The Most Luxurious 2022 Acura MDX Advance Ever! ($62,000)

2022 Acura MDX Advance – So acura has been on a roll lately with a ton of new products. However, we’ve, probably just arrived at the most important product of the bunch, this all-new 2022 mdx. This has long been the bread and butter product of the acura lineup, but after about eight years, we are, definitely excited to see what this ground-up redesign has in store, but without wasting any more time. Let’s, go ahead and see just how good this luxury 3 row is.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Release Date

2022 Acura MDX Advance Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2022 Acura MDX Advance

So over the last few years, acura has really been paying a lot of attention to design and making their products look a lot more aggressive, and that is the case with this new 2022 Acura MDX Advance. Now one of the things you’ll notice right from the start, is it really looks a lot wider and that’s because it actually is it’s 1.4 inches wider up here in the front, and that space is Mostly occupied by this large diamond pentagon grill, this is, of course, pretty much the same as in the other acura products you have, the chrome surround on most the models, but it will be blacked out on the a-spec trim now coming over here to your headlights.


These also accentuate the design because they are really narrow, a full led light unit. Here with the signature jewel eye design, you also have the new chicane daytime running light, as well as led turn signal indicator and then, finally, down here at the bottom, you will notice an led fog light standard on the top two trim levels.

Now, moving on to our wheel options, of course you have a wide variety, as you expect for a luxury suv. The base model comes with a 19 inch alloy. However, all of the rest of them will come with 20 inch alloys with different designs.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Specs

2022 Acura MDX Advance Specs

This advanced model has the really nice looking multi-spoke alloy. Then, as we move on up here to our mirrors, you’ll notice kind of a cool design touch. This chrome continues on to the mirror in one kind of seamless piece you do have standard heating and standard blind spot monitoring, and if you choose the technology and above that’s, going to get you auto dimming as well as power folding, all righty.

So before we get around to the rear design of this all new 2022 Acura MDX Advance, i do want to talk about the side, because quite a bit has changed here for the new model. So you’re, coming in at 198 inches in length, which is up 2.2 inches over the previous generation mdx and, more importantly, you’re. Getting that more signature, rear drive proportion that the old mdx was certainly lacking, and that makes this look a lot more premium and elegant and finishing off some of the side elements we have chrome here on the window surrounds as well as roof rails on the advance.

These would be blacked out if you go for the a-spec model. Now the rear design itself is also completely different from the outgoing model. It has a much more elegant look, but it also has a little bit more of a sporty touch to it than the old model had now.

As far as the tail lights, these are going to be full led tail lights, with the new chicane design. Every single element in here is going to be led, which is a departure from the last generation. We also have a chrome trim where the right here and then further down, we have dual trapezoidal exhaust outlets standard on all 2022 Acura MDX Advance.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Change

2022 Acura MDX Advance Change

Now all 2022 Acura MDX Advance are going to come standard with the entire suite of safety systems, so that’s, going to include ford emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, auto high beam headlamps adaptive cruise control with a new traffic jam assistant and a lane keeping assistant.

Now. Additionally, if you go for the technology trims and higher, that’s, going to also throw in front and rear, auto braking. So, with the all-new 2022 Acura MDX Advance, we have an all-new acura key fob does have a new shape to it. It’s still very large, but it has been lightened up a little bit and as far as the features you have, you will have remote start on the key fob.

If you choose the advanced trim level now to get inside the vehicle itself. Of course, just grab behind the handle and it will unlock all right guys now take a look at this cabin, even as big as the changes are on the exterior.


I have to say, the interior change is even more dramatic. Now, of course, as with most luxury vehicles, you have a lot of different interior, color and material options you can choose between. So only the base model will come with leather rat other than that. Every other trim level will come standard with milano leather and then, as far as the color options, with this advanced model, we have every option available. So you have the choice between ebony parchment espresso, which you see here today or greystone.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Color

2022 Acura MDX Advance Color

Now, turning over here to your door trim, you will see the same color leather reflected up here. It goes all across the armrest as well as the area above it here with the advanced trim. We also have genuine open for wood trim and that’s, going to go throughout the cabin.

You do have standard three-person memory, seating and, of course, all four of your windows will be one touch automatic now squatting down here at your seats, you’re gonna have a standard, 12-way power adjusting seat.

However, with this advanced model, we have the 16 way power adjustment, including power side, bolsters and then like. I was already mentioning. We do have milano leather on board, really nice quality, leather super, smooth and supple with the advanced model. We also have color contrast piping around, as well as the different kinds of perforation. So this cabin is more than just a beautiful new space. It does have a lot of really high quality materials throughout, so acura has actually finished the entire upper dashboard.

In a leatherette material from top to bottom – and you have a stitching detail that runs through and this dashboard has a really heavy layered effect. So you have a layer of the open for wood, a layer of piano black and then below that a leather, leather layer that runs through here with more color contrast stitching.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Interior

2022 Acura MDX Advance Interior

This does come on this side as well, so you can rest your knee against it and, of course, everything in here is going to fit together with that typical, accurate precision now start up. The new 2022 Acura MDX Advance put your foot on the brake and press the standard button.

