2020 Jeep Cherokee – Discover Adventures In New Style

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2020 Jeep Cherokee –  When this Jeep Cherokee first came out, it was kind of controversial. Because of its design but last year, jeep extensively refreshed it with the same handsome looks from its big brother, the Grand Cherokee. And now for 2020, they are even throwing in more standard equipment.

2020 Jeep Cherokee

2020 Jeep Cherokee

What You Have to Get From 2020 Jeep Cherokee

Start up in the front; the fascia was updated. But we still have the signature Jeep design with these seven slats and they are nicely chrome trim across every single model in the Cherokee lineup. If you were to choose the limited trim level, it would also have a chrome accent down there but the biggest part of the 2019 refresh was the updated lighting.

That carries over for 2020 Jeep Cherokee you have full LED lighting across every single trim level. That’s both the low and high beams as well as the daytime running light and turn signal plus. If you choose any trim except for the base model you will also get LED fog lights and squatting down here at our wheels this is one of our 2020 upgrades. The base latitude model now has a standard 17-inch alloy rim it is the same design but here on the latitude plus it has a darker finish.

On the 2020 Jeep Cherokee limited trim, that’s going to come standard with 18-inch diamond cut alloy rims but for 2020 you now have the option of getting a 19-inch alloy. Moving up here to your mirrors they are going to be body colored on every single trim level. As well as heated and then if you choose the latitude plus trim level or higher, that’s where you’ll have standard blind spot monitoring.

Looking at the rear design, we have to say this is a really good-looking vehicle. Especially for this class. We think has a nice rugged look pretty characteristic of the Jeep brand. A lot of that has to do with some of these black lower moldings. That Jeep has put throughout the models now. As far as your feature set up top we are going to have LED taillights your turn signal.

However, you can get all of them as optional in an advanced safety group for only six hundred and ninety-five dollars. That’ll throw in automatic emergency forward braking, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Interior

2020 Jeep Cherokee Interior

When we are look inside of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee cabin, we have to say it really makes a nice first impression. It definitely has that kind of downscaled look from the Big Brother Grand Cherokee. As far as your different color and material options you do have quite a few different selections.

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The base latitude that’s gonna have a cloth seat with your choice of black or beige color schemes. Then when you go for this latitude plus that’s where you get the cloth and leather wrap combination with your choice of black or a black and beige combo.

Finally, on the 2020 Jeep Cherokee limited trim, that’s actually going to have a premium nappa leather and you got the choices between black and gray colors. At the gauges, this is the standard version that you’ll find on the vast majority of the trim levels. However, at the top end you will have a larger display which takes up the entire space between the two gauges.

But as far as this one here it does contain all the typical information that you expect including your trip information stuff. If you have them available and then coming back to the steering wheel of course you have electric power assisted steering.

Talk about interior storage, we have to say this passes the coupon test with East because it has a dedicated compartment for just the stuff. You can stick those right up tops like that then you can leave this large main part of the console open for anything else. You’ve got as you can see this is very deep it does have a nice felt lining at the bottom as well and a USB and a 12-volt outlet.

Speaking about audio systems, you’re looking at is going to be a standard six speaker sound system on both the latitude and the latitude plus and there is an optional 506-watt 9 speaker Alpine sound system. This car also going to be these standard 7-inch display. You have the optional 8.4-inch display on this model or it is standard on the limited trim.

As far as the software, this is your typical Uconnect system so you have your shortcut buttons down there along the bottom. That you can just go into various different sections we don’t have integrated navigation on this specific example. You do need the 8.4-inch display to have that however you do have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay abilities.

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2020 Jeep Cherokee Specification

2020 Jeep Cherokee Specification

In this 2020 Jeep Cherokee, the base engine option is what probably most people end up getting. That’s going to be a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine 180 horsepower 171 pound-feet of torque. So you’re looking at numbers that are pretty much in line with most of the competition. What’s interesting about a Cherokee is unlike a lot of the competition you can’t further upgrade the engines. A lot of the competition they don’t offer upgraded power trains but, in this car, you have two different options and they’re available.

That’s gonna be a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder and then also a 3.2-liter V6. So, you just you have tons of options and the really neat thing about that is 99% of the competition. We are not sure if this might be the only one that offers a V6 currently. You know like the RAV4 is doing the prime but it’s not going to be a v6. So really a lot of cars in the segment are going away from that.

It is good that the Cherokee does give you those options and as far as the power both of those engines are going to be around 270 horsepower. And around a little less than 300-pound feet of torque. So, it’s going to be a pretty significant power increase over the space engine. Then as far as your fuel economy that does make quite a few different variants. You know the different trim levels you know two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive. But as far as how this one is equipped this is the 2.4 liter with four-wheel drive this one’s gonna come in at 21 city, 29 highway, 24 combined.

You know which is a little bit less than some of the competition like your RAV4 in your CRV. You’re definitely going to give you better fuel economy than that but you know really you are getting a more traditional powertrain set up with this Cherokee.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Price

2020 Jeep Cherokee Price

2020 Jeep Cherokee Price

For this 2020 Jeep Cherokee now, these prices are going to be for the front wheel drive models and destination is not included. So, for the latitude is gonna start at $26,085 bucks. The latitude Plus is twenty-seven five ninety-five. And then the limited is going to start at thirty-one eight forty-five.