2022 BMW X4 M Test Drive: Get Notice

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2022 BMW X4 M – Many say that bmw doesn’t know how to build exciting cars anymore. They make vanilla crossovers, not this crossover. The 2022 BMW X4 M is one of two newly updated bmw crossovers for the 2022 model year along with this car sibling, the x-3m; in this article, we’re going to take a drive of the x4m, show you the interior, and ultimately decide whether or not you should buy one.

Let’s start this article with a straightforward question: What is a bmw x4m competition? Let’s start with the x4 part; you’re probably familiar with the x3 BMW’s best-selling vehicle; it’s a regular SUV compact crossover; what the x4 is, it’s something called a sports activity coupe.

2022 BMW X4 M Colors

That’s what bmw calls them; they started this trend in about 2008. They noticed that customers were no longer buying their two-door vehicles because they just weren’t efficient; all they wanted to buy were SUVs

2022 BMW X4 M Specification

So they bundled the looks of a coupe with the practicality of the SUV, and vehicles like the 2022 BMW X4 M were born, so this is based on the x3. We have the m variant, meaning we have the sporty twin-turbocharged engine you would get in the m3 sedan or the m4 coupe.

And the competition badge at the bottom means that it’s even sportier than the base x4m, so this being an m model performance is at the core of the 2022 BMW X4 Mmission, and while I’d love to start this article off with a launch control and show you the 3.7 seconds 0-60 time.

There’s a little more complication to it than just getting in, putting it in drive, and going modern bmw m cars are littered with different drive modes, so you have to configure the vehicle exactly how you want it before you set up and go.

So we have this button labeled setup on the drive system; push it, and you get this exciting menu here on the screen; this menu is where I can configure how I want my car to feel. I like the engine to be efficient, sporty, or sport plus it is the most aggressive setting.

And I like the chassis the suspension do, I want it comfortable doing, I like it stiff or do I want it back-breakingly stiff the steering you can have it be pretty light.

You can have it be heavier, or you can have it be cumbersome and then here on the all-wheel drive system. It’s always in all-wheel drive; there’s no rear-wheel drive mode on the 2022 BMW X4 M; I can have four-wheel drive sport with the traction control off.

That’ll send a little more power to the rear versus the regular all-wheel drive mode and what I just showed you on the screen is not even the end of all the customization here on the 2022 BMW X4 M, if we look down here on the actual shifter itself.

We have this rocker switch that goes up and down. There are three different settings for the transmission alone. You can have a standard transmission mode, a more aggressive environment, or a third setting.

Where it goes into its most aggressive mode, and then besides that, we even have a little button right here for the m sports exhaust. I can have it be loud, or if this light comes on very loud, fortunately, you do not have to fiddle with all of these settings every time you get into the car because that would just be infuriating

bmw gives you these two buttons on the steering wheel in red they look very cool, and they’re entertaining to press. You’ve got m1 and m2.

However you want to play around with the settings to find out exactly how you like the car, hold down one of the buttons, and it will save it for quick and easy access, so right now, I have the m1 button set up with almost everything in sport plus setting but the suspension in full comfort mode.

You’ll see why I did that a little bit later on. Then if I want to go crazy in this car, I’ve put the m2 setting. You have to click double to confirm that everything into its most aggressive location, with the transmission in its most aggressive mode now that we’ve finished all that boring stuff.

2022 BMW X4 M Engine

2022 BMW X4 M Engine

The engine specs are here because they are imposing. We’ve got the same three-liter twin-turbocharged engine in the m3 or the m4. It’s called the s58 engine, producing excellent horsepower, 473 horsepower, and 442 pound-feet of torque.

That’s the standard output. Still, we have the optional 7 000 competition package that will dial up to 503 horsepower with 479 pound-feet of torque. That’s the same output as last year’s x4m in power, but the torque is up. You get 13 pound-feet more on the base model

and a whopping 37 pound-feet more on this competition model. You might not think that just adding a little bit of torque is super impressive. Still, it makes a huge difference when you look at the stat sheet. Last year’s x4m took 4.1 seconds to hit 60 miles an hour or four seconds flat

if you’ve got the competition model, this one is much quicker. In this competition model, you’ll do 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds with the base car or a staggering 3.7 seconds, but I’ve talked enough about it.

If I’m being honest, I won’t get the m drivers to pack unless you’re the type of person going to v-max your car and do 177 miles an hour regularly. You could probably just skip that 2500 package.

The only other thing it includes is you get a free day at the bmw m driving school, but you could always just pay for that out of pocket if you want to do it. I’m falling in love with this s58 engine.

