2020 Toyota C-HR Price, Specs, Changes

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2020 Toyota C-HR –  Now 1 of the fastest-growing, including most competitive segments in the entire auto industry today, is subcompact crossovers. Soon Toyota first entered this segment with a CHR in 2018 than in 2019. They made pretty extensive changes, and now, for 2020, they’re doing another round of updates.

2020 Toyota C-HR

2020 Toyota C-HR

What You Have to Get From 2020 Toyota C-HR

Let’s start our 2020 changes, we might as well go with the most apparent update, and that’s this brand-new color. This is called hot lava, and as you can see, it’s kind of fresh orange color and very bold looking now. The grill has also been revised for 2020. It’s not the type of update that you’ll notice right off the bat. But if you had them side-by-side, you would be able to tell that this lower fascia here.

This has been expanded a little bit to be a little bit larger and then off to the side here. This is brand new, just a new element here to punctuate the front design. But by far, the most essential 2020 update in my eyes has got to be the brand-new LED headlights. Previously LED lights were not available on any 2020 Toyota C-HR, and they’re now included standard even on the base le trim. Now on LE and 2020 Toyota C-HR XLE, they are reflective LED headlights with this kind of crystal design if you go for the limited.

They are projector LED headlights with adaptive abilities and the limited. We’ll also throw in LED fog lights next up there. We have the wheels, and some of them have been revised for 2020. So, on the Le, you have steel wheels with hubcaps, but new for 2020, you have an optional alloy wheel. When you go up to the xle like this bundle here, you have an 18-inch contrast alloy. We believe this is the same as last year. Then the limited has an 18-inch alloy. But it has a different design than last year and then moving up to our mirrors, they continue to have a surprising number of features for a vehicle in this class.

So standard you do have heating, but if you go for the xle and up that’s where you’ll have power-folding, you’ll have blind-spot monitoring as well as a projection puddle lamp. Now here at the side design of the CHR. This is an area that it’s unique, especially for this segment of the vehicle because you do have this very cool two-tone roof design.

2020 Toyota C-HR Interior

2020 Toyota C-HR Interior

Now there have been a few changes in this area for 2020 because the white roof option is now discontinued. In its place, you have a silver roof option as well as this black one that this particular model has, and this is a $500 option on the XLE and 2020 Toyota C-HR Limited trims—then walking around to the rear design. The uniqueness doesn’t end here because this is honestly one of the coolest parts about the CHR and looking at the actual feature set of it here up top. You have a giant spoiler, which is a unique look in addition to an integrated lip spoiler right there.

Then the taillights are partially led. The brake light is LED. We do have some black molding but no exhaust pipes. Now in terms of safety, this CHR blows it out of the park, especially for an in-expensive vehicle like this since Toyota’s safety sense is standard equipment across all of the lineup. That means they all have pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection lane departure alert, with steering assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights. This is quite an impressive feature, especially for this class of vehicle since most of the rivals do make you pay extra for those features.

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Taking the first look inside of the cabin, the CHR has always been about a fashionable design and that stylish interior design does mostly carry over for 2020. You are now talking about your interior material and color options. Each trim gets its attitude. So, for your 2020 Toyota C-HR LE, that’s going to come with the black fabric seating. But when you go for this XLE, it comes with black fabric, but with the distinctive blue accents that run throughout the cabin.

Then if you go for the limited trim, that’s where you’ll get black leather, but it does have some unique brown accents to make it feel like a little bit of a more productive place. Now shifting over here to your door trim, it does continue to be very cool-looking. But you do have a leather wrap that runs across the armrest here. You have this kind of diamond texture. Which you’ll see repeated throughout the cabin, and then the upper part here is a soft touch. As far as your window is, all four of them are OneTouch auto up-and-down. They come down here to your seat the two lower trims. They do have the same six-way manual adjusting seat.

However, new for 2020, you have an 8-way power adjusting seat if you choose that top-end limited trip. Now, as far as these seats themselves, we have to give a big compliment to Toyota. These are very-very nice-looking seats, especially for you to know more basic cloth seat. If you have a blue kind of quilted design and they’re very comfortable to set it. Now in terms of the various trim levels, the xle is the most expressive in terms of design.

