Did 2021 Honda Odyssey Better Minivan Than The Other?

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2021 Honda Odyssey – So many vans are a segment that don’t get as much attention as they used to. However, things are really heating up this year with an all new sienna, a refreshed pacifica, and this updated 2021 honda odyssey.  It has long been a top choice among families, and this year’s. Refresh is hoping to cement that position despite the new competition.

2021 Honda Odyssey Release Date

2021 Honda Odyssey Release Date

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda Odyssey

You know make it a little bit more aggressive and a little bit more stylish further still so the main thing you’re going to notice is up here in the front.  A lot of the chrome has been eliminated and we’ve gone to a black design for the majority of it here on the touring and the elite. You have a gloss black finish and then you have a matte black finish on your lower trim levels.

However, you will always still have this piece of chrome that runs across the top here now. This does lead me over here to one of our other 2021 changes, and that is this: full led headlight arrangement. Now this is standard across all the trim levels for 2021, whereas previously reserved for just the touring and the elite trim levels.

Finally, down below here, we have a new housing for our turn signal, as well as our led fog lights, which are standard on all, but the base lx and going along with the same more aggressive theme from the front. Honda has redesigned the wheel options for 2021 Honda Odyssey, so you’ll, start out with an 18 inch alloy on your lower trim levels.

2021 Honda Odyssey Color

2021 Honda Odyssey Color

However, when you get up to the touring trim level, that’s, where you’ll, get this 19 inch contrast alloy now on the elite trim level that has the biggest changes among the amongst the trim levels. Since you have a 19 inch dark contrast, alloy, where the entire center part is all blacked out, for that really aggressive, look and coming up here to your mirrors.

You are going to find body color heating, as well as blind spot monitoring on all, but the base Lx trim level and then, if you go up to the fully loaded elite trim level, that’s, where you’re, going to get auto dimming as well as power folding. So here is the rear of the refresh 2021 Honda Odyssey. Now, as you can probably tell there’s, not as many changes out back as there is up in the front, that is not to say that hana hasn’t changed.

That goes in between the tail lights, that’s, going to replace the chrome look of last year, and i do also want to point out that it does have a nice little chrome accent going through it. So it does kind of give that sporty. Look as well as a luxurious look now coming to the taillights themselves. These are going to be the same design as last year.

LED accented, although the individual components are not led. I do also want to point out that the spoiler has a slightly different look for 21 and then dropping down. You still are not going to have any exposed exhaust outlets. Now the 2021 Honda Odyssey is a vehicle designed to haul around you and all of your family safely, and i’m happy to say that honda has updated their safety suite to be standard across all of the lineup, not just the higher end models.

That does mean that even the lx trim is going to include all of your advanced safety systems like lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beams and new for 2021. You’re, also going to have traffic sign recognition as well as low speed follow. Well, as you can see, honda’s done quite a bit with the exterior of this refresh 2021 Honda Odyssey.

2021 Honda Odyssey Interior

2021 Honda Odyssey Interior

So let’s, go and hop on the inside, see what they’ve changed in there before we see all the utility in the back.  So for the 2021 Honda Odyssey. Honda was nice enough to include a smart entry system on all, but the very base lx model as well as remote start now, you will notice a few extra buttons here for the van those are for your side, doors now to get inside the vehicle itself.

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Just grab behind the handle, since there is a sensor and when you look inside of this 2021 Honda Odyssey, you’re, not going to notice a great deal of changes. But as we kind of go through the review, i will be able to point out a few of the more subtle details that have been updated now going through your different interior, color and material options.

This is one of our 2021 Honda Odyssey changes, because the gloss black interior trim used to be exclusive to just the elite trim level, but now it is on the touring and the elite trim level off to the side. Here we have two person memory, seating on exl and above and then we have four fully automatic windows dropping down here to your seats.

This is the 12-way power adjusting seat with 4-way lumbar support that’s on all with the base lx, which has an 8-way power seat. I will also point out for 2021 the carpeted floor mats have an updated design. I can’t show that off to you, though, because we have the all weather mats as far as the seats themselves like i said this is real leather. When you go for the elite, you will have a perforated design and it also has been updated to have a color contrast, piping detail.

2021 Honda Odyssey Changes

2021 Honda Odyssey Changes

As far as the 2021 Honda Odyssey materials, the odyssey has always had a pretty nice cabin, and that does continue pretty much unchanged for 2021. So across your upper dash, you have a soft touch plastic with a stitching detail, dropping down to the middle. We have a faux aluminum accent. Again. We have the piano black accents now on this touring as well as the elite. Otherwise, it would be a matte black and then we have some more soft touch materials along through here finally dropping down.

