2021 Volkswagen Atlas Price, Changes

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2021 Volkswagen Atlas – For the longest time, Volkswagen was focused on sedans, but as the US market shifted towards crossovers, Volkswagen developed this Atlas specifically for American tastes. Presently a several years later, it’s time for an extensive refresh.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Changes

With the refreshed exterior because that’s going to be the most noticeable change for 2021 now, we showed you guys the cross-sport Atlas about two months ago. Those same changes are here to the on the three-row Atlas now. So now you’ve got three large chrome bars that run right through it and then down there at the bottom.

They have also redesigned this area you this will always be silver even on the models that don’t have the silver exterior. It’s kind of just gives it like a more rugged look down here now. Of course, no refresh would be complete without some updated lighting.

As well so now what you’re looking at is going to be standard full LED headlights across every single trim level, including the nice-looking daytime running lights. However, the turn signal is still incandescent, and then the other thing worth noting is that you no longer have fog lights on any version of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas. Now squatting down there at your wheels, of course, the 2021 refresh is going to introduce some new wheel designs, and Volkswagen continues to offer an absolute ton of different options.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Change

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Change

We are not going to rattle them all off, but you will start with an 18-inch alloy, and then most of your trim levels they’re going to come with a 20-inch alloy, including this top-end SEL premium with the exclusive black contrast design. Now you can even get 21-inch alloys if you go for the SEL with the Arline package, which is undoubtedly a rare thing for this class of vehicle. Then moving on up here to our mirrors, you’re going to notice you have standard heating; you also have standard blind-spot monitoring, which is a nice touch. And then you’ll have power-folding if you choose the SEL premium alrighty.

Checking out the rear design of this 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, you are going to have that same boxy design still. As you’ve always had with the Atlas, except it is styled up a little bit for this refresh now. What they’ve changed back here it is pretty minimal, but it does make for a good look, so they’ve changed out these taillights to be entirely LED evening the turn signal is going to be led and then down below we are going to have dual faux exhaust tips across all the models. And then if you go for that our line model, it’s going to be a quad exhaust tip setup and all of this black trim around the vehicle will be swapped out for body-color trim.

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Unlike some of the rivals, this full swaging 2021 Volkswagen Atlas is not going to come standard with the entire suite of safety systems on all the trim levels. However, it does come standard with Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection now if you want some of the higher-end safety systems. You’re going to have to go for at least the SE with tech package, which shows an adaptive cruise control, and then if you go for the SEL that’s going to also throw in Lane Keeping Assist, auto high beam headlights, and traffic jam assist.

First, look inside of this cabin as you can see, it is mostly the same as what it was last year. More things have changed than what initially meets the eye now as far as your different material and color combinations what you’ll be looking at a cloth seat on the base model only when you go up for the SE or V Tech’s leatherette. And your choice of black or beige colors finally when you get to this SEL premium that’s where you’ll get real leather seating.

That comes in black beige or brown, and as you can see, we have a beautiful contrast design now turning over here to your door trim. It is very nicely finished. You have leather all through this armrest area with a decorative color contrast stitching above it. This top part is a soft touch, chi, and you have a faux wood trim that runs through there.

Of course, all for your windows are going to be one-touch automatic and then heading down here to your seats all, but the very base model is going to have the 10-way power dusting seat with to lumbar support. Then 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SEL will also throw in the memory seating, and like I already mentioned, this is real leather has a beautiful design I like the contrasts along with the bolsters. So, as we already mentioned, the main parts of the design have not changed for 2021. Thus, neither have the materials you still have excellent articles across the top.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Interior

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Interior

You know have more of this faux wood trim that runs through the mill here, and then when you drop down to your lower areas, these are going to be hard touch, but everything does fit together—that typical, excellent look. So, we can wait now as far as push-button start that’s going to be standard on all but the base model. Now what you are greeted with upon startup is going to be your 10-inches. Volkswagen digital cockpit system this is going to come on the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SEL and up.

Otherwise, you have a more traditional gauge setup, but, as you probably know, like another Volkswagen products, this is kind of a miniaturized version of Audis virtual cockpit. It has most of the same features so that you can do things like scroll through a bunch of different types of information you can minimize your gauges to have like a full-screen navigation map when that is available, you know since it looks like we don’t have the SD card installed.

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2021 Volkswagen Atlas Specification

This is continuing to be the V6 version of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, now one of the big things. For this 2021 refresh is that you have the four-cylinder, it’s available now on all the trims where previously it was just reserved for the bottom trims, and it also is front-wheel drive only. Now it’s you expand it out to all-wheel drive slurs making that a lot more available. As far as this, if you choose to go for the V6, that’s where you’re going to get the most power. So, 276 horsepower 266 pounds of torque from the 3.5-liter V6.

If you want to go for that 2-liter engine option, it’s not going to be too bad on the power ratings. It’s a 2-liter turbo i4 235 horsepower in 258 pound-feet of torque. As you said, it is standard on all the trims besides the hardline versions, or you can option on the V6 for 1,800 bucks. We don’t know if it’s mentioned that or not, but 1,800 dollars is your price premium for the V6, but you know more so than you see any type of engine spec or anything is the just sheer importance of being comfortable on the highway.

Everything to make 2021 Volkswagen Atlas smooth, which you know is something that a lot of people probably are looking for in this class now I’m bored on this 2021 Volkswagen Atlas is going to be an 8-speed automatic transmission very similar to what most the competition offers, and it gives fast and smooth. We mean it’s. It’s you know everything that you would expect for a new transmission responds nicely to when you change your power demand like.

For fuel economy figures, this Atlas is pretty bad. In the fuel economy ratings compared to some of its modern rivals like the new Highlander. It’s going to come in for this one as tested, so this is the V6 all-wheel drive that’s going to come in at 16 City, 22 highway, 18 combined. That’s about five, that’s. We think that’s five mpg worse than the Toyota Highlander now if you go for that 2-liter engine it’s going to be 22 combined.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Price

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Price

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Price

Talking about the price for this 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, we are going to be for the 2-liter engine with front-wheel drive starts at $31.545, SEL premium $47,000. 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SEL V6 with all-wheel-drive $48.995 is our base price plus a few options, so we have the dual second-row captain’s chairs for $695.