Everything You Need to Know About 2021 BMW 5-Series

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2021 BMW 5-Series – So the bmw 5 series is one of bmw’s, longest running name plates and that’s, probably because it combines a lot of appealing aspects from both the 3 series and the 7 series. Now for 2021, they are putting it under the knife for a quite extensive refresh, both with visual updates. You notice right off the bat and also some updates you’ll notice behind the wheel.

2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

What You Have to Get From 2021 BMW 5-Series

et’s. Go ahead and see if this is the midsize luxury sedan to buy [ Music ], all right so with this refresh, bmw did a lot of work with the exterior, and that, of course, is what you’re, going to notice right off the bat With this refresh, so i want to start off with the grill. This uh is quite a bit different than it was last year. You’ll notice that it is narrower and it’s also wider, and that just kind of brings it more in line with uh the 7 series, but the grille, of course, is not quite as gigantic.

Now, with the 2021 BMW 5-Series, you have both sport and m sport design themes. This is the standard sport version. If you choose the m sport, this lower fascia will be a bit more aggressive now coming over here to the side. This is the other big part of the refresh and that’s. Why we have brand new headlights, so you have standard full, led adaptive headlights just like with the grille.

However, we ‘ Ve got optional 19s, as you can tell. There are also some 20 inch options as well now coming on up here to our mirrors. You will notice all the features and they’re, going to be standard across the board, so you have power, folding heating, auto dimming, as well as blind spot monitoring all right. So now let’s, go ahead and check out the rear design of this refreshed 2021 BMW 5-Series.

Now back here, you’re, going to see less differences than you are in the front. That is not to say that bmw, hasn’t changed anything though, because they have revised quite a bit to make it look more modern and more like that new 7 series. So as far as your tail lights, these are going to be slightly revised. These have a new l-shaped design and they are going to be fully led and then dropping down.

You’re, also going to notice there’s changes here at the diffuser, since you’re going to have trapezoidal exhaust outlets for 2021 BMW 5-Series. And if you go for that m sport trim level, you will have a sportier rear design down here now. As far as your safety systems, bmw is going to throw in a handful of them standard. On the 2021 BMW 5-Series, the standard ones are going to be automatic emergency, braking with pedestrian detection and auto high beam headlamps.

2021 BMW 5-Series Change

2021 BMW 5-Series Change

So, with the refreshed 2021 BMW 5-Series you’ve got a couple different ways to get inside. Of course, you will have a standard, smart entry system with that typical bmw key fob, but you also notice we have their new digital key on deck, which allows you to keep this inside, for instance, your wallet or something like that now, of course to get inside The vehicle itself just grab behind the handle, since there is a sensor.

All right, so taking a first peek inside of this cabin, you’re, not going to notice a ground up redesign of the interior, but as we go through, you’ll notice. There’s, a lot more details and features that are different than what initially meets the eye. Let’s, go ahead and talk about the different interior, material and color options. So, of course, you ‘

Ve got quite a few starting on this model. Here we have the new sensotec leatherette option, which has the quilting in the middle, and that comes in black cognac or canberra beige. As you go up, you have an optional dakota leather and that comes in black cognac or a ivory white, and then finally, you can end up with quilted napa leather, and that comes in the same colors.

We’ve got some wood, you have several different selections of wood, you can choose between or an aluminum and then, of course you have two person, memory, seating and four fully automatic windows coming over here to your seat. You have a standard 16 way power adjusting seat on board, it does have power, adjusting bolsters and a thigh extension.

2021 BMW 5-Series Feature

2021 BMW 5-Series Feature

You can get a leatherette material across the dashboard if you prefer that down below that we have some wood trim. Once again, you can get lots of other types of wood and aluminum going down. You will have more soft touch plastics nice padding through here for your knee to rest against and a lot of wood and piano black all through here and, of course, everything does fit together. Extremely well, now start up every version of the 2021 BMW 5-Series.

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So, coming back to the steering wheel, of course, we have electric power assisted steering with a beautiful leather wrapped wheel, including leather, on the airbag cover, which i really like this here is the sport steering wheel? If you choose the 2021 BMW 5-Series m sport model, that’s, going to give you that classic m design where everything is around on the board. Here we have the standalone option of heating and then the steering wheel itself is going to be power, adjusting as standard equipment on every 2021 BMW 5-Series, but anyways.

Let’s, go ahead and check the 2021 BMW 5-Series storage as the next thing. So we’ll start out underneath the center console typical bmw fashion. It does open up to both sides and once it opens up you’ll notice, a pretty good amount of space.

We have a nice felt lining along the side, as well as a rubber mat on the bottom and a usb type-c port. We’ll, go ahead and grab out our coupons, stick them and it’s, going to be a little tight. It looks like, but we can kind of push them in it looks like they’ll fit just fine. Now there is a good deal more storage. Once you push back this piece of wood, you ‘ Ll, find your two cup holders.

You’ll, also find a nice pad here, which is a great place to stick your phone, and it does double as a wireless phone charging pad. We have a usb port and also a 12 volt outlet. Now coming back to the shifter. Of course, if you’ve been in any recent bmw, you’ll recognize this is their typical electronic shifter. So you just press the button on the side and pull back for drive.

