2020 Genesis G90 Redesign, Price, Specs

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2020 Genesis G90 –  Genesis kind of a cool story how this named Genesis was just a model in Hyundai lineup, and now we have this premium brand that keeps getting stronger and stronger with each year. That goes by the G90.

2020 Genesis G90

2020 Genesis G90

That flagship that premium level going up against the BMW 7-series and the big Mercedes-Benzes and whatnot can now bring some refresh styling not only to the outside but the inside. It gives people a value that those German brands and even the Japanese brands like Lexus and Infiniti can’t even touch.

What You Have To Get From 2020 Genesis G90


Right off the bat, you’re going to see the changes that hit you like a ton of bricks all-new headlight design full LED with a very-very unique daytime running lamps. That kind of splits the levels gives it a beautiful 21st-century look when we come across the front grille area, we like the direction that they went in with an excellent crisscross design.

2020 Genesis G90 has a beautiful chrome finish to it. They did the best job that they could integrate that plastic shield to protect all of the radar, and sensory technology still sticks out a little bit, but we think they got it a little bit better melded into the grille.

Of course, you’re going to get a front-facing camera, and this grille shape is iconic with Genesis, and it’s just becoming so iconic even though Genesis as a brand hasn’t been around for very long.

We like the way the bottom portion comes to a point, and then you have this beautiful lower lip area in the front fascia. Simple grille design down here, but this is where it really just shows the luxury and that that style now when we go up onto the hood beautiful Genesis badging.

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We know a lot of people have debated and said hey it looks like a Bentley; it looks like Martin. The most significant form of flattery and we think that 2020 Genesis G90 found a delicate balance and just the way that it’s kind of is dropped into the front fascia there.

You can see the body line curves that then go into the hood and kind of fade away as you go towards the windshield so very nicely done all-new grille all-new headlights then when we go around the bend, you’re going to see another big huge difference.

We are looking at 19-inch wheels this crisscross lace pattern you know at first when we saw this in magazines, and if you’re wondering what’s the size of this, it’s a 245 on the width 45 series sidewall there. So, like large and crisscross with the pattern. That you can’t even see what’s behind it, but behind there are massive four-piston calipers.

2020 Genesis G90 Interior

2020 Genesis G90 Interior


On the door panels, we love the darker gray material sort of like a bluish tinge to the gray, lovely touch. All soft-touch material you can see the memory seats a setting there at the top near the door handle the wood trim.

The stitching everything is right on point look at that large aluminum speaker cover. We love the wood the stitch work is excellent and the dash is nice and flat, which is good because it gives you excellent visibility out over the hood. In the mid, you have a 12-inch horizontal infotainment system.

Then you could use the directive knob as well, but we love the trim everywhere, lovely analog clock. You got to have a tasteful watch look at how they even integrate the emergency hazard button very nicely. In to the silver trim, you have your simple radio controls; you can also get into your navigation by just simply pushing a button.

2020 Genesis G90 Specification

2020 Genesis G90 Specification

2020 Genesis G90 Specification

Speaking of the power, 2020 Genesis G90 has all-wheel drive and it’s got the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6. As we work our way down you, do have decorative exhaust tips, but guess what they are functional, the pipes are right in there. They’re not like Mercedes where they’re tucking everything underneath, but giving you fake exhaust history while we pop the hood check out that v6 twin-turbocharged engine.

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And take a look at what’s powering this G90. We have the hub popped. What’s lovely is that you could see the engine underneath the hood. There’s not too much plastic and the plastic engine cover very tasteful, but what you’re looking at that 3.3-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine 365 horsepower.

You could have it rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive this one’s all-wheel-drive with the 8-speed automatic transmission, but like we said, if you need more cubic inches and you got to have that V8 growl you could go with the 5 liter V8 that pumps out for 420 horsepower. Looking underneath the hood, you can see the bracing that they’ve added and because it is the smaller displacement engine.

2020 Genesis G90 Price

2020 Genesis G90 Price

How Much The 2020 Genesis G90 Price?

We know you’re probably saying well this 2020 Genesis G90 is looking mighty luxurious that’s definitely mighty large and in charge how much is it starting is around $74.000.