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Now the first thing you will probably notice the second it starts up is the fact that we have a 12.3 inch full digital gauge cluster on board. This is an acura first and it is really nice and vivid now, just like any reconfigurable gauge cluster. Of course you can change the design. You have your regular kind of information over there on this side. It does change with your drive mode, so we can switch into say sport here and you can see a change on both displays here to a bunch of different kinds of designs.

Now, in addition to that up top here, we have a large 10.5 inch head up display, which is standard on the advanced trim level, and it has its own menus and stuff that can be also controlled from the steering wheel and speaking of the steering wheel.

Of course, we have 2022 Acura MDX Advance, newest design, nice leather wrap wheel, kind of squared off on the sides, and it would be flat bottom on the ace back as well. As far as your features on board, you have power adjustment on every single model and then you have heating on your advanced trim level, but in addition to luxury, of course, the other most important part about a three row.

Crossover is utility. So let’s check the storage start out underneath our center console here it does open up in two different pieces. So we have a small piece to keep tiny belongings and then we can open up the main console and you’ll be greeted with a lot of space. This is nice and deep, also wide, and you do have your 12 volt outlet and usb port inside and when we get our coupons. These are obviously going to fit in here. No problem whatsoever.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Electric Feature

2022 Acura MDX Advance Electric Feature

Now, up in front of that, we have a gigantic wireless phone charging pad, so this will definitely support even the largest kinds of phones. We have two cup holders and we have another little storage cubby right there. Now, of course, one of the main reasons why we can have all of this dedicated to storage is the fact that we have the electronic shifter kind of mounted up here out of the way, so this works the same as in any other accurate product.

So you’re, just going to press d for drive press again for sport mode and we do have standard paddle shifters on board. Even on this advanced model, pull back on that trigger to activate reverse, and when you do, you will find a standard backup camera on every single model.

However, you’re noticing that we have the 360 degree camera system. This is standard on the advanced model only and i’m really happy to say it takes up pretty much. This entire 12.3 inch display and has really nice resolution as well.

However, it’s, not exactly the same as in other accurate products, for example um. We’re actually in the android, auto ecosystem right now and as you can see, we are running this wirelessly, so that’s new to the 2022 Acura MDX Advance and as of right.

Now that’s exclusive to the mdx and the acura lineup, now heading back into the main interface here, i’ll, pull up the navigation system. This is what is built in for the technology model and, above you know, check out see if there’s any other features to point out, so we do have alexa ability. We also have the cabin talk system, which is a basically an intercom that will project your voice back to the rear seats, and i do also want to mention a feature called cabin control.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Cargo Space

2022 Acura MDX Advance Cargo Space

So we’ve seen this in some of the honda products, but basically it allows you to download a app and then you can control things like the music audio settings, rear climate controls, navigation and even the panoramic sunroof, via this application.

Now, moving on beyond the display you’ll notice, we have a frameless, auto dimming, mirror with three homeless universal remotes built in standard across the board and then up here at the top. This is our standard panoramic sunroof.

So this is like that included on every single trim level. As you can see, it’s, a very large piece of glass that goes all the way back to the rear passengers, and the front panel does open up alrighty. So here i am in the all new mdx’s rear seat, and this is a area where they’ve improved a lot. Obviously they’ve improved a lot in this 2022 Acura MDX Advance, but this rear seat is another area where they have done a lot.

So, as far as the space itself is concerned, you have 39 inches of your legroom 38 inches of her headroom, which is up around 2 inches over the previous generation mdx and right on par with that of the competition like the audi q7, as well as the Lexus rx now, as far as behind receiving position, i have, i would say, probably six to seven inches of your leg.

Room and my feet can easily slide up underneath the seat now, as far as the features that they’re, going to throw in you’re, going to have a lot of features so here in the center. This whole area is completely redesigned and you’re, going to have your own climate controls as well as vents standard on all of the 2022 Acura MDX Advance and then off to the side of that.

We do also have three stage: heated rear seats, that’s, going to be advance exclusive and then dropping down. We have a 12 volt power outlet, two charging USB, as well as a household style outlet. Now here in the middle seat.

This is a new feature for the 2022 Acura MDX Advance. If you remember correctly, the old mdx used to have the or in the advanced trim used to have that center console. Well now they have the bench seating, but it does still have a center console area. If you fold it down – and it does have two more cup holders as well as storage in the middle here and then on the door trim, we do have rear window sun shades alrighty.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Premier Options Specs

2022 Acura MDX Advance Premier Options Specs

So let’s, go ahead and hop in the third row and before we get back there, i do want to point out that if you don’t want to fold it like this, you can also remove that middle seat. To kind of have captain’s chairs in this 2022 Acura MDX Advance, which is pretty cool now, if you have it in this seating configuration all, you do is locate this button right here, push it once fold the seat forward and kind of ejects it out of The way which i really love it’s, really one of the easiest third rows to get into now.

