All New 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Still ONLY $36,000!

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2021 Mercedes GLA 250 – So it’s more important these days than ever for a brand to have a lot of crossovers and mercedes is one of the companies that has the most coverage now just a few months ago. They did introduce the all-new glb and now we’re standing next to the all-new 2021 mercedes gla, which is the new entry point into their crossover lineup.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

What You Have to Get From 2021 Mercedes GLA 250

So the 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 and glb are actually closely related to each other. But you wouldn’t know that from the exterior designs, mercedes has done a really good job of differentiating them.  As you can tell with this new gla, they’ve, really gone with a much swoopier approach than that glb. So everything up in the front is kind of a softer design, including your signature, mercedes grill, which is kind of rounded off around the edges on this standard model.

And if you choose the amg line, you will get the diamond design that’s typical for the amg models. Now, turning our attention over here to your headlights, you do have standard full, led lighting, all the elements uh, you can get adaptive lighting as an additional option.  If you prefer that and then down here at the bottom, you will find an led fog light, which is a nice touch, as well as a piece of silver trim down at the bottom, just to kind of make the design look a little bit more rugged.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

Now, squatting down here at your wheels, this is a more basic example, so we have the standard 18-inch alloy wheels, which is kind of a plain silver design. Now, of course, as you’d, expect, there are some more expressive designs. You have three 19-inch alloys available and also two 20-inch alloys. If you want something quite a bit larger and moving up here to your mirrors, you have the integrated, led turn signal.

You also find standard heating and standard blind spot monitoring, which i will point out is something that is not standard on the 2020 glb now there are quite a few differences for the 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 in the front, but the bigger difference is going to be here at the side and the rear, because this really doesn’t, look anything like that glb model.

Now, as far as the actual 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 length is concerned, it’s 174 inches long, which actually places it nine inches shorter than that glb. So it is quite a bit smaller dimensionally now other things to point out is this sloping roof design? This really does give it a sportier look than the boxier glb and then, as far as your individual features, we do have standard full, led tail lights, and i will point out that the turn signal is an amber, color and then dropping down.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Release Date

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Release Date

We do have standard dual exhaust and it’s, either going to be finished in this silver trim for this model, or you can also get a blacked out trim if you go for that amg night package and in addition to the black trim down Here it will also black out the rear windows.  Now light drew mentioned at the mirrors, you are going to have standard blind spot monitoring for this 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 and in addition to that, you will also have forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

Now the more advanced systems are going to be included in the driver’s. Assistance package, which is going to include all the really advanced systems like adaptive cruise control, as well as active blind spot monitoring and evasive, steering assist.  Well, it’s swoopy and stylish on the outside, but now let’s. Go ahead and check out the inside see how spacious it is in there before we take it out in a spin so for this all-new 2021 Mercedes GLA 250. You will find this key fob standard across all the models.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Gas Mileage

So what you’re looking at 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 interior is the standard mbtec synthetic leather and that comes in black macchiato or a neva gray. With dynamic inserts for the amg line, now you can option on real leather if you prefer that, and that comes in black bahia brown, two-tone, black and red or titanium gray, and there’s. Also, a few different trims you can choose from including some optional real wood that’s.

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Turning over here to your door trim. This is very nicely finished. We have a leather wrap material that covers most of it and across the top here we have a soft touch plastic with a color contrast, stitching detail.  This is the standard faux aluminum trim and as far as our seats, we have the 12 way power adjusting seats. As standard equipment, you have three person memory seating as well. On this example, we have three stage heated seats, that’s, a 500 option.

You can also add ventilation for another 450. and then down below that you have four fully automatic windows. Your lumbar support is down here on the side of the seat and then, like i was already mentioning. This is the mbtec synthetic leather. It does feel very realistic and this is a comfortable seat as well. Now, even though this is your most affordable mercedes crossover, they do a good job of keeping your cheaper materials in areas that you don’t really touch so across your upper dashboard.

What you’re looking at is dual 10.25 inch displays. This is part of the premium package. The standard model would have dual seven-inch displays which basically fit into the same housing, but obviously the displays themselves are going to be smaller. Now, returning back over here to the gauge side, this is typical to your mercedes lineup. So you have it’s fully reconfigurable and a lot of different options.

However, it’s quite deep once i look inside and you do have a nice felt lining at the bottom and we grab our big stack of coupons. We’re, not going to be able to fit it in without folding in half, but it looks like yeah now that we’ve folded it in half it does fit in there quite nicely  up in front of that. We have got two cup holders, they are adjustable, and then we have another big storage bin up in the front here with another usb and a 12 volt outlet. Now, of course, one of the ways mercedes saves space is by going for an electronic column mounted shifter.

