How reliable is the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel?

95 / 100

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel – so when this generation of the ram 1500 first came out, it really rocked the full-size pickup truck segment, and it continues to do so. Today we’ve got the latest 2021 example next to us right now, and it is throwing in a number of new features this year, all in a bid to stay ahead of stiff competition like the upcoming all-new f-150.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel

What You Have to Get From 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel

So the first thing that grabs your attention as soon as you walk up to the rebel is just how different it looks from the rest of the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel lineup ram has included a fully different fascia up here in the front.  As you can see, it uses a lot of this black contrast finish, which, by the way you see throughout the rest of the truck, because the two-tone finish is what comes standard on the rebel so, like i said, your fascia is different.

You have the big, bold ram lettering out through here and when you go down to the bottom, since this is the off-road focus trim level, you even have a big metal skid plate at the bottom and then up on the top. With the hood. I really love the nice hemi power bulge. You have the vents there, as well as up here in the front, really give a nice contrast, look and then coming over here to your headlights.

You do have fully led headlights with a beautiful design. You have the led daytime running lights and you will also find led fog, lights, of course, to go along with the rugged design. You have unique wheel options for the rebel, so you’re, always going to have an 18-inch alloy.

However, if you choose the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Night Package, that’s, going to black out all these elements, for that full black look and obviously you are going to be wrapped in aggressive all-terrain, tires versus the normal models and then coming up here to check out the Mirrors, you will find standard heating on all the models.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Towing Capacity

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Towing Capacity

Of course, you’re, probably going to notice this design element right here. This is an optional 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel sticker on the side, which i think looks really cool. It kind of gives me raptor vibes and then going around to the rear design itself. You have that signature ram, look with the big ram branding on the tailgate and as far as your tail lights, these are the upscale led design.

However, on the rebel they’re going to be darkened and then here at the rear, we have exposed exhaust outlets and that’s, going to be included. If you go for that hemi model. Now on your tailgate, you do have the remote release as well as dampening so just push the button on the tailgate or on the fob, and it will open up and like i mentioned, this is the short bed and there’s not a ton of features on this specific model.

However, you can get several available stuff, like the ram boxes on the side, as well as the multi-pro tailgate that kind of splits in half now other than that. I do also want to mention the towing and that’s, really going to depend on the engine that you choose, so it ranges anywhere from around 6 500 pounds to a maximum of 12 000.

Like every version of the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel, each different trim level kind of has different design elements, so you ‘ Ll, see lots of rebel touches throughout. So, as far as your different color and material options you have a couple to choose between so standard on, the rebel is going to be a cloth and vinyl seat in your choice of black or black, with red accents inside of the cabin.

Then you also have optional full leather again, with your choice of black or black, with red accents. Now turning over here to your door trim, you’re, going to find a lot of nice materials on the rebel, so you have a leather padding. That goes across the armrest, as well as a leather material that runs all through here here, and you also have a faux carbon fiber trim.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Change

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Change

As far as the windows, they’re, going to be one touch auto up and down for the driver and the passenger and then coming down here to your seats. We have the 12 way power adjusting seat with 4-way lumbar support and, like i already mentioned, we have the combination of both the cloth and leatherette a really nice looking seat. I love the color contrast stitching detail as well as the fact that 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel is embroidered here into the bolster now getting inside is super easy, since we have nice and large running boards as well as a driver’s, side assist grip.

So this is the first time we’ve, been in the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel. I have to say i’m very impressed by the cabin materials for this. You know mid trim level model so across all of your upper dashboard. This is actually going to be finished in a nice leatherette trim with a color contrast, stitching detail as we drop down. We have more soft materials that run all through here. Then we get down to the very lower areas. Of course, you’re, going to find some more hard touch materials, but everything in here does fit together extremely well and to start it up.

Just put your foot on the brake and press the standard button.,So checking out the gauges here. This is your typical ram setup, but of course you do have the specific rebel design with the rebel branding, and then you have a large 7-inch multi-function display right there in the middle, and that does contain all the typical kinds of information.

But you also have some stuff, like your off-road information right there on the display and, like i said, all the typical things as well now i do want to point out something that’s new for 2021. Although this specific example, doesn’t have it, and that is a brand new 15 inch full color head up display, just as a more advanced version of what was already offered now coming back to the steering wheel itself.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Interior

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Interior

Of course, you have a really nice leather wrapped steering wheel with color contrast, stitching and then perforations on the sides. As far as the wheel itself, it is going to be a manual tilting and telescoping on every 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel. However, with equipment group one, we have the heated steering wheel and we also have power adjusting pedals down here. But anyways. Let’s, go ahead and get into one of my favorite parts about the interior of this ram, and that is how much storage is inside of it.

So it’s going to take a while, but i’ll. Go ahead and go through it, so this console opens up in two different parts. When you open up the second part you’ll notice, you have an extremely deep bin now. All of this is actually going to be connected and you have this floating console above it with your cup holders inside as well as more storage, and you can kind of slide that back and like i said you’ll notice.

There’s. So much space now up in front here we have a little slot. We can stick a smartphone. We also have some charging usb ports. Then, up on the very top you’ll notice. There’s, a nice storage bin up there with a 12 volt outlet.