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Let’s. Look at the third row itself um. This is an okay amount of space. This is certainly not the most spacious thing that you can get in this segment, but you have 29 inches of rear legroom. This is certainly better than something like an rxl, but, as you can see, i really don’t have a lot of thigh support and then, as far as the features are concerned, we have a cup holder as well as a charging usb port.

However, guess what guys i’m still not seeing any vents on this all new 2022 Acura MDX Advance now walking up to the tailgate acura was nice enough to include a power one standard on all of the models, and it is also going to be hands-free.

If you go for the advanced trim, so in order to open just wave your foot under the bumper and once it opens up, you’re, going to see a pretty big improvement in terms of space for this all new model. In terms of the last generation, so you’re, going to have 16 cubic feet behind the third row seats that expands all the way up to 39 feet.  If you fold them, then, as a maximum, you have 72 cubic feet of space. That does now put it in line with its german rivals like the audi q7. So definitely a good benefit now, as far as how they finished it back here we do have a lining across the floor.

If we lift it up there’s. Actually, quite a bit of storage along the floor here and then off to the side. We have a 12-volt power outlet and the third row itself is going to be manually folding on all of the trim levels.

I would like to see maybe a power folding option and then there’s. Also this button right here off to the left side and that’s, going to be the walk away close. So if we push this, when i walk away it’s, going to recognize that and close the tailgate for me over here in your passenger seat, you are going to have the same adjustment as the driver, which is a lot of different ways, including Four-Way lumbar support – and we do also have three-person memory, even here on the passenger side, that’s like a german luxury vehicle touch there.


Has got plenty of power on board so of course everything. It really is so much different with this new 2022 Acura MDX Advance. However, the powertrain situation really isn’t too different. You’ve got the same engine on board, so it’s, the three and a half liter V6 engine.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Performance

2022 Acura MDX Advance Performance

It’s, making 290 horsepower 267 pound-feet of torque again exactly the same as the outgoing generation. You know, however, this is using a ton of different, accurate honda products, very good engine, super smooth power delivery and, like i said there’s, plenty of power, i really don’t have any complaints about it.

Um, like it’s, plenty of power, but also the terms of refinement. This is one of the most refined engines. You can get and pay attention as we accelerate here it’s, just like buttery smooth, which is exactly what you want in something like this and, of course type s is coming up.

So if this is not enough power for you, then i believe that’s, estimated 355 pm 355 horsepower so that’s. Gon na be a serious performance option, so you can always wait a little while and check that out when that comes out and just cruising along here, wow the mdx this and the lexus rx are some of the most comfortable vehicles.

Money can buy and i’m just incredibly impressed with what this 2022 Acura MDX Advance has to offer. Here i mean it is sublime and its ride quality and as far as the noise level here, i will go ahead and get a reading, but it sounds really really quiet in here: got ta grab it out of the bag real fast and going 55 miles per hour we’re, looking at 59 decibels, which is that’s, a really good reading for sure there you go, we got cleared out of some traffic there.

I got a good acceleration. Now let’s. Talk about the other aspect of the powertrain: this has got a 10-speed automatic transmission. Now that replaces the previous 9-speed automatic. This is honda’s, in-house developed transmission, as opposed to the zf transmission, and you know this definitely seems like a better program.

Transmission. More responsive, it gets you in the right gear at the right time, and you know it really does a good job in that respect. Now, as you may know, this has moved to having a double wishbone suspension, so i’m, going to go ahead and kind of click her into dynamic mode, and we can see you know what type of extra performance we’re.

2022 Acura MDX Advance Price

2022 Acura MDX Advance Price

Looking at with this, as i mentioned, your gauge cluster does change with your drive modes, nice, so with the dynamic mode or sport mode. Definitely, the throttle aggression is dialed up. I’m, also noticing that the steering gets a lot quicker, responding as well as firmer in the normal mode.

How fuel-efficient will the new 2022 Acura MDX Advance be?

What a luxury vehicle needs to do, and you have you, know leather trimming going through pretty much every aspect of this cabin and it just feels like a much more luxurious experience and as far as the fuel economy is concerned, the front drive model is going to Come in at 19, 26, 22, and if you go for sh all wheel, drive, which i assume most of you guys – will that’s, going to be 21 combined and speaking of sh all wheel drive.

How much the 2022 Acura MDX Advance Price?

It can send 70 of the power to the rear, wheels kind of giving you a rear, drive bias, and also i want to mention that it is standard equipment on the advanced and the a spectrum yeah. And since we’re talking about the trim levels, let’s, go ahead and talk about the price so for the front drive models, the base is going to start at 49.

46. 900 technology. 51.6. A spec all-wheel drive is 57.1 and advance is going to start at 60 650.. This one, as equipped with the destination charge of a thousand twenty five plus the paint color is going to come in at sixty two thousand one, seventy five.

So, overall, what do we think of this new 2022 Acura MDX Advance? As you can probably tell by this point it’s, a pretty impressive product um. It really is just leaps and bounds better than the outgoing generation, and you keep all the strong areas of the mdx previously, including the fact that you have really great value as well.