What Is The Best 2020 Subaru Legacy Model?

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2020 Subaru Legacy –  The Outback is the big boy in the Subaru lineup, but for those of you who prefer a sedan body style, the legacy is there for you. It was also fully redesigned this year, and like the Outback got a big dose of luxury and tech. But makes it have what it takes to take on the Camry, Accord, and Altima head-to-head?

2020 Subaru Legacy

2020 Subaru Legacy

What You Have to Get From 2020 Subaru Legacy

It has been fully redesigned, but it doesn’t change a whole lot from the outgoing generation. So, what you’ll notice right here in the center is 2020 Subaru Legacy typical kind of clean and simple grille. It is this way across all the trim levels except for the sportswear this chrome part will be blacked out.

Then your lighting the significant change for 2020. Now you have standard LEDs on every single trim level, and they are adaptive LEDs if you choose the top two trim levels. But as far as the actual design, this headlight unit pretty much looks the same. Checking out the wheels, there as typical of any redesign, you’re going to have new options.

For 2020 starting on the base trim level, that’s going to be a 17-inch steel wheel. When you move up to the premium, sport, or the limited trim level, that’s where you’re going to have an 18-inch alloy. Moving up here to your mirrors, you’ve got a fresh design there where this chrome extends out onto the mirror. It is usually body color. If you choose the sport model, this would be blacked out. The different technologies, you’re going to find blind-spot monitoring on the limited and Touring trim.

If you need to spice points up a little bit back here, you can go for the Sport trim, which will add a spoiler. As well as some fake exhaust pipes down here, but that does bring us to this car big airball. We are talking about this. We just wish that 2020 Subaru Legacy had maybe done something else to kind of spice this 2020 Subaru Legacy up. It doesn’t look like an all-new vehicle. Especially in this segment where Camry and Accord and Sonata they’re just doing a lot to inject some style.

It really would have been nice if 2020 Subaru Legacy had done something different with this new 2020 Subaru Legacy now, this is a Subaru after all, and that does mean that safety is going to be a priority for this new Legacy. In that fashion, Subaru has made all of the safety systems standards across the board that means that even the first model will have automatic pre-collision braking Lane, Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control, and auto high beam headlights. In addition to that, if you opt for a limited or touring model, you will also get rear auto braking.

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Checking out this all-new cabin, this is undoubtedly the area that has received the most changes with this all-new model. As far as the different color and material options that you’ll be looking at on your base through your sport trim. It is going to be cloth seating be limited gets leather, and then if you go for the Touring, you get very premium Nappa leather. Then for your color options, you have gray on the base model black titanium or warm ivory.

2020 Subaru Legacy Interior

2020 Subaru Legacy Interior

For all the rest of the trim levels besides the touring, which has an exclusive Java brown color. Then turning over there to your door tram, it is very nicely appointed now you have leather pretty much covering the entire. So, you have it across all the armrests all through there with beautiful genuine stitching detail. Even the top part here is a soft touch get some piano-black accents you will also find two-person memory seating on the limited and Touring trims.

Then all four of your windows are one-touch automatic heading down there, for your seat this is your 10-way power adjusting seat with 2-way lumbar support. It is standard on all but the very base model, and we also have a manual thigh extension. Then like we were already mentioned, this is real leather, and in typical Subaru fashion, they design a lot of attractive seats.

It has a beautiful design. It’s soft as well now like I was saying this interior is nothing like the outgoing generation, so like the Outback materials have taken a big step up. Across your upper dash here, this is a soft-touch plastic and then dropping down below that all this Center area is covered in a leather rat with precise stitching detail.

Then you have a giant 4.2-inch multi-function display right there in the middle, and you can cycle through some of your necessary information. As well as a 12-volt outlet, you do have two cupholders, in the front here this is pretty small, but it does have a Qi wireless phone charger.

2020 Subaru Legacy Feature

2020 Subaru Legacy Feature

Finally, you’ve got a little storage shelf to fit a few extra items. Coming back to the shifter, that’s just a traditional shifter pull back for the drive. You can’t bump to the left. If you want to go into manual mode for simulated gear changes. Then heading into reverse, you will find a standard backup camera on every single trim level.

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2020 Subaru Legacy Specification

2020 all-new legacy, of course, there’s not going to be like a great deal of surprise. We have been in the only outback, and you know they do share the same stuff under the hood. This is the regular legacy this is what the vast majority of people are going to go with this is your two-and-a-half-liter boxer four-cylinder power, is going to be 182 horsepower 176 pound-feet of torque. But like the legacy or like the Outback, this legacy has added back the XT trim level. So, you know that was completely absent from you know outgoing generation you had the six cylinders.

We experienced we did an Outback XT just like just to drive it, and we wanted to know what it was like, and we were very impressed with that powertrain setup. So, it’s a two and a half 2.4-liter turbo box or for producing 260 horsepower and 277 pounds of torque, which is quite a bit of a power boost over this base setup right.

But you know there’s certainly nothing wrong with the way that this accelerates in the standard. Form this class-competitive gets up to speed that was getting up to highway speed quite twice swiftly. This car also has a continuously variable transmission. It does how the shift simulation effect, and there’s a little bit of a sensation of shifting, so it’s reasonably realistic.

This legacy does come to sneer with the all-wheel-drive since pretty much. Every 2020 Subaru Legacy does have that, so that means you’re only going to have two fuel economy ratings for the two different engines. So, if you go for this base set up, it’s going to be 27 City, 35 Highway, 30 combined. Then the XT is going to have a three-mpg reduction on that down to 27 combined. That right there is related to the fuel economy that’s your auto start/stop system shut down.

2020 Subaru Legacy Price

2020 Subaru Legacy Price

2020 Subaru Legacy Price

For this 2020 Subaru Legacy, now do keep in mind that all of these will come here with all-wheel-drive. That’s a benefit on this legacy, so for the 2.5 base, that’s $20.745, the 2020 Subaru Legacy premium $24.995, Sport $26.945, and for the limited $29.745. Then you have the 2020 Subaru Legacy XT, which is that upgraded engine 2020 Subaru Legacy XT Limited $34.195.