2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Price, Concept, Interior

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2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback¬† – Hey everyone, what’s up and we want to talk about at the 2019 LA Auto Show, and of course we want to bring world debuts to you the all-new Audi e-Tron Sportback. Let’s discuss the history of Audi. It has been around for so many years, and it’s all because of that Auto Union the Ford German companies after World War.

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback

One going into the world, depression got together, and guess what? They made it out of the Great Depression that world depression and definitely now producing amazing vehicles, a lot of their technology has come from many 24-hour Lamothe victories. Lots of engineering feats that have gone on during that classic endurance race and now with that move and switch to Ev technology with the e-Tron.

What You Have To Get From 2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback


This 2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback is bringing some performance style to an electric vehicle. That we tell you when you get on the throttle is going to put you back in the seats. Let’s dive into this all-new 2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback right off the bat; you’ll notice a similar styling now. This is a European spec model.

Which we were going to point out some things that are specific to this model, but we love the full-LED headlight design the LED daytime running lamps, the little hash marks on the side you do have functional air curtains.

Now, remember part of an electric vehicle is you got to kind of cheat the wind, and they do that very smartly without it making this look like a freaky science experiment now, as we come across that front grille area even though there’s no need for or grill essential to keep that brand identity of Audi.

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There are the four rings you do have a front-facing camera there’s our 2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback badging and nice silver touches across the bottom but says this is an Audi.

As we go up onto the hood I really like the body lines especially what’s happening in the center here they kind of fade away and then when we go around the bend you’re going to notice some really nice touches with this being an electric vehicle and trying to cheat the wind these wheels are specific to this model 21 inch wheel machined aluminum.

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Interior

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Interior


The lighter materials you got a light gray, you have an Alcantara suede material. Lori shows them that screen that’s in the door that is the virtual side mirrors that’s the view that you’re getting from that vehicle. That’s an Audi sitting over their e-Tron that you can see on the screen so cool.

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback have it set up that way, you do have the B&O, Sound system, and two memory seat settings in this vehicle with the beautiful silver trim. We come to the Рjust like the e-Tron, everything is excellent far forward. You got a little bit of each rom badging.

We like this aluminum finish that’s across the soft top material on the dash with some stitch work saw. The article over there has covered an extensive infotainment system, of course, all touchscreen. You could go into your different settings and whatnot vehicle data there.

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Specification

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Specification

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Specifications

There’s no internal combustion engine. This is an EV what you’re looking at behind that plastic cover there is basically – you’re going to have two electric motors that are going to produce that Quattro Drive 402 horsepower, 490 pound-feet of torque. It’s all connected to a 95 kilowatt per hour lithium-ion battery. Your range is about 204 miles.

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Price

2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Price

How much the 2021 Audi e-Tron Sportback Price?

e-Tron sport back no price has been released yet, but when you think about it e-Tron Sportback, the standard one is around seventy-seven thousand dollars depending on options.

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