Of course, these materials they are going to be hard touch, but everything in here fits together, absolutely perfect, which is pretty much expected for a honda and to start up the 2021 Honda Odyssey. You will have standard push button start and once it fires up, you will be greeted with the typical honda gauge cluster, which is mostly this seven inch reconfigurable display in the middle, and then you have some small analog gauges on the outside edge.

We have a shifter that’s up and out of the way in honda’s case. It is that they’re, a typical electronic shifter. So you’re going to push down for drive. You can press again if you want to activate sport mode, and surprisingly, we can also shift via paddle shifters. If you want to, for whatever reason: reverse you pull back on the trigger and when you do, you will find their typical backup camera activate.

As you can see, we do have active trajectory that’s on all, but the very base lx and we also have several different views. But you do not have a 360 degree camera system on board and then, when we go into reverse the mirrors do tilt down to help. You see the parking lights better and checking out the buttons around the shifter.

Let’s talk about the utility of this 2021 Honda Odyssey, rear seat. Now we are going to have the magic slide seats on all, but the very base lx trim. Now, as you can see, what we have right now is the bench seat installed. However, you can take this seat completely out and have a captain’s. Chair set up with your fold down arm rest and, of course, in typical odyssey fashion.

2021 Honda Odyssey Cargo Space

2021 Honda Odyssey Cargo Space

You can slide sideways as well as forward and back, which is a really neat touch and new for 2021 is that that can actually fold almost flat, which it didn’t previously do now. As far as the legroom figures for this odyssey, you’re, going to come in at 41, inches of rear leg, room 40 inches of your headroom, which just place it above.

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The chrysler pacifica, as well as the current generation sienna and behind your seating position i have about, i would say, seven to eight inches of rear leg room. My feet can easily slide up underneath the seat. So i really can’t see where your kids could be complaining about comfort back here. They may be complaining about other stuff, but it shouldn’t, be comfort in this 2021 Honda Odyssey, rear seat all right now.


However, it does not extend and just like that. We’re up to 60. um here in the 2021 Honda Odyssey now this does have the same powertrain setup as it did last year, um, which is a smooth V6 engine. So we have the same three and a half liter v6 engine, that’s, used in a variety of honda products, uh 280 horsepower 262 pound feet of torque.

So very nice and healthy numbers again, like i said, very smooth delivery as well, and it is worth noting that that’s, going to be up significantly on power over the all new sienna once that comes out. But now that we’re cruising here at highway speed, i mean it goes without saying. This is a very comfort focused vehicle. This has uh, you know, even though honda has kind of thrown in some black elements on the exterior.

2021 Honda Odyssey Specifications

2021 Honda Odyssey Specifications

For this refresh, there is not going to be much sport going on and it’s driving dynamics, it’s, comfort focused for you and all of your family and uh. Really. I have zero complaints for this 2021 Honda Odyssey. I never had any complaints before and just cruising down the road here at 57 miles an hour.

I will also get a sound level reading so before we started slowing down there, we’re, looking around 57 and a half decibels, uh, which that’s, that’s, a good reading, especially for that high of a speed Um and audibly i don’t, hear any noise or anything really really quiet in here. Even though it’s got 10 speeds, which is a lot of course. You really just don’t, feel it shifting. You know it really just blends into the background and what i particularly like about it is it never seems to be lost or confused.

Air ball is that this 2021 Honda Odyssey does not still does not offer all-wheel drive um and the two main rivals. So the toyota sienna, as well as the chrysler pacifica, do offer all-wheel drive and a lot of people want that extra peace of mind. It’s just missing from this odyssey, so i really think honda should consider adding all-wheel drive and maybe charge a little bit higher for price point now with that. We do also need to discuss the slam dunk for the odyssey, and you’re, probably going to predict what i’m going to say it’s.

2021 Honda Odyssey Changes Price

2021 Honda Odyssey Changes Price

It’s, just the overall utility uh space comfort. Overall. Just like family experience, i guess would be the best thing i could say it has is that this vehicle is really as good as it gets for hauling around all three rows comfortably. This is unchanged for the refresh 2021 model, so it’s, going to stay at 19 city 28, highway 22 combined.

How much the 2021 Honda Odyssey Price?

So with that, let’s, go ahead and talk about pricing so for the all-new 2021 Honda Odyssey it’s about a 500 or the refreshed one. It’s about a 500 increase over last year. So the 2021 Honda Odyssey lx is gonna start at $31.795, then touring at $42.500, and the elite at $47.800.