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2020 Toyota RAV4 – So, as we sure you can already tell by the number of RAV4s out on the street. It has become a dominant force in the US market and continues to be the best-selling no pickup in the States. However, that hasn’t kept Toyota from continuing to push the envelope and make a surprising number of changes for 2020.

As far as acceleration, it definitely handled coming up this hill here with ease. We have to say that pretty impressed with the power we were just on the Forester. And you know, we think this feels more powerful and in the Rogue. This two and a half liter four-cylinder is a little bit on the noisy end of things It but whatever reason it just seems to make a lot more noise when you’re accelerating massively.

2020 Toyota RAV4

2020 Toyota RAV4

Everything is tranquil inside the cabin. But as far as it when you first take-off and accelerate massively, you will notice more noise than what most of the competition produces. You know that, and you know, and they otherwise it’s reticent in this cabin-like you said cruising down the road.

There’s something that most of the competition doesn’t make that a loud of a noise. Let’s talk about the 8-speed automatic transmission I’ve been driving it for a few minutes I have to say liked it. They do a great job. A lot of the competition is going to have CVT, so it’s nice the Toyota stuck with a traditional automatic.

Now, this does an excellent job of keeping the vehicle in its powerband, as you probably noticed. It shifts around quite a bit, but that doesn’t bother you because they’ve done such an excellent job at making it smooth that It’s just turning up and down quite a bit, and you’re not even noticing when it when that happens or anything.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Exterior

So, with that, all said, let’s see if the 2020 changes will keep the rav4 gaining ground over the competition. So like always kicking things off with the design, the rav4 continues to stand out in this area, whereas many of the rivals have a very flexible and urban design. The 2020 Toyota RAV4 has a more rugged design that draws inspiration from the 4runner Now as far as the front; there are a ton of different grille finishes most having this black. But the limited does have a significant finishing step.

There is also going to be a brand-new trim called 2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road, but we will cover that in a separate video once it arrives Now turning our attention to the headlights likes over others. Toyotas, you have standard full LED headlights with a beautiful three crystal design and then dropping down there our halogen fog lights on all but the base 2020 Toyota RAV4 LE.

Moving on to all the rest of the styling, you’ll see the boxy and sturdy theme continued the wheel arches are squared off, and there is black trim on the rear bumper and then if you get limited.

It would add chrome to the door handles and across the back of the tailgate. As far as the lighting, the tail light unit is mostly LED, and the housing itself has a 3d design similar to many Lexus models. While we’re back here, we will go ahead and mention the tow rating of 1500 pounds, which can be increased to 3500 pounds by going for one of the off-road-focused trims. But overall, it definitely seems like Toyota did a great job with this exterior since they achieved both a macho and classy look.

Now one of our favorite exterior elements remains the wheels. These are the largest offered in the lineup being 19-inch super chrome-finished alloys. That is shared between 2020 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium and 2020 Toyota RAV4 limited. Dropping down a rung to xle will get you 17-inch alloys, and then the base 2020 Toyota RAV4 le will have 17-inch steel wheels with hubcaps.

Coming up to the mirrors They are finished in black on le only, and all the other terms also nicely come with heating and blind-spot monitoring. Then as far as all your other active safety features, Toyota continues to be one of the only brands that give you everything they’ve got. As standard equipment safety sense 2.0, includes adaptive cruise control, and a lot more.

So on the 2020 Toyota RAV4, you will find twittered a smart entry system on all, but the very base le additionally you do have remote start ability via the Toyota Entune remote app. And that is going to be free for six months.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Interior

2020 Toyota RAV4 Interior

Interior, Comfort, and Technology

First, look inside the cabin of the 2020 Toyota RAV4. You’re not going to notice any design changes since this was just fully redesigned last year.

And that is available in those same three colors. Now there are some differences between the trim levels. One of those is that this area here will be covered in a leatherette material if you go forward limited on all, but the base le press the button to start. So, checking out your gauges here, this is the setup you’ll find on the vast majority of 2020 Toyota RAV4mostly analog with a 4.2-inch multi-function display available in the middle.