It reminds me of the engine used to get in the e46, just that nice mechanical noise. This car is an absolute beast in a straight line. You just always have power. This eight-speed automatic transmission just rips off shifts, and the 2022 BMW X4 M is almost even more impressive when you get it into a corner.

I’m going to go ahead and take one very quickly. Here we’re in m2, everything in its stiffest setting, and oh my god, it’s just amazing how little body roll and how composed this thing stays when you’re in a corner. The m adaptive suspension gets so stiff in its stiffest setting you can go and take corners at crazy speeds here.

There’s just no body roll flick it. That all-wheel-drive system keeps you super composed. You always have the grip; you never feel like this car is going to step out on you; this is not the type of car you drive at high speeds going worried about crashing. No, you can take outrageous rates through the corners without worrying about going off.

It understeers just a little bit. I mean, it is a big tall-riding SUV, but this thing can corner like a sports car; now, everything I’ve talked about so far is excellent if you live your life launch controlling from your PTA meetings to your soccer practice but is the 2022 BMW X4 M a livable car that’s the next question we’re going to answer and unfortunately, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices with the x4m see

The last year’s model I drove was one of the least comfortable SUVs ever. Still, bmw has promised me that they’ve considered that they’ve made this one a little bit softer, so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go over one of these big dips that we have in Florida and see if they fix the suspension issue no the answer is no quite simply even in comfort mode.

this car still beats you up I think when you take your kids to school in this car, they’re going to arrive needing a spinal correction; okay, I’m being just a little bit facetious here, but I genuinely think that this SUV is stiffer than the average family is going to want for their vehicle okay I’ll give bmw some credit it isn’t as rigid as last year’s model but especially if you put the suspension into anything besides

its the most comfortable setting this thing can beat you up. I suggest you test drive the x4m before you buy to see whether or not you like the suspension. If you think it’s too brutal, I recommend getting the bmw x4 m40i. It’s the one right below the 2022 BMW X4 M. It still gets you a turbocharged inline-six engine producing 382 horsepower, which I think is plenty.

You’ll save 11 000 in the process, and just think about all the money you’ll save not having to visit the chiropractor every week, or if you’re a genuine driving enthusiast, just get the bmw m3. It’s a practical sedan, and I think it rides a lot better than the x3 or x4m, so now that we’ve driven the x4m.

What You Have to Get From 2022 BMW X4 M


let’s go ahead and pull over and take a brief look at the interior. It’s not overly different from a regular 2022 BMW X4 M, but you get some m specific touches that make this car feel a bit more premium and a lot more sporty inside. We’ve already briefly shown you this 12.3-inch touchscreen that houses BMW’s idrive infotainment system

this is not the brand new version that you’ll get on models like the i4 and ix bmw 2 electric cars. Still, it is perfectly straightforward to use as you can see it is a touch screen. You get wireless Apple CarPlay which is a lovely touch on this car.

I also like that if you don’t want to get the screen covered in fingerprints, you have your idrive controller down here for which you can use this sort of scroll knob. We also have BMW’s great independent buttons. You can assign these different tasks you can have it be a radio station or an address or whatever thankfully.

Now in addition to the 12.3-inch screen in the middle, we also have another 12.3-inch screen in front of the steering wheel bmw has kept its digital gauge clusters pretty straightforward until you get to the ix and the i4 which have the latest driver software unfortunately this car doesn’t have that

So, you’re kind of limited into what you can show where you can have different things pop up here in the tachometer, your radio information your g meter fuel economy, and you can have like a little mini-map in the middle as well it’s not my favorite gauge cluster but it works fine you also have this my mode button down here.

If you push that, you’ll get some sportier gauges that emphasize the tachometer; you can see we have this kind of cool dual tachometer very clear, very prominent we also have one of the best head-up displays I think I’ve ever seen in any car in the standard setting you just have your speed and your speed limit. Then your navigation prompts.

2022 BMW X4 M Dasboard

2022 BMW X4 M Dashboard

if you’re going anywhere on navigation, and if you push that to put it into its sportier or race settings, you get a vast tachometer. It’s almost distractingly big. Still, it is very bright and straightforward to read, and that is great if you’re on a race track always to see what rpm you’re at. Wrapping up with the interior quality, this is a very high-quality interior like most BMWs.

It’s not too different from a standard 2022 BMW X4 M. We’ve got some friendly carbon fiber here on this m model. We’ve got x4m competition this little plaque down here that’s kind of neat. I guess you get little m touches like m striping here on this much thicker steering wheel if you get the competition pack; you also get m striping here on the seat belts, which is quite remarkable. You get a different shifter.

