for that more suv like appearance now walking around to the rear design of the bolt, you will notice a completely new design, for this 2022 model has a very modern look to it and as far as the Tail lights, you are going to notice that you have these right here, um connected by this black piece, which has a sporty look.

These actually don ‘ T really function to do anything besides just illuminate here all of the brake and turn signal components are going to be down here in the bumper with this right here and then you do have a reverse light in the middle and then, if you go for the Euv model, you will have a more rugged, lower fascia down here, to give it that more suv like appearance now.

As far as your safety systems are concerned, for the refresh 2022 Chevy Bolt EV, you’re, going to have three out of four of them standard equipment. So it’s, going to be forward emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, auto high beam headlamps and your lane keeping assist.

Now, if you go for the 2lt 2lt or the premiere trims, that will also throw in your adaptive cruise control now that’s, actually, not all, because chevy is offering their supercrew system for 2200. and that’s the first chevy product in the lineup to be available with that, but anyway, guys that’s, going to sum up the refreshed, exterior design of this 2022 Chevy Bolt EV model.


There’s, not a sensor behind the handle. So just press the silver button, all right and taking a look inside of this cabin. If you’re familiar with what this looked like last year, you’ll immediately. Tell that there’s been quite a few upgrades to make this a more premium space now, starting with our different interior, color and material options, you have just a few to choose between, so your base trim levels on both the ev and the euv.

Will come standard with cloth seating in jet black only and then your upper end trim levels. Those are going to come standard with the leather you see here in jet black or on just the euv, a dark ash gray. Turning over here to your door trim, you have some pretty nice materials, including a leatherette material across the armrest, with a stitching detail. Some silver trim and the top part is padded as far as our windows are going to be one touch auto up and down for the driver only auto down for all the others and then coming down here to your seats.

The upgraded leather seats do also include eight ways of power adjustment versus the six-way manual ones, and, like i was saying, this is a genuine leather seat. We do have a nice perforated design here with little triangles looks very nice, and i, like the color contrast stitching now like i was mentioning this cabin, has definitely been upgraded to be more premium for 2022, so across our upper dash.

This is a soft touch plastic, with a stitching detail. As you move down to the middle, we have extensive use of a piano black trim with a really nice silver surround, makes for a nice modern, look as well as down here with the climate controls and along the center tunnel here down here.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Interior

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Interior

This will be a hard touch plastic, but everything does fit together very nicely now to start up the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV you’re, just gonna put your foot on the brake and press the button. Now, of course, being a fully electric vehicle.

You won’t, hear anything else fire up besides, for that startup tone and right in front of you, you will be greeted with a very nice looking gauge cluster. This is an eight inch, full reconfigurable gauge cluster, a really nice design. A lot of very helpful graphics and information on board – and you can also go into your settings here – scroll through various different kinds of information, including this button right here, which can change your design from enhanced to a more sleek modern choice.

Now, heading back here to the steering wheel. Of course, we have electric power assisted steering, and we have a very nice steering wheel on board, uh surprisingly similar to what you get in like a camaro nice, thick, rimmed, leather, wrapped steering wheel with these upper end trim levels.

You have the black chevy badge and the wheel itself is going to be manual tilt and telescoping, and it is heated with this 2lt model all right. So let’s, go ahead and dig into interior storage. Next, so start out. Underneath our center console. Here there we go, as you can see very nicely sized. It’s a little bit narrow, but it goes down very deep and because of that, it’s, definitely going to be no problem, swallowing up these coupons with plenty of space to spare in front of that, we’ve got two generous sized cup holders.

We have another storage area up here in the front which drops down quite deep as well. Nice rubber lining you’ve got two usbs and a 12 volt outlet. If you choose the euv, you also have standard wireless phone charging and then you also have this huge uh center pass-through.

So this is great for sticking just about any type of item like a small grocery bag or purse, and it would definitely hold it in place. Right there now, one of the reasons why you can have a center pass-through is because we have an electronic shifter.

Now the previous version of the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV did also have an electronic shifter, but it was kind of the finicky shifter with a little bit weird controls. This is a new push button style, which is a lot more clean and makes a lot more sense, in my opinion, so for drive, you’re just going to pull up in this little toggle and then for reverse.

