2020 Honda Civic Sedan Price, Colors

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2020 Honda Civic Sedan –  Refreshed for 2020, this is a 2020 Honda Civic Sport hatchback. Let’s talk a little bit about Honda. Honda has been around for so many years since the 1930s has created such a car culture within itself with the Honda Civic. The Honda Accord you know there’s been great models that come from Acura, which is technically Honda the NSX, Honda s2000, Type R.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan

2020 Honda Civic Sedan

This car the hatchback first came out in 2017 this designed that 10th generation of the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan there’s been some perfect parts about it. But one thing that some people couldn’t get past was the look well with this refresh Honda has added a few extra touches but has also tried to take care of that thing that was bothering people look wise.

Civic came around in the 1970s and has grown it to its own with the sedan, hatchback, coupe, Si type, are beautiful assortment to fit everybody’s needs budget-wise enthusiast wise and all that, but with this rally red, this is 2020.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan


So, starting things off with the outside of the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan you’ll see all the changes from last year’s 2019 refresh carry over that Refreshed added the all-black grille across all the trips. And then for this sport model, the chrome that is usually at the bottom is eliminated for a completely stealthy look.

As far as the headlights, there aren’t any differences. So, they’ll continue to be halogen projector beams for all but the touring, which has a more premium full LED setup instead.

Additionally, all but the base LX will have fog lights Around back the Civic keeps its aggressive slope design that sets it apart from most rivals that short deck lid is punctuated by a body-colored spoiler on most models or a metallic black spoiler on the sport regardless of color. The other sport exclusive element is the center-mounted exhaust outlet. But as far as your rear lighting, it remains a large partially LED bracket throughout the entire line.

So overall, the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan is aging very gracefully, and it still looks delicious, especially in this fully blacked-out sport model. Now changing focus here to the wheels, they were updated last year. The giant wheels are these 18 inches shared between both the sport and the touring except that the touring does have a lighter sharp, high finish instead of this dark one as.

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Far as the other trim’s ex and EXL have 17-inch alloys and the LX has a 16-inch steel wheel with hubcaps Moving up to the mirrors, all five trims will enjoy body color and power adjustment, but the LX in sport won’t have heating.

We’re also missing the lane watch camera on this model since its ex and up only. The last thing we want to mention on the outside is that this Civic remains one of the few. Offerings in the class include all active safety features as standard equipment.

That means even the base 2020 Honda Civic Sedan LX has automatic emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist Auto high beam headlights and adaptive cruise control with low speed follow, but anyways guys that is it for the outside.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Interior

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Interior


This is just one year removed from an extensive refresh. So there aren’t any changes to the design or materials. What you’ll be looking at is the choice of two different materials. So, on the LX through the EX, you will have cloth, and the only option will be this black. However, when you go for the EXL or the Touring models that will upgrade you to leather and then you’ll have three color choices black Gray, or ivory?

Talk about storage This is one of the Civic most active areas always has been you have this cooling Multi-tiered storage compartment. You’ve got these sliding cupholders; you have this bottomless storage right there. This comes down and adjusts. You also have a big bunch of storage up here in the front and then a giant Center pass or with even more room down. So, we’ve said before. Is unmatched in this class.

Nothing else even comes close. All right, now as far as these should go here, this is just a traditional shifter. You have your drive. You can pull back once more to go into the sport mode, and that’s where you can shift manually through some simulated gear changes here on this support model.

That’s going to bring us up here to our audio system on this sport and EX. We’ve got the 180 watts eight-speaker sound system. We’re up here at our Honda link system. This is still the older style Honda link system. They did not change it last year at the refresh, and it does remain the same this year. So you will notice the older style graphics.

However, you do have modern features such as your smartphone connection, which gives you access to both the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. If you want integrated navigation, you’re going to have to go for the fully loaded touring model or option it on to the EXL.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Specs

This is the 2-liter 4-cylinder engine naturally aspirated. The sedan you’re going to get the 2-liter usually aspirated 4-cylinder 158 horsepower. So that’s all on the hatchback view of comes standard with the 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder that makes a 174 horsepower. So that’s just something to keep in mind we know some people express. That they don’t like turbos. So, for some of the people that may be a pro with turbo. Other of you guys might prefer to have a better fuel economy than more power and a little bit more to work.

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We don’t think it feels too different. I think it is a little bit louder. The 1.5 is one of my favorite engines just in the fact that it is so quiet and so refined. We do like the 1.5-liter turbo, but this engine is not that big of a downgrade. We wouldn’t say. So, if you’re looking at the to just kind of keep that in mind, you might want to drive both and see which one you prefer.

That we do need to talk about here is the fuel economy. The numbers we want to mention are for the CVT transmission. So keep that in mind, and they do have quite a bit of range. So, for the very base LX trim, you’re going to be looking at 30 cities, 38 highway, 33 combined. The sport which is what we have here is going to come at 32 combined. Then you have the manual options above those Trev that’s going to be 29 combined. So, if you are going to go for that manual and that is worth about 3 miles per gallon.

And then finally for the turbo 1.5-liter, you’re going to be looking at about a 3 mile per gallon increase. Over the 2-liter, so that’s going to be 32 cities, 42 highway, 36 combined, which is a fantastic fuel economy, even for this class of you. So, this is the fifth model year of the civic, so a lot of you probably are wondering, you know the Civic still a good option and You can definitively say that it is still a fantastic option.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Price

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Price

How Does The 2020 Honda Civic Sedan Price?

So, for the very base LX trim with the CVT, 2020 Honda Civic Sedan going to be twenty thousand five hundred and fifty if you want to go for the sport CVT That’s going to be twenty-two thousand two hundred and fifty. The ex CVT twenty-three thousand seven hundred. The EXL twenty-four nine, and then finally, you have the top-end Touring trim for twenty-seven thousand six hundred.