Then you would get, and you get different seats as well now, these seats are a little bit firmer than what you’re going to find in a standard 2022 BMW X4 M, but they do hold you in very well on the road. I also love this little m logo on the back of the seat rest that lights up at night. That is a nice feature. If I had a few complaints, it’s that bmw nickel and dimes you for a lot of stuff.

the car we have here is optioned to about 85 000 and it still doesn’t have ventilated seats those are a 300 standalone option i don’t know why bmw just doesn’t give you those for free another opportunity that we have missing that you can get as part of a package is adaptive cruise control come on bmw a base Toyota corolla includes adaptive cruise control as standard and you should too

so what I just showed you in the front seat is pretty much identical to what you’d get in this car sibling the x3m but the back seat here is a very different story you have to make some compromises here.

if you get the 2022 BMW X4 M you can see I very much have to duck down to get into this cabin remember I’m only about five foot eight and you can’t even see my eyes because the headroom in here is significantly compromised compared to a standard SUV.

this is an SUV coupe so you are gonna lose some practicality numbers here you get about an inch less legroom than you would in the x3m and about the same on the headroom so if practicality is your number one concern you want the kids to be comfortable back here you should get the x3m, not the x4 and the backseat is not the only area where you compromise on the 2022 BMW X4 M.

if I click this little hidden trunk release, we’ll see that the 2022 BMW X4 M has 18 and a half cubic feet of space back here. That’s a whopping ten cubic feet less than you get in the x3m, and if I fold down those rear seats, you’re going to get about 50 cubic feet of space again, around 12 cubic feet less.

2022 BMW X4 M Rear Seat

2022 BMW X4 M Rear Seat

than the bmw x3. This car’s sibling, you better like how this coupe-like roofline is styled because you lose a lot when you get the 2022 BMW X4 M. Let’s wrap up this article by talking about the styling because this is a huge reason why you might or might not want to buy the x4m, and the conversation cannot start without mentioning the elephant in the room.


This color; yes, I know it’s outrageous it’s called Sao Paulo yellow I think it looks better on the m3 sedan and the m4 coupe because it’s not quite so much car that it’s covering but on something big like the 2022 BMW X4 M and you can also get this color on the x3m

I think it’s just a bit too much, and I am a big fan of bold colors, but even for me, this is a little bit much. There are some other colors you can get, although this is one of only two complimentary colors you can get on the x4m, the other one being white. That might have been an interesting ploy by bmw to put customers in a precarious situation; you can either be boring, get white for zero dollars, or contact this crazy Sao Paulo yellow. Now

there are other colors available they all cost 550, but there are some great ones. There’s a red that looks good on the x4m and a nice blue that I like as well, and the color is not the only thing new for the 2022 model year. We have some slightly revised styling up in the front. This has always been a good-looking car in the show. At least

I like the headlights and the standard LEDs. They’ve changed the light signature just a little bit for 2022. we’ve got standard 20-inch wheels on the 2022 BMW X4 M, but if you get the competition pack, you get one of two 21-inch patterns. I happen to like this one.

I think the spokes look like pistons which are quite coo,l you see, we have blue brake calipers. Still, you can get red or black if you don’t like blue. Finally, when we move around to the rear, we’ve got a slightly different thinner light signature than we had on last year’s x4m;

I think it looks interesting, and as you can tell back here, the x4m has a unique design you’ve got this very sloping roofline with this kind of lip spoiler right here you might be a massive fan of this design.

I prefer the more conventional SUV looks of the x3 app, so that was the 2022 bmw x4m pricing starts at a whopping seventy-three thousand four hundred dollars and an additional seven thousand dollars if you want to spring for the competition pack now if you don’t like the way the 2022 BMW X4 M looks and you’d prefer an x3m you can save a little bit of cash on that just under 70 000 is going to be your starting price on the x3m which is the one I prefer

because I think it looks better and it’s more practical now, how does this stack up against other non-bmw crossovers well, I think the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a lot better looking, and I think it drives a little bit better with some excellent steering, but the Stelvio has just as brutal of a ride as this, and the interior is not quite as lovely as the bmw

I think the jaguar f-pace SVR is an overall better SUV that sounds a lot better, ‘s more prominent, and has a much more excellent interior and softer ride, but it is significantly more expensive. You will have to spend over a hundred thousand dollars to get one of those well-optioned

If you like how the 2022 BMW X4 M looks, you’re into styling and can deal with the stiff suspension. I think it’s excellent, fun to drive little crossover [Music]. We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the 2022 bmw x4m. For more articles like it, subscribe to our channel, ring the notification bell to be alerted of our latest articles and if you want to read more about the 2022 BMW X4 M, check out carbuzz.com. I’ll see you next time.

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