Now, if you go for the limited, this whole area will be subbed out for a 7-inch multifunction display instead. But both shows do have the same information. Coming back to the steering wheel, you have electric power-assisted steering, and it is nice leather-wrapped on the xle premium.

And up the motor itself is manual tilt and telescoping, and then you will be able to add heating to the Xle premium or limited if you go for the weather package. All right now, moving on to interior storage, the rav4 certainly does very well in this class.

However, this super-premium we have the technology package which throws in the dynamic guidelines, which is also what you get on the limited standard. Finally, on the limited, you can option the Advanced Technology Package, and that will throw any 360-degree bird’s-eye camera. Additionally, you will find an electronic parking brake with a brake hold feature as you can see it does automatically engage when you put it in the park.

All right, so now that brings us up here to our audio systems. So, what we standard on all models is a six-speaker sound system. However optional on the xle premium and newly standard to 2020 limited is this 800-watt 11 speaker JBL premium audio system.

However, as you probably noticed at this point this xle premium is pretty much loaded up with all the limited equipment So we do also have the 8 inch display on this model Now as far as the actual system itself, this is running the newest in tune 3.0 So you do have your home screen.

As well as all your applications right there. Now one of the critical 2020 updates is over here at your projection. This previously had Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa now for 2020. We add Android auto support, which is definitely good news for all your Android users.

You will notice we are missing the integrated navigation system that’s going to be standard on the limited only, but otherwise, That’s pretty much all I want to talk about here at the Entune 3.0 system.

Powertrain and Specification

Let’s go to take it out on the road and see how it compares to its modern rivals like the 2020 CRV and rogue. Alright, so that was our initial acceleration in the 2020 Toyota RAV4 power does feel pretty good in this. The engine is a two and a half liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder. It is you know the same as what you have in the Camry 203 horsepower, which is undoubtedly on the upper end of the ice actually for a standard engine.

We think you can feel that it does feel you know pretty quick, especially when paired with this 8-speed automatic, which is you know very willing to shift gears a lot of the competition is going to come with CVT.  That’s something to keep in mind you see another thing to keep in mind is that there is also the trendy Rav4 hybrid model.

So, if this powertrain doesn’t float your boat or you want better fuel economy. There is a hybrid that will be covered in a separate review. We’re not going to talk about it here. But that is an option if you want them. So, our auto start/stop system just engaged.

Now we do also want to mention the drive trains front-wheel drive is standard equipment on the ra2020 Toyota RAV4. Unless you go for that TRD model, as we said. And then you do have optional all-wheel-drive and unique on the limited trim. So that does mean that this model is missing out on it is the torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, and basically, what that can do is it’s a segment-first thing.

So, for the front-wheel-drive model, You’re going to come in at 26 City, 35 highway, 30 combined. Which is that’s quite good and if you want for the all-wheel drive. You’re going to come in at 25 City, 33 highway, 28 combined, which is once again very competitive with the class if not better than most It’s pretty excellent fuel economy.

The switch to the new TNGA platform is like life-changing for the rav4, you know because it went from frankly not real sport real sporty or real good handling or anything – now this is kind of Towards the top end of the class.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Price

2020 Toyota RAV4 Price

How Much Is A Toyota RAV4 2020?

In fourthly pricing for the 2020 Toyota RAV4, you aren’t going to find very different pricing. It’s going to be about a hundred to three hundred fifty dollars — more for 2020, just as a little bit of a price increase. So for the front-wheel-drive model. You’re going to start at twenty-five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars for the le.

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 xle is twenty-seven thousand one forty-five, Xle premium twenty-nine thousand eight fifty.  2020 Toyota RAV4 adventure trim thirty-two thousand nine ninety-five, 2020 Toyota RAV4 955 the limited is thirty-four thousand three eighty, and then you have the new TRD off-road trim with all-wheel drive standard for thirty-five thousand.

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