2021 Honda CR-V Is One of America Favorites for a Reason!

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2021 Honda CR-V – As people continue to flock from sedans to crossovers one of the most popular vehicles that people choose. Is this honda crv? It is a mainstay in american driveways and last year it received an extensive refresh, so without wasting any more time. Let’s, go ahead and see if this is still one of the best compact crossovers money can buy. So this cr-v was just refreshed last year, even though it seems like a lifetime ago. It was just last year.

2021 Honda CR-V

2021 Honda CR-V

What You Have to Get From 2021 Honda CR-V

So of course you’re, not going to see really any styling changes for 2021.. So up in the front, you will continue to find that typical 2021 Honda CR-V grill. It is mostly black, but you do have the chrome bar that runs through it and then down here on the lower fascia. You also have this silver accent that goes across the bottom. Now, coming over here to your headlights, you are going to have halogen headlights on the majority of trim levels, the lx through the eWhat You Have to Get From 2021 Honda CR-V EXL.

However, if you choose the fully loaded touring model, that’s, going to upgrade it to fully led headlights, i will say, though, even the lower trim levels have the led turn signal and daytime running light and then finally down here at the bottom, all The models will also come with led fog lights as far as your wheels.

They also carry over unchanged. So you’ll, start out with a 17 inch alloy on the lx trim level, the ex as well as this exl trim level, come with these 18-inch alloys, and then the touring has its own 19-inch alloys and then jumping up here to your mirrors. They are going to be heated body colored and have blind spot monitoring on all, but the base lx now before i get around to the rear design. I do want to talk about a few touring exclusive bits that you’re going to get.

If you go for that top end model, so down here at this side you will , see this black plastic. You will have a silver accent kind of going through here to really make it look a little bit more upscale and the other bit that you’re going to get is dual trapezoidal exhaust outlets on that touring, which does help class up the design.

2021 Honda CR-V Change

2021 Honda CR-V Change

Now, as far as the rest of the rear design, you’re, just no changes for 2021 Honda CR-V , so you have the signature, 2021 Honda CR-V tail lights, where most of it is led the brake light and turn signals led. However, the reverse light is incanescent, and then you have this silver piece, accenting and just overall, a very good look.

Now this is a family vehicle first and foremost, and i don’t think any family vehicle will be complete without some safety systems, and honda has included their entire suite standard across the 2021 Honda CR-V lineup. So that’ll, be stuff like your adaptive cruise control, ford, emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist as well as auto high beam headlamps, but anyway, guys that sums up the not so many changes for the 2021 Honda CR-V.

Uh ypu haveĀ  got a few different choices, so your lx and your ex those are gonna kind of come standard with cloth, seating and your choice of ivory, gray or black. And then, if you go for the exl or the touring trim levels, that’s, where you’ll get this leather again in those same three color options now turning over here to your door, trim always been a fan of this door.

Trim for this generation of 2021 Honda CR-V, because you have leather covering most of it, including the armrest as well as above it with the color, contrast stitching detail. The top part is soft touch with another stitching detail, and you do have some faux wood trim on the exl and the touring trim levels.

2021 Honda CR-V Interior

2021 Honda CR-V Interior

You’ll, find two-person memory, seating and your front. Two windows are one touch auto up and down heading down. Here to your seats, these are the 12 way power adjusting seats with 4-way, lumbar support standard on all, but the base model and then, like i was already mentioning.

We do have real leather seating on this example, with a really attractive seat, stitching design with perforations in the middle, so mason and i have always praised this cabin of the 2021 Honda CR-V since this generation came out – and it does continue to be a very nice place to Spend time in 2021 so across your upper dash, this is going to be finished in a soft touch plastic as we move down.

That does continue through here with the stitching detail and then a black accent below that you have some of this faux wood trim which looks pretty realistic and then our lower areas. These are going to be hard touch, but in typical honda fashion, everything is going to fit together absolutely flawlessly and feel extremely solid.

Now, all about the 2021 Honda CR-V LX just press the standard button to start once it starts up. You will be greeted by the typical honda gauge cluster, so this is a seven inch display right here in the middle and it is reconfigurable.

So you just press the little i on the steering wheel and you can cycle through a lot of different kinds of information, including things like your safety systems, as well as your all-wheel drive system. Now, going back to the steering, of course, you have electric power assisted steering. Honda will throw in a leather wrapped steering wheel.

2021 Honda CR-V Feature

2021 Honda CR-V Feature

If you have the leather seat as far as the wheel itself, it is going to be manual tilt and telescoping. However, you can get heating if you choose the touring trim level all right, so let’s, go ahead and roll into interior storage here, because this is always one of the strongest areas of the 2021 Honda CR-V. So we’ll start out underneath our center console here, you’ll, see that you actually have kind of like an open space through here um.

