Is The 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Worth For $ 25k?

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2021 Honda Insight – Even though gas prices are quite affordable in the US right now, there’s still more interest in hybrid and electric vehicles than ever before. Honda brought back this insight nameplate a couple of years ago and for the 2021 model year. They are adding several new features to all of the trim levels.

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid

Start with a tour of the exterior styling, the grill now. This is one of the areas. We think highlights the fact that this inside is a good-looking vehicle. It takes similar elements to the Civic and the Accord but overall. It just looks a little bit better, so we have a grill that comes through here. This is always going to be black, and then you have this enormous piece of chrome.

That runs all across the top here for a beautiful sleek look and coming over to the headlights. We are surprised to see that you have standard four LED lights across all three trim levels. That is something that the Civic does not give you until you go all the way up to the fully-loaded Touring trim level. We know you see it definitely has a beautiful clean look to it.

You will also find LED fog lights down at the bottom. As far as your wheels, there’s not a ton of different choices. You just have a 16-inch alloy for the LX and the 2021 Honda Insight EX, and then you have a 17-inch alloy. If you go for the fully-loaded Touring trim level, now there is something; we want to show you guys on the other side.

Over the passenger side mirror, you may notice something missing. There’s a kind of a large to memory shape down here previously, and that was the lane watch camera. So, for 2021 Honda’s eliminated that that’s no more and in its place. We have blind-spot monitoring, which covers both sides.

You also have rear cross-traffic alert, which is definitely an excellent addition to the EX trim level. And up nowhere at the 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid rear design, their hybrid bed right back there and the fact that there are going to be no exhaust pipes on this insight. We think that this has a perfect look at it honestly. It looks a little bit better than the Civic, in our opinion, since it has that excellent sloped back roof design. For 2021 insight safety systems, they’re going to include all of them as standard equipment.

This means that even the base 2021 Honda Insight LX will have adaptive cruise atom attic emergency braking lane-keeping assist and auto high beam headlamps. So, as you can see on the outside, this 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid isn’t a quirky hybrid, so let’s go and hop on the inside.

You will see that the cabin does remain pretty much the same as in the other model years as far as how you can equip this cabin, you don’t have a ton of choices. So, the four colors it’s just going to be black or ivory across. All three trim levels on the lower two trim levels you’re going to have this cloth as your seating material, but you will get leather if you go for the 2021 Honda Insight Touring trim.

Once you fire up this car, you will be greeted with the kind of crisp digital display. That’s standard on the 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid, so it’s kind of hard to tell actually, but there aside is an analog gauge and like in the Accord. That’s side is a display, so this is fully customizable by default is just the hybrid gauges.

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Interior

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Interior

Coming back to the steering wheel, you have electric power-assisted steering. This is just a urethane steering wheel, but if you choose the Touring model will be leather-wrapped. As far as the steering wheel, you will notice that we have some power shifters behind it. These are actually not used for shifting, but they’re used for brake regen, and then the wheel does manual tilt and telescoping telescope. Jump into interior storage, it is pretty similar to the Civic, and that’s definitely a good thing when it comes to room.

In front of that, we have an additional storage area. This beautiful flat pad is great for a cell phone. And you’ve got two of your USB ports as well as a 12-volt outlet right in front. We like a lot of recent Honda’s they’ve gone to an electronic shifter there on the inside. So, if you were driving, just going to press down to “D.” As we said, you have the power shifters, but they are not for actual shifting and then pull back on the are for reverse. When you do, you’ll be greeted with the standard backup camera.

Once you hop back into the inside through your seat honestly, you’re going just to feel like you’re in a civic. Since this is pretty much the same size and it has the same feature set now. As far as the legroom figures, it’s 37 inches of both leg and Headroom, which means behind your sitting position. We have probably four or five inches of rear legroom. Our feet can slide up. Under the seat, we are pleading comfortably; you could fit three adults back there very comfortably.


2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Specification

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Specification

Honda has designed a little thing to show you where the power is blowing. So we find that pretty impressive you see when the engine is beating the battery. It’s not it’s kind of a neat thing, especially you know if you’re trying to maximize that efficient right and type of seeing it, and you know you modulate, you’re driving a coach including too.

When you put your foot down, you’re not going to stay in the electric mode for too long, but once that engine fires up, what you’re going to be looking at is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that of course is paired with the electric motor at the lithium-ion battery pack. Altogether, we’re going to have 151 worst power, which is pretty decent. For a car and this size category, you know it’s pretty smudged the size of a civic. It’s not exactly quick, but it’s not bad now once you do get up to speed just kind of cruising along here.

We have to say this is a pretty good driving experience we are noticing that it’s not any different than the Honda Civic and that’s a great thing because it does ride very smooth. It’s a comfortable ride, especially in this EX trim level. And it’s also hushed entering into the cat we don’t hear any wind noise or anything like that.

If you’re wondering about the transmissions setup? It’s not a traditional continuously variable transmission. It is direct drives the way they configure their hybrid system. It means that you don’t need a conventional transmission. It’s effectively just a one-speed transmission, but in practice, it’s kind of similar to a continuously variable transmission. So, you don’t have any type of shift simulation or anything like that.

Another thing that has amazing in this car is the fuel economy. For this LX and EX trim, it’s going to come in at 55 cities, 49 highway, 52 combined. So, 52 miles per gallon out of this 2021 Honda Insight. If you go for the Touring, we guess the more significant wheels kind of hurt you’re feeling me a little bit, and you’re going to go down to 48 combined. But still regardless of the way you pick this 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid 50 miles a gallon out of something like this is pretty darn exceptional.

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Price

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Price

2021 Honda Insight Hybrid Price

One of the nice things about this 2021 Honda Insight Hybrid is its pricing since it’s not that much more expensive than the Honda Civic. For the LX, that’s going to come in at twenty to nine-thirty. The EX is twenty-four eight-ten, and then the Touring is twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and forty, which is a slight increase since twenty nineteen.

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