Of course. Just do the same thing at the r when you do, you will be greeted with this very nice. Looking 360 degree, camera system on the upper end trim levels of both the ev and the euv. As you can see very crisp resolution, nice active trajectory 360 view.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Infotainment System

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Infotainment System

You can also switch between uh several different angles as well, and then the standard version does also come with the upgraded hd camera then for park, just press on the p, but you also have an electronic parking brake located right there, all right.

So let’s, move up to our climate controls as the next thing. These have also been redesigned this year. Uh, we have a very sleek look finished in this piano black. You have full adjustments located right here for simple and easy use and your temperature is right there.

It is just single zone, however, you can adjust your heated seats, those are available on most models and you also have the heated steering wheel, which i mentioned earlier. All right now that brings us to our audio systems, so you have a standard, 6-speaker sound system or an optional seven speaker, bose premium sound system, we’ve, got the standard option and we’ll go ahead and give it a sample.

So overall sound quality is uh pretty good. I definitely don’t think that you will need to get the upgraded bose sound system unless you’re, just a really big audiophile. Okay. So let’s. Take a look now at this display, which is really a big focal point of this interior, because it is so large and nicely integrated into this panel. So this is a 10.2 inch display and it has very vivid graphics.

I really noticed that the colors pop and it’s very responsive as well. Now you notice right now. I’m in the android auto ecosystem, and that is because new this year is that android, auto and apple carplay now run wirelessly. So there’s, my phone to show you that it is not physically connected. Of course, this system here does all the typical things you expect now jumping back into the actual chevy infotainment system itself.

As you can see, this does run. The newest software looks very similar to the other chevy products you do have, of course, additional displays, though, because this is a full electric vehicle, so you can go into here check on your battery status. You can get different details about charging and your energy usage. So, of course, all this stuff is very handy and many many of those same things are located in that gauge cluster as well. Now moving up top here, we do have an auto dimming mirror.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Redesign

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Redesign

You can get chevy’s, uh rear camera mirror system. As an option and then up at the roof here, you’ll notice on this euv. We have a ton of headroom, but we don’t have a moon roof that’s, still not available with the ev model. However, new is that the fact that you can get a panoramic sunroof on the e uv only all right, so here i am in the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV, rear seat and pretty much. My first impression is that this is a pretty spacious place to spend time, despite just the overall size of this vehicle.

So let’s start with the space itself. We have 39 inches of rear headroom, which i’m, really noticing, and we have 36 inches of rear headroom for this ev model. Now, of course, you can get the euv and that will have additional legroom here in the second row, so that’s, something worth noting, and you can also get heated rear seats with that euv model.

But as far as how this one is concerned. Behind the receding position i have, i would say, probably three or so inches of rear leg, room and my feet can slide up underneath the seat. Um. We’re, not going to have any features here in the center, but we do have a fold down armrest with cupholders inside now walking up to the tailgate in order to open.

We just locate the button under the lid and open it up. You’re, not going to have a power option for this model and as far as the space itself is concerned, you’re, going to have 16 cubic feet of space behind the second row seats.

If you fold them down that’s, going to expand up to 57 cubic feet, it’s worth noting that that is no different. If you go for the euv model, so you’re only going to get additional rear space, not in the cargo area. Now, as far as how they finished it, we have a light here on the side.

We have a cargo cover and then the floor sits flat right here and you have a lot of under floor storage. As a matter of fact, we can put our entire amount of camera equipment up under the floor and the seats do fold 60.40 split now over here, your passenger seat. We do have manual adjustment and if we pop open the glove box here, i know you guys who drive evs want to save money on just random things like gas, so you also probably want to save with a coupon.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Cargo Space

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Cargo Space

So this is very important and they do fit in here. Just fine, it’s, the appropriate width and they have lots of space and then up top. We do have a sun visor with a mirror. We do. We don’t. Have any lighting, but we can also extend and detach all right, so first getting up to speed here with this 2022 Chevy Bolt EV, of course, being an electric vehicle.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Specification

You get that instantaneous torque that feels very nice behind the wheel and what it’s. Being powered by is a 65 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack that’s gonna be good for 200 horsepower 266 pound-feet of torque. You know right in line with uh mainstream competition like, for instance, the volkswagen id4 and acceleration you know, will be in the ballpark of about under seven seconds six point something seconds, so you really are quite a bit quicker than like a gas powered, subcompact crossover.