This will actually slide back and then you can click it out of place and snap it like that, leaving you with one gigantic center storage console, definitely one of the best in the class. If not the best, we stick our coupons in there.

You can stick them completely vertical and they’ll still fit in there. Just fine. Now this armrest it does adjust as well, which is a nice touch. We have two cup holders. We also have another large storage area here, which would house a wireless phone charging pad on the limited.

There are never any paddle shifters on the steering wheel, though heading up into reverse. You will find a standard backup camera across all of the trim levels and then all, but the lx trim level will come with this active trajectory as well as the three different camera angles.

So honda’s made this pretty simple. You just have these knobs right through here. When you make the adjustments it shows up on the display. However, i will point out that, just like in previous model years, you do have to click that climate button and make adjustments to some of your stuff, like your zones right up there in the display.

2021 Honda CR-V Cargo Capacity

2021 Honda CR-V Cargo Capacity

If you know anything about the past 2021 Honda CR-V you’ll realize this is the same uh. This is your seven inch display. It comes standard on all of the trim levels, except for the lx, which comes with a smaller five inch display.

So you have got your shortcuts there on the side. This is the older style, honda link system, so it does have the older graphics and slower performance than the newest stuff. You see and things like the honda accord now as far as the features on board, you do have android, auto and apple CarPlay abilities.

If you have the seven inch display and then navigation will be included on the touring model only moving on up here. We do have an auto dimming mirror with three homely universal remotes on board for the exl and the 2021 Honda CR-V Touring trim levels.

This is a very large amount of space. It’s, going to come in at 39 cubic feet behind the second row, seats that expands to 76 cubic feet. If you fold them. I do believe that makes this like the largest offering in the entire segment. It’s larger than the toyota RAV4, as well as the new rogue, so certainly going to be a benefit over some of the competition and as far as how honda has finished it, we do have a carpeting along the floor.

It’s pretty nice and if we lift it up, we have a spare tire off to the side. We have a few storage cubbies and your handle to fold the seats which do fold 60, 40 split now over here on your passenger seat. Surprisingly, you are going to have a four-way power, adjusting one even on this exl model and then in front of the passenger. Here we do have a a decent sized glovebox, i will say um. I think it could be a little bit larger.


There may be larger offerings in this segment, but definitely enough places to stick the coupons in there i mean you and all of your family can eat pretty good and then up top. We have a sun visor with a light as well as a mirror, and you can also detach it as well as extend all right, so that was up to 60 miles an hour with this 2021 Honda CR-V.

2021 Honda CR-V Specification

2021 Honda CR-V Specification

So you probably can predict by this point. There’s, not really going to be any changes as far as the power train is concerned either. So you still got the 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s standard across all of the trim levels.

190 horsepower 179 pound-feet of torque, which is pretty good for the class. It’s a little bit less than the rav4, and you can feel that a little bit when you’re driving along, but it’s. Definitely adequate for most families needs, so the other aspect of the powertrain is the continuously variable transmission um honda, as usual with their cvts.

This is a 2021 Honda CR-V. After all, as we’ve said throughout this entire review, it’s all about the family um, so just cruising down the highway here. This is what the CR-V is built for. Um and i have to say, we have lived with the Honda CR-V for a week i mean we’ve, been in the crv a million times.

Honestly, we did a hybrid, we’ve, we’ve, had it for a week as a long-term tester, and i mean it just impresses me how comfortable and refined the ride is you really just get used to it, and there is just A lot to like there now i will go ahead and get a sound level reading going 58 miles per hour, so we can compare to some upgrade down to 55 so that we can get a good level sample.

2021 Honda CR-V Price

2021 Honda CR-V Price

As far as the fuel economy is concerned for the front wheel, drive model it’s, going to come in a 28 city, 34 highway 30 combined. If you go for all-wheel drive it’s, going to reduce it down, one mpg combined to 29, which is really very, very good fuel economy.

How much the 2021 Honda CR-V Price?

It’s, competitive with the rest of the segment and just overall, pretty impressive fuel economy and, as far as the 2021 Honda CR-V pricing is concerned, for 2021 Honda CR-V , the prices are going to increase very little so about 300 bucks increase. So, for the uh front wheel drive models, the 2021 Honda CR-V LX is going to start at $25.350, EX is $27.860, EXL $30.450, Touring $33.650 and keep in mind all wheel. Drive’s, an additional 1500 bucks on it. Now, as far as this one’s equipment level, we just have the exl.

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