You have more storage along the sides of both consoles, as well as in the door trims, and then you have storage even inside of this. So there is a ton of storage. Is safe to say now the reason why ram can give you so much storage is because they put the shifter up here on the dashboard out of the way. So this is your typical turn style shifter, so you’re just gonna twist. Over, of course, for drive, you can control these shifts manually. If you want to use these little toggles on the steering wheel and then heading into reverse, you’re, going to find a standard backup camera.

As you can tell. It has really nice and clear resolution, and we also have active trajectory with the extra line there to line up your towing now speaking of towing. This is our trailering area here with all your tow stuff, including your trailer brake, but we also have something new for 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel.

So there’s, several different options. As far as systems are concerned, you started the six speaker, sound system. We have an optional nine speaker alpine sound system and you can even go all the way up to the harman kardon sound system with 19 speakers, but we’ll, go ahead and sample this middle ground option, [, Music, ], yeah, overall, sound quality on This is definitely excellent, okay, so now that brings us here to our uconnect infotainment system.

So this is another area where you’re, going to have several different options, so the standard on the rebel is the 5 inch display. We’ve, got the optional 8.4 inch display and furthermore, on the rebel, you can even get the 12.3 inch display, which takes up basically the whole center console and looks like the limited that we showed you guys a little earlier in the year.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Redesign

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Redesign

If you choose the 8.4 inch display, or the 12.3 inch display now moving on from that, we have an auto dimming mirror up here, as well as our homelink universal remotes located on the visor. One new thing for 2021, though, is that ram is offering a digital rear-view mirror, so you can just cut out all the obstructions like we’ve, seen in some other trucks that is new for 2021.

It’s offered in the technology package and then, finally, wrapping up the front of the cabin we don’t have a moon roof on this specific example, but you can option on a panoramic one for fifteen hundred dollars now, as with Any ram in the crew cab configuration this rear seat is incredibly impressive because there is a ridiculous amount of space back here.

You’re, looking at 45 inches of your leg, room and 40 inches of your headroom, which places it the largest among all the full-sized trucks and behind drew seating position. I have i mean it’s, probably a foot and a half.

We have two usb or charging usbs, two usb type cs and then off to the left of that. We also have optional heated, rear seats which are available on this rebel model. We also have a 12 a household style outlet and then, if we fold down the armrest, we have cup holders inside now, as with any truck, you do have a lot of capability back here, so you can just lift the seats up.

That’s. Going to reveal a lot of space for you to throw something if you need to have it inside of the cabin now. In addition to that, you also have these boxes here, hidden underneath of the floor that you could definitely fit a lot of stuff in. I’m very very impressed with the amount of space in there, and certainly no one’s ever going to find it. So hide all your valuables back here now your passenger seat over here on this rebel model is going to be power.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Feature

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Feature

Adjusting and you do even have the 4-way power lumbar support. Then, as far as the glove box, the glove box itself could definitely be larger, but it definitely fits in our coupons just fine. So you can have a bunch of coupons in here, but you also have this storage compartment up here that you could definitely fit more coupons.


Oh yeah got ta love the sound of a hemi v8. There’s, nothing like it. You know it. Just really. Just has that nice truck feel to it. So, as i just said, we ‘ Ve got the hemi v8. That is an option here on the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel. The standard engine is the 3.6 liter pentastar v6, but you have the option of any engine you want with the rebel, so you get the 5.7 liter hemi with 395 horsepower 410 pound feet of torque. You can also add etorque to that.

If you want to and then you can choose the turbo diesel, if you want that as well, it just never gets old that uh that sound. That growl is just oh, it’s awesome and you’re up to 60. You know before you know it, so this definitely have plenty of power for any need. It looks like we’re gonna be sitting around 58 and a half decibels which um that’s, that’s, a very good figure, especially for a big truck like this, with a big, loud V8 engine uh. You’re, really going to have a very luxurious driving experience even in this rebel right.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Specification

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Specification

You know it’s. It’s, not the limited with the air suspension yeah, but it is still very comfortable. So, as far as the transmission, we have an eight-speed automatic transmission, just like all the ram 1500 lineup, like i said, and when we reviewed the limited very impressed by the transmission. It’s, a great transmission, just something that goes about its business, gives you power when you need it and when you are just kind of cruising around something that’s, easy to ignore yeah. As far as your drive train standard two-wheel drive, optional four-wheel drive yeah.

This is certainly enough power to keep you satisfied until that trx comes out or t-rex, as they say, um, which is gonna, have nearly twice the power i mean yeah, that doesn’t even make sense. It absolutely here we will be here, reviewing it, we are excited now. I guess it may lead us into our slam dunk, for today uh. We both agreed there’s, a lot to like with the ram but um for this 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel.

So it’s, not something you can even feel either. So i feel like it’s kind of it’s, not user friendly and maybe even a safety hazard. Now, as far as your fuel economy is concerned, for this ram rebel, you are going to have around 17 miles per gallon, combined with this hemi v8 without the e-torque system.

If you go for e-torque, you will have a little bit better fuel economy, and if you want the best, you can go for the turbo diesel, which will have a combined rating 25 to 26 miles, a gallon, which is really exceptional for a full-size, pickup truck.

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Release Date

2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Release Date

How much the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Price?

And then let’s also discuss the pricing for this model, so this is going to be with two wheel: drive crew cab configuration the 2021 RAM 1500 Rebel , going to start at $45,320 bucks. So like i was mentioning earlier. This is kind of in the middle of the ram lineup and you can option on some stuff now. This one in particular does have quite a few of those options, so we have the rebel level equipment group 2 for 3,000 bucks as well.

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