For instance, yeah certainly quicker than a trailblazer, and you know the torque is what you really notice when you have an ev is just that instant torque that you can get but just kind of cruising along on the highway in the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV. Obviously this is, you know a compact kind of crossover-ish type of thing, so it’s going to be very family-friendly. This is not a sports car by any means, and as far as the ride quality is concerned, i’ve, been very impressed with it.

I really like these seats. They’re very comfortable and uh. When we hit, you know, we’ll, go on some concrete here in just a second, you’ll notice that it really does suck up the bumps better than what i would expect out of a you know. A compact vehicle like this, that’s right very comfortable, and i do also want to talk about the visibility as well, because it’s, really phenomenal. You kind of set up high in this, then you just have glass everywhere.

These big windshields, this extra glass in front of the a-pillar really tall windows, so i mean visibility is absolutely phenomenal. Now i’m sure you’re, probably most curious about the range of this vehicle. That’s. The very important part with an electric car and the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV is going to be rated at 259 miles. The euv is going to come in at 247, so a little bit less for the euv, but 259 miles is a very, very good rating um.

Those of you familiar with the channel. You know that we have a tesla model, 3 standard range, so that is 220 miles, so this has more than that um and you know it’s really awesome that vehicles at this price point now have range getting close to 300 miles standard.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Electric Range

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Electric Range

That’s right there you go so there’s, an acceleration up to about 70 miles an hour. It’s like a little spaceship yeah. It does have like some nice spacey electric noises that are kind of cool, but yeah, pretty pretty quick. So behind the wheel, as we kind of get on to a little bit of a more rural road, i’ll. Be able to show you guys how this uh handles being an electric vehicle, just like all the other ones. You have a lot of weight down low um, which does help the agility um.

Of course, this is not designed, particularly to be a sporting model, but when you’re behind the wheel, you can see it’s. Very quick, responding, nice and flat cornering. Additionally, chevy does give you the option of one pedal drive on this so uh to turn that, on.

All you have to do is just press this little button right here right behind the shifter and when you push that it basically turns on really heavy regen, so that you can just let off and come to a complete stop without ever even touching the brake pedal.

So that’s, pretty cool, and i definitely like that they give you the ability to turn on and off. So whatever you like. You have the option to have that here with the bulb. You can actually hear the tires just a little bit. Thinking about uh losing grip since there’s a little bit of gravel on the road uh. Speaking of that that is worth pointing out. I didn’t, mention that previously uh, this is front wheel drive only that’s.

The only way you can get this um, so the electric motor just sets at the front wheels, unlike a lot of other electric vehicles, actually rear drive. Usually, but this one is front, drive yeah and let’s, go ahead and do the air ball and slam dunk the slam.

Dunk is going to be the range for the money, as i you know, talked about earlier 259 miles for this price is a very, very good range um and then the air ball we’re going to say, is gonna be controversial. Styling um! You know this is very unique looking i i actually kind of like it in person, but it may not be for everyone uh. It’s very uh out there, so it’s, not gonna, be like a regular trailblazer or anything like that right compared to the other previously last year it was much more conservatively styled, but i guess i do appreciate the chevy Stepping out, but it’s, not everyone’s cup of tea yeah.

Now we’ll, go ahead and grab a sound level reading now that we’re up to our usual 55 miles per hour here today. This road is a little bit rough, so it might be a bit louder. We’re sitting at 60.3 decibels for that reading. Like i said, the road is a little uh rough here, but it seems relatively quiet for what you’re. Getting in this like segment of the vehicle – and here i imagine it’s more quiet than a trailblazer. So and if you’re curious about the charging on this.

How much the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV Price?

It’s capable of dc fast charging of 100 miles. Of range and 30 minutes and they’ve partnered with the ev go system to expand to 2700 charges by 2025. So you will have a little bit more of a network in the upcoming years. For this bolt all right, and as i’ve, been talking about with the price. This is actually a very, very good value, so the 1lt is going to start at $31.000.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Price

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Price

For this 2022 Chevy Bolt EV model, the euv is going to be 2.000. More expensive than that um and top really top of the line is gonna, be thirty, seven, five hundred um, so that’s about a five thousand dollar price drop over the previous 2021 bolt right. So that’s, certainly worth something worth noting yeah, that’s almost never happened, yeah a big price drop um, but you don’t qualify for that federal tax credit at the current time that might change soon.

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