Is The 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Worth to Buy?

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2020 Ford Explorer – In Ford redesign, the Explorer, they went all-in, offering more versions than ever before. This is one of those new versions. The brand-new Ford Explorer Hybrid and what we’re going to do in the discus is compared to the standard gas engine and also sees how it stacks up against the Highlander Hybrid.

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

What You Have to Get From 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Getting started here with the exterior design, the thing to know about the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid is that it comes in limited trim only. Additionally, four does almost nothing to distinguish the mixture from the gas-powered model. So, you’re not going to notice any types of weird fascia or badges.

That means since it is the same as the gas-powered model on the limited trim, you get this silver grille with the kind of mesh texture in the middle. You also have entirely LED headlights, both the low and high beam. As well as the turn signal and then down below here, you have an LED fog light.

Jumping down to the wheels, honestly, this is the closest thing. We’re going to get to a different for the hybrid model, and that’s because the hybrid comes standard with the optional wheels. From the limited gas-powered model, there are still 20-inches, but they have a slightly different design.

As far as your mirrors, you do have black mirror caps. You do also have heating power-folding and blind-spot monitoring. Walking around to the rear design, there’s nothing different for this 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid.

You are taking a look inside of this cabin, just like with the outside. You will see that the hybrid does not have any differences from the regular limited 2020 Ford Explorer. So, with that in mind, that does mean you have standard leather seating, and you have your choice between any or sandstone color options.

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Then the door trim is very nicely finished. Most of it is covered and leatherette with a beautiful color contrast stitching. You will find three-person memory seating on this limited model, and your windows are one-touch automatic.

Down to your seats, this car has a 10-way power adjusting seat with lumbar support. And they have the standard leather seat. As far as the adjustment is powered, resting, hybrid, or not interior storage is essential for a family crossover. Starting with a center console there, it looks kind of small right off the bat.

But, if we remove that, you’ll see that it is quite broad intense. And there is a felt lining at the bottom of it and a 12-volt outlet. In front of that, you have a wireless phone charger, so your kind of just set your phone vertically. Then, we have two large cupholders. You can also hit that, and you’ll notice another nice and large it is quite deep with another rubber lining 12-volt outlet and two USB ports.

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Interior

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Interior

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Specification

We have to say; we are surprised by how quickly it feels. When you think of hybrid, you usually feel that you’re sacrificing a lot of power, but that’s not. That the case with the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid. Its kind of has a unique approach, especially compared to its biggest rival, which would be the Highlander Hybrid.

With this for the standard model, comes a turbo 4-cylinder. Oddly enough, the hybrid model has a v6 engine. We start with the base of a 3.3-liter v6 engine. We add in the electric componentry a small lithium-ion battery pack, and then all together, we’re making 318 horsepower. That’s extreme power in the others for this category of the vehicle certainly more than stuff like the Highlander Hybrid.

This is kind of more of a performance-oriented hybrid. If that makes sense as opposed to like maximum efficiency, right there off the bat, you know that this is a pretty smooth hybrid and set up lightly handoff between gasoline and electric power.

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You’ll notice one of the other things that makes this an uncharacteristic hybrid system, that has a regular transmission as a ten-speed automatic, just like all the other versions of the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid. So, you know once again really different setup from the Highlander Hybrid, but we have to say that we appreciate it. A lot of personalities are kind of turned off by a continuously variable transmission. And we have to say that having the 10-speed automatic feels a lot more natural.

This 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid, it’s not horrible fuel economy, but it’s not as good as some of its competition like the Highlander Hybrid. For the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid rear-wheel-drive model, it’s going to come in at 27 City. 29 highway, 28 combined, and then the all-wheel drive is 23 City, 26 highway, 25 combined. So indeed not as good as the Highlander, which we think comes in a 36 combined Mazda, but it is still four mpg better than the 2.3-liter engine.

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Price

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Price

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Price

The pricing for this 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid starts at fifty-two thousand two hundred and eighty bucks for the rear-wheel-drive model. Which is worth knowing that’s over a four-thousand-dollar increase. As compared to the regular gas-powered model.