How Reliable Is 2020 Mercedes S-Class?

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2020 Mercedes S-Class –  The Mercedes S-class has long been seen as the benchmark luxury sedan which everyone else measures themselves against, but this generation is on its way out. We’ve seen leaks of a very different upcoming S-class that prioritizes technology in a more significant way than ever before.

2020 Mercedes S-Class

2020 Mercedes S-Class

What You Have to Get From 2020 Mercedes S-Class

Start things off with the 2020 Mercedes S-Class exterior now; one word sums up the way this exterior looks like a whole. We think it is stately just a classic design. That just never seems to age, and that starts right up here with the hood ornament mounted upon the top of the hood. The famous Mercedes-Benz grille now we have the AMG line on this specific example, but there is not a sport grille for the S-class.

You always have the luxury grille; however, the AMG line does change the lower fascia to be a little bit more aggressive looking. Turning over here to your headlights, you’re going to have a standard LED, and it has an intricate design lots of different types of shapes there. It’s a fresh classic look, and then down below here, we have an accent with a brake cooling duct. Moving down here to wheels, of course, like pretty much every aspect of the vehicle, they are very customizable.

Where you’ll start is going to be an 18-inch alloy, but you have a wide selection of 19- and 20-inch alloys, including these, which come with the 2020 Mercedes S-Class AMG line. And have the cute gray accents and then coming up here to your mirrors they are fully loaded. You have every feature auto-dimming power-folding heating and blind-spot monitoring. All right, so before we get around to the rear design, let’s stop at the side and just admire it here for a second now Mercedes is a little bit guilty of making a lot of their sedans look pretty similar.

However, at this side, this is where you can tell that this is an 2020 Mercedes S-Class because it is it looks like a limo. It comes in at 207 inches in length, which just gives it that elegant and stately look. That drew was talking about in the front now as far as the rear design itself. Mercedes is going to have its timeless u-shaped trunk design with these vertically led tail lights accenting it. And then down below we do have dual chrome exhaust tips which finish off that classy look now. As far as your safety systems are concerned, Mercedes is going to throw in a handful of standards.

2020 Mercedes S-Class Interior

2020 Mercedes S-Class Interior

Ones all the basic ones that you would expect driver assistance package that includes a plethora of active safety systems and semi-autonomous driving. Anything you’re going to want is going to be included in that package, but anyway, that sums up this 2020 S-classes really-really classy exterior.

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As far as the 2020 Mercedes S-Class cabin, you will see the signature design language that set the benchmark for the rest of the Mercedes line. You would expect you to have an endless number of leather and material combinations. You can choose in this cabin, starting with fine Nappa leather as standard and your choice of black silk nut brown porcelain or magma. You can also get diamond stitching, and you have some designee semi-aniline options which come in silk with blue-gray or satin accents.

Now start it up, you have a push-button start, and with the signature dual 12.3-inch displays that it popularized through the Mercedes lineup. You will find these same you know set up here in this 2020 Mercedes S-Class. So, you can, you know, do the ordinary things, including changing the themes and fully reconfigure this display. Coming back to the steering wheel, we have electric power-assisted steering, which it’s a beautiful steering wheel with real leather that lacquer trim and metal through.

We are not surprised in a big sedan like this to find that we have a large center console. That very deep and, of course, nicely felt also aligned inside you will find your wireless phone charger. As well as two USB ports and a place to do some to do NFC pairing right there.

The new 2020 Mercedes S-Class also has an active parking assistant that is now standard across every single S-class. And then for the park, just press the end of the stock since you find a lot of controls not only for the command system but also over here for your audio. Now standard on the S-class is going to be a 590-watt 13 speaker Burmester sound system.


2020 Mercedes S-Class Specification

2020 Mercedes S-Class Specification

As far as the engine, it is a four-liter handcrafted twin-turbo V8, and you’re looking at 463 horsepower 516 pound-feet of torque. It definitely has lots of power onboard, you know, but he objective here is just you know smooth yeah power delivery. Because energy is a luxury um, but it’s not like in your face muscle car anything like that.

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We have been trying this car at 50 miles per hour. At that speed, this car has 54 decibels, which anything less than around 57 or 58 is exceptional for that type of gear. We can’t think of anything that compares no and the stuff like that too that just adds to that level of isolation you feel. We hit you a few loops pretty often, and that bump is rough. That’s a rocky bump, and it is just like it just blends right in the back.

What Mercedes has done with this 2020 Mercedes S-Class this does have the air suspension. We don’t think we mentioned that up to this point, but obviously, you do have the air suspension. Another thing that just plays into that uh just subliminal engine is that transmission. You’re looking at a nine-speed transfer. When it’s shifting honestly, we can’t tell you to have to watch actively be staring at this to figure out what gear you’re in.

Even then, it’s tricky now 4matic all-wheel drive; it is going to be available on this S-class. It’s not standard. It’s a three-thousand-dollar option, and then one thing we did forget to mention earlier in regards to this vehicle’s performance is it zero to sixty for this 560 with 4matic. It’s rated at four and a half seconds to sixty. So that goes to show you even though it may do it in a very classy and elegant manner, this thing scoots yeah 4.6.

We do want to talk about the fuel economy. For this 2020 Mercedes S-Class, now you’re going to come in. We are impressed by this figure. It’s going to come in at 17 cities, 27 highway, 21 combined. That’s with the 4matic all-wheel-drive system, and that’s this giant V8 engine. Hauling around a limo with you know a high 4.5 seconds 0 to 60, and it still gets 21 miles a gallon.

2020 Mercedes S-Class Price

2020 Mercedes S-Class Price

2020 Mercedes S-Class Price

With the 2020 Mercedes S-Class, all of this isn’t going to come cheap. For the very 2020 Mercedes S-Class base rear-wheel drive s 450 that’s going to start at $94.000, the S560 is $104.450, and then if you want all-wheel drive? That’s going to be an additional three grand on top of that.