2020 Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

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2020 Tesla Model Y – We think it can officially be said that Tesla has moved into the mainstream. They are selling record numbers of products all around the world and even convinced us to get on board with model 3. That success made it pretty evident that they should move into the essential luxury segment with this all-new Tesla Model Y.

2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Tesla Model Y

What You Have to Get From 2020 Tesla Model Y

Getting started here with the exterior design, obvious it does look very similar to the Tesla Model 3. since they do share about 75% of the same part. There’s not a grill Tesla doesn’t do the fake whole fake grille thing, but you do have a small opening down there at the bottom. As far as your headlights, they are also the same as in model 3. So, they are entirely LED with your LED daytime running light and turn signal down below here you also have a standard LED fog light.

The big difference in getting the 2020 Tesla Model Y is that it sets up higher the ground clearance. On this is going to be six points six inches which are about an inch taller than the model three. It’s not super tall for a crossover, but you do have more ground clearance now down here at the wheels. You do have a new set of options for model Y. Standard on the Model Y is going to be a 19-inch wheel on the long-range you can upgrade to a 20-inch induction wheel. Then when you go for this performance model, you can get the performance upgrade package, and that gets you these impressive-looking 21-inch uber turbine wheels.

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Overall, in length longer than the model 3, and that does roughly place it in line with some of its rivals like the BMW X3. As far as other stuff to talk about here at the side, one of the more significant styling changes for this bottle Y is that it comes with the chrome delete package.

First look inside the 2020 Tesla Model Y  cabin, you’re not going to see any real surprises here because this is identical to the model 3 as far as your different interior material and color options are also going to be the same as in model 3. So, what you’ll be looking at is two options you have a standard leatherette seating, but you have the choice between black or white leather, and when you choose the black leather, that’s where you’ll get this wood trim. If you want the white leather, you’ll get a white trim instead turning over to your door trim it is quite nicely finished you have leather. All through here with the color contrast stitching Alcantara through the middle portion, and the top part is a soft touch.

2020 Tesla Model Y Interior

2020 Tesla Model Y Interior

As far as the actual 2020 Tesla Model Y materials themselves, they’re the same as model 3. So, you have a soft touch upper dashboard you have this piece of real wood trim that runs through all the central areas. Then moving down here, we have a leatherette that padding down here for your knee to rest against, and then the center part is finished in a piano black trim, and everything does feel pretty solid.

If you had your phone paired, you could just go ahead and get input your foot on the brake and then press the shifter, but since we have the key card, we’re going to have to set it right there in that space between the cupholder. The center console once you do that puts your foot on the brake, and it does start up now obviously;, there are no traditional gauges on the left side of this display acts. As you’re a gauge cluster so of course, you’ve got your usual stuff like your shift position as well as your charge we also have the car this will show kind of a visual display of the road once you start driving and then down here you have some basic stuff like your tire pressure and how many miles and stuff like that.

As well, but where a large amount of storage is going to be underneath with these magnetic plates. So, you can pop that open we have a wireless phone charger onboard. That’s cool, and then down through here, you have a massive amount of storage; to be honest, 2020 Tesla Model Y what blows away things like the Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC. One of the ways that Tesla did save some space was by going with this Mercedes style shifter up there on the column.

What you do is just push down for Drive, push up the opposite direction for reverse, and when you go into reverse, you will notice an excellent high resolution back up camera. It’s also huge, but there is no 360-degree camera option.

2020 Tesla Model Y  Specification

First taking off in this model, why performance is high-speed. This is a three and a half seconds here. A 16 car so you know we’re talking elite-level performance right to frame your mind this is like a competitor to say the GLC AMG 63s.

Like not even just the performance version but the artist’s core performance versions of the German competitions, and it’s still faster, even with that in mind. We do need to talk about the ranges because, with this performance, you’re probably not going to get the EPA. A range because you’re probably going to be flooring it after every single red light or whatnot.

As far as the ranges are concerned for the performance model, that’s going to come in at 315 miles in its standard configuration, not with the performance upgrade. If you go with the performance upgrade, it’s reduced to 280 miles, then if you go for the long-range, that’s just 316. And if you’re looking for an MPGe, you’re looking at 121.

2020 Tesla Model Y  Price

We don’t know how much means to you, but that’s what it is rated at, which is better than model 3 and now that we are up to speed there. We do want to talk about the amount of Weis ride quality we’ve driven this for a little bit at this point, and we’re kind of getting used to a few of the differences from the model three. The price is concerned for this all-new 2020 Tesla Model Y  model; the standard range model is not out, yet but if it comes out, that’s going to start at $39,000.