Is 2021 Kia Soul worth buying?

92 / 100

2021 Kia Soul –  The Kia Soul has always represented one of the best intersections of style affordability and versatility which is why it’s been such a sales success. Last year Kia fully redesigned the Soul from the ground up and today we’re with the latest 2021 example which adds even more standard equipment to the winning formula.

2021 Kia Soul

2021 Kia Soul

What You Have to Get From 2021 Kia Soul

Let’s talk about the exterior. First off, we want to comment about 2021 Kia Soul front design though this is where it’s kind of a departure from other Kia models. Because you really don’t have the typical Tiger nose grille so much as you have kind of a small slit up. At the top and then kind of a large opening down here at the bottom now this does of course change between the various different trim levels. There are a lot of different trims most of them have a finish similar to this with little chrome accents in.

If you choose the GT line models those are also going to throw in some red accents down at the bottom now. Your headlights also have a cool and funky look to them since you basically have a split design. Where you have your turn signal and daytime running light up top and then the main headlight unit down there in the middle.

As you can reasonably tell this is a halogen reflector beam headlight. It’s gonna be standard on every trim except for the fully loaded turbo model which is gonna have LED lights. If you want to and then finally down here at the bottom, we have a fog light and this comes on the majority of the trim levels.

With this new generation of 2021 Kia Soul, Kia really made sure to give each trim level. Its own flavor and that does continue to the wheels so what you start out with on the basic models. That’s gonna be a 16-inch wheel it is steel with a hub cap on the base LX model. On the EX trim we have the dark finish 17-inch alloy which we think looks quite nice.

2021 Kia Soul Interior

2021 Kia Soul Interior

Now Kia is going to offer all of your safety systems. They’re not going to be standard until you get for the higher-end models now what that’s going to mean is the LX is going to have none of the safety systems. The X line is going to add Ford emergency braking with Lane Keeping Assist. Then you’re going to have the turbo that’s going to added cruise control and pedestrian detection. The 2021 Kia Soul is known for having that funky fun design on the outside but now let’s go ahead and see what Kia’s done on the inside.

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This is our first time get a 2021 Kia Soul in a higher-end trim level and we have to say we are very impressed. When you first look in it just how stylish it is and also how upscale. It works now of course you’re going to have a pretty wide selection of interior material and color options. In LX and EX line those are going to come with woven cloth seats. Then GT trim levels they’re gonna have this premium cloth finally.

As far as your receipts this is the 8-way power adjustable, the turbo has a 10-way power adjusting seat and everything else is a six-way manual seat. Once it fires up, you’ll be greeted with the standard sold gauge cluster this is standard pretty much across all of the trim levels. But you can get a larger display if you go for the fully loaded turbo model and if you choose that turbo model that will also throw in a head-up display which is one of the features.

We are quite impressed by how much space we find this is very deep and it does have a felt lining at the bottom of it. With a simple fold up in front of that we’ve got two cupholders. That’s not a lot of storage up here in the front as well this big bin we have some connections. Then we have a shelf which contains the wireless phone charging pad and that comes on both.


So, 2021 Kia Soul this is going to be the standard engine comes pretty much across all the models. Except for the turbo model which of course has a turbo engine so this standard version is a 2-liter four-cylinder engine 147 horsepower 132 pound-feet of torque. It is that same power train setup that you find in quite a number of different Kia and Hyundai products and just like in those model’s power feels pretty good.

2021 Kia Soul Specification

2021 Kia Soul Specification

You know definitely what you expect for this type of vehicle yeah this is actually the exact same engine. As what’s happen in 2018 Hyundai Elantra and we really haven’t had any complaints with it the only movement that we can say about it. But if you want the speed then that’s gonna be what the 1.6 liter turbo comes in yeah that’s where you go and get that 201 horsepower for that engine and 195 pound-feet of torque.

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The other aspect of the powertrain to be aware of is the transmission. As you can probably tell this is a continuously variable transmission. You know the new generation that hasn’t come out over the past couple years and different Hyundai and kia products this is a nice CVT. Just like in those other products it does a really good job at being responsive. It doesn’t feel like it’s kind of lagging behind or have like a rubber banding effect.

We also like that it does have shift simulation so when you get after it you know pretty hard. It kind of you know pretends to shift through the gears which gives it a more you know authentic feel and once again just like with the turbo engine. Now in regards to your fuel economy for the 2021 Kia Soul you’re gonna get the same fuel economy as last year. So, you have a few different numbers here so for the two-liter four-cylinder with the CVT that’s twenty-nine City thirty-five highway 31 combined.

2021 Kia Soul Price

2021 Kia Soul Price

How Much 2021 Kia Soul Will Cost?

We have to say we live quite fascinated just like last year. You know this is just a really nice all-round vehicle and it represent a ton of value. We can really see why it’s always been such a popular product because you get so much in terms of value. So for the 2021 Kia Soul base price come with the LX is going to start as seventeen thousand four ninety. Keep in mind that is with the manual transmission is twenty thousand five ninety.