2020 BMW M4 Convertible Redesign, Specs, Release Date

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2020 BMW M4 Convertible –  No earlier today we just got through review the brand new X3M, but now we’re following it up with what could be called the OG of the ending lineup the M4 besides for the name change the M3 was one of the Original beloved M models and today it’s definitely the most well-known model in the list that’s why we chose to check out this iconic 2020 BMW M4 Convertible  competition today.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible

2020 BMW M4 Convertible

When you first get on is just it’s just incredible, especially in a small vehicle like this to have almost 450 horsepower. It’s just absolutely unbelievable, and while the top is down, we do want to go ahead and mention the sound Like we said, it was going to we’re cruising around 40 miles an hour. And if you’re worried about the wind, we can tell you that’s definitely not a concern.

BMW M4 Convertible Changes


Let’s see if this 2020 BMW M4 Convertible is still the best one. So, getting things started with the exterior styling, it’s not hard to notice just how to mean the M4 looks even from a distance. That’s especially the case with this competition model, which blacks absolutely everything upfront out for a complete stealth look. As far as the headlights, they have the same design as the outgoing 3-series and are entirely led with the same assure daytime running lights and adaptive abilities.

Moving on to the side and back, that sleek and stealthy look continues with an aggressive body line smoked full LED taillights and quad exhaust pipes. Now obviously, this is the hardtop Cabriolet. You will notice that the trunk is a little longer, and the roof a little more squared off compared to the coupe version. But overall, this continues to be an excellent looking vehicle on the outside, and it certainly is a head-turner.

Now visually speaking, there is one more reason to choose the competition, and that’s these fantastic looking 20-inch forged star spoke alloys. Prepared in your selection of either light or this dark finish going for the standard M4 does still give you three attractive options of either 18 or 19 inches.

Then as far as your brakes, we have the upgraded 16-inch $8,100 carbon-ceramic brakes, which you can tell by the calipers being gold instead of the usual blue. Now beyond performance features The 2020 BMW M4 Convertible does have the signature and mirrors, which are also heated power-folding and have blind-spot monitoring built-in.


Now at this point, this is an older BMW, so you have the older style BMW key fob. It is the same as far as functionality. It just lacks a few differences. As far as the most crucial recent fob like the metal trim along with this set, but as far as actually getting inside the vehicle, it does operate the same.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Interior

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Interior

Now taking a look inside our 2020 BMW M4 Convertible as you can see, this does share the cabin of the outgoing 3-series models. But it is still a charming space with a lot of beautiful details for this M4 competition. Now what we have is the black option, but there are a lot of more exotic options if you want to add more splashes of color to the cabin, So starting with your standard model.

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You have merino leather in black Silverstone or secure orange and black combination. That’s the standard, but we have the optional merino leather for 2250. It does extend the leather out to the door trim as well as other interior surfaces. And that comes in a whole slew of different color options, so you’ve got this black Silverstone stuck, golden-brown nutmeg copal.

So, your standard options will be anthracite wood aluminum blade or carbon fiber. Which is what we have, or you can pay extra for dark red Sycamore piano black or white. Asheville and turning over to your door trim, it’s beautifully appointed. As you can see, you have leather over pretty much all of the surfaces, including the extreme upper portion since we have the extended leather.

You also noticed our wireless phone charger. This is a standalone option, and what you do to keep it in place here is you slide this back. It resizes to the size of your phone, and it kind of snaps it into the tray. And you do also have a USB port as well; I’ve been in front of that. You got your two cupholders and if you slide this little tray back. You’ll have a little bit more storage and a 12-volt outlet as well as the USB puppet.

Ahead and take a sample. So the quality of this system is quite good. This is not the latest version of iDrive. It’s a fresh one, and the functionality is pretty much the same. You’ll notice importantly that we do have touchscreen abilities in addition to the controller. So we going to point out a few of the key features here, first of all, we do have standard navigation, which is definitely nice to have, but if you don’t Want to use that, you still can use Apple CarPlay.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Specs

All right, so since this is the end for What else matters besides the powertrain. So, let’s go ahead and talk about a few of the different specs, so what you’re looking at as opposed to you.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Specs

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Specs

Everyone probably knows it is a three-liter twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder that makes 425 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque except. When you go for the competition package, which is what this one has, and now we have 444 horsepower and the same amount of torque.

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As far as your transmission, you have the choice between a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DSG transmission, and of course, it’s rear-wheel-drive only. Then zero to sixty is going to be 4.2 seconds regular model 4.1 seconds with a competition package. If you choose the manual on either of those that are going to make you lose point two seconds, those of you in the market may realize that even though it’s less powerful than both the C63 and RCF. These zero to sixty is the same or in the case of the Lexus.

Exceeds it Finally, we do have a couple of different fuel economy ratings, so if they’re manual, you’ll be rated at 17 City 25 highway 20 combined, and then when you go with this automatic transmission, that’s going to drop to 16 City 22 Highway 19 combined. Anyways, that’s enough of the numbers. Let’s get on the road and see how it performs.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Price

Let’s discuss the pricing of this 2020 BMW M4. Now, as you would expect, it doesn’t come cheap all of this performance and luxury. So, for the very base M4 convertible, we’re going to go in at seventy-seven thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. If you want M4 convertible competition, that’s going to increase it to eighty-one thousand nine-hundred as a starting price.

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Price

2020 BMW M4 Convertible Price

And as far as how this particular M4 convertible is equipped. So you have the optional black sapphire paint for 550 the black full marina leather for twenty-five fifty. The competition package, as we previously explained for forty to fifty.

The executive package for twenty-one hundred the M double-clutch transmission for 2,900. The M-carbon ceramic brakes for eight thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. The heated steering wheel for one hundred ninety, the neck warmers for five hundred, the active blind spot detection for five hundred, wireless charging for five hundred. As well as a lot of different types of floor liners and the destination charge of nine ninety-five.

So, all in this particular model is about as expensive as you can get it at one hundred and one thousand six hundred dollars of which is definitely not cheap, but if you take a look at the outside. We think you understand why this car is so expensive you’re going to get attention everywhere. It’s a gorgeous car, and it has a lot of performance as well as beautiful.

The impressive driving dynamics Well guys hope you enjoyed reading this in-depth look at the 2020 BMW M4 Convertible competition.