So, across your upper das, you always have a leather wrap material. But only on the XLE Is it finished in this fresh blue color, but you’ll also notice we have a blue trim that runs all through here, and it does seamlessly connect to the doors, which is a fresh a nice touch. Moving down below that, we have more soft-touch materials, and you don’t get to anything hard until you go all the way down to the bottom, which is expected for a subcompact crossover. Now to start up the xle and limit j, press the button to go.

2020 Toyota C-HR Cargo Capacity

2020 Toyota C-HR Cargo Capacity

Now taking a look at our gauges here does have a spotless and straightforward mostly analog setup, but you do have a 4.2-inch multifunction display in the middle, and it does contain all the typical stuff. That Toyota usually has including your safety systems and then coming back here to the steering wheel, this is not very typical to Toyota. You do have a unique design here. It is leather-also wrapped on the xle and up. And of course, the adjustment is entirely manual, but heating is not available even on the limited trim.

Talk about storage. It is essential for crossovers of any size. And it is decent here in the CHR so underneath your center console there. You do have a beautiful felt lining at the bottom as well and a 12-volt outlet inside. Now your two cupholders are split up, so you have one right here. This one is adjustable. So, it goes down very deep for a bottle. You also have another one right up here and then up in the very front here. You have a small storage soft, which will be useful for sticking your phone as well as a USB port. Now, as far as your shifter, of course, This is just a traditional shifter you pull back for drive bump to the left for manual shifting.

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However, there are not any paddle shifters on the steering wheel. When you go into reverse across all the trim levels, you will find this standard backup camera. It does have the guidance lines, but it does not have an active trajectory. Then when you put the vehicle into the park, your electronic parking brake will automatically engage, and you also have the brake hold function right there. All right, so we’ll move on up the dashboard here to the climate controls. This is one of the features that stands out for the CHR because you have dual-zone automatic climate control Standard even on that base le trim.

Everything’s in 2020 Toyota C-HR effortless to use with some excellent physical Knobs and buttons right through there. You would also find heated front seats if you went for the Limited trim now. Next up, the dash here brings us to our Audio system now standard across all three trim levels is a six-speaker sound system. Now we’re up here at the Toyota Entune system, as if you remember last year, we did get in tune 3.0.

2020 Toyota C-HR Cargo Capacity

2020 Toyota C-HR Cargo Capacity

That does carry over here for 2020, but there is one meaningful change this year, and that’s that Android auto ability has been added to the previous apple CarPlay ability. Beyond that, as far as other essential features, you would have navigation if you went for the Limited trim only, of course, since this is the xle.

2020 Toyota C-HR Specification

Let’s see how it performs on the road compared to its competition. All right, so first thing off here and they 2020 Toyota CHR You have the same powertrain as the previous two more years. The same powertrain is in the Corolla, so you’re making 144 horsepower and 130-pound feet of torque. You know, those are competitive class numbers that’s pretty much typical for what the main competition, such as the Honda HRV.

Now, as you guys know, we did just recently drive Kia’s Seltos, and That’s a rare breed because it does have an optional, more powerful turbo engine. That’s not the case here in the CHR or the vast majority of the competition. Now, as you can probably hear This, of course, has a continuously variable transmission. There are seven simulated gear changes.

Now one of the other important things to note about the CHR is that it is front-wheel drive only. A lot of most things in the class. They do have the optional all-wheel drive; You know as you expect for a crossover. So keep that in mind this is actually from wheel drive only, and they have not changed that for 2020.

2020 Toyota C-HR Price

2020 Toyota C-HR Price

Talk about is, of course, the fuel economy, that’s an essential part. Anything in this class and the CHR does come in well. So, it’s rated at 27 City, 31 highways, 29 combined, which is pretty much the same as the competition. Same as the Kia Seltos same as pretty much everything in the class, which is an exceptional fuel economy. But all in all, we think the driving experience here in the CHR is quite pleasant. You know, it is a vehicle. It feels like a comfort. It is a class of love, as we discussed. It’s quite quiet in there, and you know, it is comfortable, especially up here in the front where you have plenty of space.

How much the 2020 Toyota C-HR Price?

Then finally, when you add the destination 2020 Toyota C-HR charge of one thousand one hundred and twenty, you come into an as-tested price of twenty-five thousand three hundred and eighty-seven dollars for this particular model.