So this does work the same as in all the other models you’re, just going to press down for drive. As you can see, we do have paddle shifters as standard equipment on every 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 and if for reverse, you’ll. Just push up the opposite direction. When you do that, you will be greeted with a standard backup camera with active trajectory.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Changes

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Changes

You see the parking lines better now you can also get a 360 degree camera system if you prefer that that’s available in the parking assistance package now for part, just press the button on the end of the stock, all right, so the next Area i want to check out is our climate controls.  This is very similar to what we’ve, seen on several other mercedes models. You just have a nice panel of physical, real metal buttons here that you can just adjust the climate with and when you do, it does appear up here as well.

Just basically pops up instructions and stuff via a live camera feed right onto the display, so it definitely helps making navigating really really simple. Now, moving on up here, we’ve got the optional, auto dimming mirror, however uh home leak.  Universal remotes do cost a little bit extra. On top of that, and then up top here you will notice. We don’t have a moon roof uh one of a panoramic moon roof is going to be available for 1500. If you want that now, this is a very small vehicle dimensionally, but hopping around into the rear seats.

You really wouldn’t know because there is a lot of room back here in this 2021 Mercedes GLA 250. You’re rated at 38, inches of both leg and headroom, which is place it above the previous generation 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 and right on par with that of like the glb and glc.  Now, as far as behind drew’s position, i have about five to six inches of rear leg room. My feet can slide up underneath the seat, so definitely a lot of space for your family and they’re gonna be pretty comfortable.

Overall. However, i will mention that these rear seats are a little bit stiffer than what i would like. But as far as your features are concerned, we do have standard vents here in the center. You’re, not going to have climate controls and then dropping down.  We have a household style outlet as well as usb type cs, and then, if you fold down the center armrest, you do have pop out cup holders in the end, as well as a leather wrapped armrest. Now it is also worth noting that heated rear seats are not offered on this 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 now walking up to the tailgate.

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Mercedes nicely includes a power tailgate standard and it is also hands-free if you go for the premium package, so just wave your foot under the bumper to open and looking inside this is going to be very similar to the second row. You’re, going to have a lot more space than what you would think for what this vehicle is. Dimensionally. You’re, going to find 15 cubic feet behind the second row seats and if you fold them, it expands to 50 for 50.4 cubic feet, which is larger than the previous generation 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 .

And it is not really even much smaller than the glb and as far as the finishings mercedes is equipped, you have a really nice carpeting along the floor. If we lift it up, we do have a spare tire and then off to the side, we have a net as well as some led lighting and a cargo cover. Now your passenger seat is actually going to keep the same adjustments as the driver, so it’s, going to be 12 wide power, adjusting with your power, lumbar support and a manual thigh extension.

It is also worth knowing we have three person memory, that’s also standard and then, as far as the glove box, absolutely massive glove box. You really would not expect it to be this large and it’s nicely felt lined and as far as our coupons fit in they fit in just fine. So you can have a ton of coupons in here definitely gets an a plus for this mercedes 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 and then up top. We do have a sun visor with a narrow mirror, as well as a led light, and you can also detach it.


However, it does not extend and that’s 60 miles an hour in this new 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 yeah. Now let’s, get the same motor as uh, quite a range of mercedes models. At this point, so you got the two liter turbo four cylinder: 221 horsepower. 258 pound-feet of torque and 0-60 of this is a little under 7 seconds. I think yeah 6.6 um, but really that acceleration kind of proves, even though this is a smaller model, you know it’s, actually pretty spunky it yeah.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250

2021 Mercedes GLA 250

It definitely feels spunky, really good off the line as well. You have a nice surge of power when you start first start moving. It is also worth noting this is the same engine that is used in the all-new mercedes glb as well. So if you are cross shopping between the two they’re, going to have the same powertrain. Also there is going to be a gla35. It’s not available just yet that’s. The you know, high performance version that’s, going to have 302 horsepower, so they’ll, be the same like engine setup as that cla 35.

We tested out earlier in the year, and i can tell you that’s, pretty quick. So if you want to wait for that, that will also be available now you may have been noticing from that take off there just how quick this transmission is and that’s, because we have an eight speed: dual clutch on board, so the dual Clutch you know that is going to shift very quickly and it has a very sporty feel in that regard, because, as soon as you put your foot down, you know you really get that immediate shifting response.

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Premier Options Specs

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Premier Options Specs

In the rear, however, there’s, an off-road mode that will split it even 50 50. um, so that’ll help you in your off-road circumstances or maybe in deep snow and then as far as your fuel economy is concerned. For the front wheel drive model that’s, going to be rated at 25 city 34, highway 28 combined. And then, if you go for the 4matic, all-wheel drive it’s, going to be one mpg, less combined, um so 27 miles a gallon! That’s, really good fuel economy and that’s.

How much the 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 Price?

So for these msrps these are for the front wheel drive models, so the 2021 Mercedes GLA 250 front wheel drive is $36.230 and then, if you want all wheel, drive that’s going to be $38.230. So a $2.000 increase for all-wheel drive.