2021 BMW 5-Series Interior

2021 BMW 5-Series Interior

So you’re, going to spin around the 2021 BMW 5-Series like this and see everything around it. Just really really impressive stuff, then, for bark, just press, the p on the top right behind that you’re, going to find your electronic parking brake as well as your brake, hold function and now moving on up the dashboard. The next thing we come to is our dual zone: automatic climate control setup. This is a very simple setup. We have physical knobs right here to adjust your temperature as well as your fans, and everything is located.

You know here physically, so you can easily reach it. You also notice we have three stage heated seats. These are going to be part of the convenience package. However, if you want ventilation that’s going to be in the luxury seating package and then right above that, we also have some physical controls for your audio system.

So now we’re up here at 2021 BMW 5-Series display. So this is one of our biggest 2021 updates and that’s, that we have now gone to a standard 12.3 inch display versus the previous one, which is about 10 inches. That extra real estate is definitely a nice touch and we also have on board the latest idrive 7.0 software, and you can use both the controller knob down there or, as you can tell, you, can also touch the display.

Then up here at the very top 2021 BMW 5-Series, you will find a standard moon roof. This is not a panoramic moon roof, though i will say it is substantially bigger than the average normal sized moon roof. Alrighty. Now that i’m in the 5 series rear seat back here, you’re, going to notice that you do have plenty of space and plenty of luxury, as you would expect out of a bmw.

Now, as far as your space is concerned, you’re, going to have 37 inches of your leg, room 38 inches of rear headroom, which has put it on par with most in the segment. However, it is a little bit less than the audi a6 behind your seating position, though i have, i would say, seven to eight inches of your leg room and my feet can easily set up underneath the seat.

Now, as far as 2021 BMW 5-Series features here in the center, we are going to have vents. However, on this particular model we do not have climate controls, which i think definitely should be included on this model and then dropping down. We have a little storage shelf. We also have a 12-volt outlet, as well as usb type-c ports. We can fold down the center arm rest and that’s, going to give us pop out cup holders and then off to the side.

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It is worth noting that you can get rear window sun shades with the executive package, and you can also get heated rear seats, although this model does not have that now walking up to the tailgate, you are going to nicely have a hands-free power one standard across The board so just wave your foot under the bumper to open up, and once it opens up, you’re, going to find 14 cubic feet of space in this cargo area, which actually is a quite large amount of space for this segment.

2021 BMW 5-Series Redesign

2021 BMW 5-Series Redesign

It’s larger than the audi a6, and i was very pleasantly surprised when i opened it up and saw just how deep this trunk is now as far as how they finished it. We do have a carpeting along the floor and then off to the side.

We do have nets and you can also fold the seats. 40. 20. 40 split. Now here at your passenger seat. You are going to enjoy the same adjustments as the driver so 16 way. Power adjustment – and you do even have the manual thigh extension then in front. We have a good sized glove box, it ‘ S really nicely felt lined dampened and it’s quite a bit larger than i really would have expected for this segment of vehicle.


So lots and lots of coupons can go in there to go towards your car payment and then up top. We do have a sun visor with a mirror, as well as an led light, and you can also detach it. However, you do not have an extension wow. Nice, that’s, a really swift acceleration, especially when you consider this is our the standard 2021 BMW 5-Series base engine.

2021 BMW 5-Series Specification

2021 BMW 5-Series Specification

So we have the 2021 BMW 530i, which continues to have a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine 248 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque and bmw says that’s. Good for 0-60 of 5.9 seconds so honestly seems like it feels a little bit quicker than that yeah.

Now, of course, there are different engine options for this 5 series, so the 2021 BMW 540i is going to be a 3 liter turbo inline 6 cylinder, and it does now have a new mild, hybrid setup for 2021, that’s. It’s kind of big change and that’s, going to have 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque the 0-60 on that is going to be 4.6 seconds right and with that mild, hybrid um, you know if you’re not familiar with the concept that basically like powers advanced auto, start, stop the ability to coast, um, different electronics inside and just kind of boost power up a little bit as well as efficiency and then moving on from that.

There are several other options there’s, also a plug-in there’s, also a plug-in hybrid model, and then there is also the 2021 BMW 550i, which is that 4.4 liter v8 and that’s, going to have 523 horsepower, which is That’s, that’s, just like your insane performance option before you get to the m5, you know one of the things that really strikes me on that acceleration is just how quiet and refined that this ride is.

But the reason why is because it is just so seamless like i mean it absolutely blends into the background. It really matches with the overall theme of this vehicle, which is just being comfortable, and you know you just don’t even really notice it going about his business at all and as far as the drive trains you’re gonna Have standard rear rear drive and then you also have optional all-wheel drive and then going along with that we’ll mention the fuel economy.

So if you go for the 30, which is what we have here – that’s, going to be the of course, the best fuel economy that you can get rated at 28 combined if you go for rear drive and 27 combined. If you have all-wheel drive now, if you go for the 4di, that’s, really not going to get that much worse fuel economy coming in at 27 combined, so that’s really impressive and i’m sure you’re, probably curious.

2021 BMW 5-Series Release Date

2021 BMW 5-Series Release Date

How much the 2021 BMW 5-Series Price?

This is a bmw. After all, so we’ve, been talking a lot about the luxury and how nice it is in here, but you know, of course you need to know the 2021 BMW 5-Series price how expensive? How much is it going to set you back? The 530i is going to start at $54.200. Bucks 530e is 57.2, 540i is 59 450, and then you have the 550i that top dog model that’s, going to be 76 800.. Now this particular 530i does have the all-wheel drive system and it’s pretty lightly optioned, especially for a BMW.